The Poetry Of DNA

I don’t know about you, but when I fill out applications I never know which race box to check I know, I know… You’re probably saying to yourself: It’s obvious, dude, you’re black. Well, I just got the MyHerritageDNA results back and it showed me that actually I’m 72 % West African 14 % British 7 % West European 3 % East European and 3 % Finnish and now you tell me which race box do I pick? And if I pick that one, should the others get dismissed? Simply because society has created a box that limits my full herritage? See, growing up at our race was real Society told me, it was us versus them, them versus us and my race must stick together and be strong But after my DNA results, I asked myself: is race as real as I thought? After all… Now pause. Before some of you get upset and abrasive, let me say this: Racism is very real. Who can deny such a statement? You look at housing, prison, health care and education. Not to mention the things I’m personally faced with Then it is clear that there is racial discrimination But race, my friends, … Is a figment of our collective imagination. Simply a learnt categorization But… If you take pride in your race, I’m not telling you to stop I’m just saying: did you really want to define all of who you are by this tiny box? I mean, would you define the sky by a cloud? How about the ocean by a drop? Maybe a house by its curtains? No… See, there is more to your story Than society’s abridged version And just as we must never judge a book by its cover We must never judge a person by their skin, Because when we use MyHerritageDNA We find amazing chapters hidden within Each one co-authored by our ancestors. I say our, because human kind is interconnected and intertwined like wine springing up from the woods of one tree. One family tree. That goes by the name. Humanity.

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  1. When you look at me, you may think I’m just… black. But my results from MyHeritageDNA tell a much bigger story. And you’re part of it, too. Go to to discover how you fit into the rich tapestry of humanity.

  2. We are all connected no matter what DNA we have we are all connected by one to bloodlines by just one man and one woman made all of us we all are connected all of us no matter who we are Black White who cares we are all connected to please don't be racist respect the ones who's not racist just respect others please

  3. Thank you . I'm proud of you bld. I will continue following you unit my day of death.

  4. this coming from white man. your still a BLACK MAN PRINCE be PROUD of YOUR RACE!

  5. Thank you. Racism is an evolutionary idea that groups people up based on the petty unscientific arbitrary separation of different people based on their skin colors and how developed their society was as a way to determine how "evolved" you are.

    What's more it's an idea problem, not a color problem. For example, the British, believing in racism and the survival of the fittest, considered the Irish to be an "under evolved" group of people. They read books by Thomas Malfus who coined the term "survival of the fittest"
    His books taught that "more evolved races" should not waist their resources on underdeveloped people as it takes up the resources of the "fit" So they refused to Irish aid or help during the potato famine because it helped them to reduce their "underdeveloped" population. Which is why so many fled to the US. THAT is the power of ideads and racism is an extremely evil one at that

    This is why I will not refer to someone as black or white
    The idea of race is a false one and I will not perpetuate it. I am a human being created in the image of God and so are you. So for that reason we treat one another with respect and love regardless of their DNA or background.

  6. Race is just where you ancestors lived and the % of melatonin in your skin … and concidering the earth isnt anything but a simple globe so borders are more made up things so in all there isnt such a thing as borders continents nations and all that shiz… so we just classified things which caused racism…. so racism is a man made silliness

  7. Unfortunately our society has led us to believe that only whites can be racist and only males can be sexist.

    If you’re a white male such as myself you are automatically the most hated type of person

    Just my opinion tho

  8. As people, we need to come together instead of coming separately. We must embrace each other and penetrate deep within one another and find the climax to our story. Race is but a mere word and you may just be a member of society, but every member can grow and erect a foundation that rises high and proud. We must not hang our heads or become testy, sticking to everything that comes our way. Point your heads high and drill to the center of your desires, pounding through barriers as the world claps for you. Life comes fast and we live in a world where the fast die young, but if you come soon enough all will erupt in celebration upon the faces of all.

  9. anyone,  Please, where can I purchase Prince ea compact audio disc ?

  10. If your human your one race but its the labels that we put on ourselfs under to make racism and "different" races

  11. there's a box called mixed on applications. but I love your videos

  12. there are not actually races, bc we are all homo sabians wich is a race but african is just where you are born like euopean is no either race.

  13. Check the box that says "Prefer not to answer".

  14. This was powerful. Race does not exist. Racism does. That was the of a Ted talk I saw on this issue of labelling. There is only one species: Humans.

  15. Honestly, 'race' is in my opinion only physical appearance based on geographic location. We're all humans, so why all the division. I honestly don't know why we can't all just love each other. Does anyone here have a valid answer?

  16. What is your hair color?:
    Me: Karamel with blond and purple highlights. Where is that box?

  17. You are East European. I can see that instantly because you are super-smart. Only we are that smart 🙂 … 3% is enough dude!

  18. I'm not proud to be human. We're messed up and self-destructive, mean and ungrateful. There is no cure for what we have, but at least we are all United in our illness. And maybe when we learn to work together, our terminal condition will leave us with a life worth living.

  19. I am half asian and half European, so sometimes I don't know what to say when people ask where I am from (I normally tell people both though)

  20. the dislikes are from the people who had tears in their eyes and missed the like button

  21. I came here because I remember learning about race in my sociology class last semester and how you cannot be categorized in one race because we are all mixed with different races.

  22. someone asks what race he is for an application him:' REEEEE WHAT ARE WEEEEEE TRIGGEREDD"

  23. Actualy race is real. It is like dog breeds some are difrent colors some have a shorter tail and some are smaller and some are more active. And your right all races should stick together and racism should stop and all those things. But there are diferences and you cant denny that.

    PS. pleas do not comment if i spelld something wrong because I am dyslexic and English is my third laguage.

  24. Why is it even a question "mark your race"
    It doesn't matter . You can't judge a person by its race

  25. we should be proud of our race
    but we should not never judge people by there race.

  26. This is something that people will use against you everybody knows that you're black quit trying to confuse people

  27. Hey prince l know I'm late to comment on your post but please read this:
    I was watching video on YouTube on my smart phone while drinking milk of apple strawberry and bannana. Suddenly I dropped some milk shake on my phone LCD then I wanted to clean but I was unable to close app.I was shocked.Then I dropped some more milkshake then my was acting as if I have touched my finger. I don't know about the science fact but I realised that fruits and humans are
    common because they both are living beings so we all humans should think about other living beings.Dna could be similar.

  28. There is only one race, the human race.However color is a different story scientists discovered that color was created based on where our ancestors were in the world and I'm also no denying racism but like you said(paraphrased) it's just a social construct.

  29. There’s nothing different about us cause we all ruin earth even little everyday things you do could pollute earth

  30. with the background music and how you rhyme word,it sound like you're raping

    the only thing missing is you should have sang it lol

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