The Problem with Dead Women

I have something I like to say about my genre and about award-winning books in my genre and I'm allowed to say it because I won a bunch of awards so no one can accuse me of sour grapes if you look at the books that when the most prestigious prizes in my genre a lot of them can be summed up this way a beautiful woman dies and a man feels bad about it maybe he's the detective who's fallen in love with the woman he believes to be dead only she's not dead spoiler alert maybe he's the accused and that's why he feels bad about it maybe he's the falsely accused maybe it's his daughter maybe it's his wife but a beautiful woman dies and a man feels bad about it I think as crime writers we have a responsibility to maintain and convey the humanity of the dead not to write stories in which the investigation of the death makes the investigator a better person there was a period of time in crime fiction where people thought that upping the stakes meant more bodies killed and more horrible and fiendish ways and I think that if crime fiction should recognize anything is that one death is enough we don't need books in which the killer is going to keep killing until he's stopped that's actually a horror story I don't want to read a novel in which 18 prostitutes are killed in some horrible signature way but by the end of the book the investigator has decided to go home and hug his daughter more often so yay everything's better 18 women were killed one thing again that fiction has to recognize is that a lot of women who were murdered in the United States are women who are seen as marginal and disposable and it is up to us to understand that anyone who is murdered is deserving of our empathy and care in interest I want the story to be about the woman who died she's not just a plot point to kick things off she matters

14 thoughts on “The Problem with Dead Women

  1. I like this! It's true, 45 fucking people die, then the detective goes and eats pancakes. Same old story.

  2. Male tears means Seamen..And the guys tears are white….WTF are you doing Topic?!

  3. Damn I wish I was a writer as I got a really good idea for an interesting story from watching this.

  4. Great video, but the thumbnail was a bad choice. I get that people shouldn't, uh, judge a video by its thumbnail, but that's not how people are. This video has some good points, but is not going to be viewed by those that could be helped by hearing them.

  5. Like in The Death of Stalin, the "lady" was "Justice." When she died the world wept.

  6. Does John Wick count? I know the redemption comeback was for his dog and car and all but technically his dog was a last gift from his wife.

  7. One of any Man Women Race etc. is one to many! ! !Life is precious and all of them matter! ! !

  8. Fine Ms. Lippman, I'll give you a read. Any suggestions where to start?

  9. As a general audience, I tend to shy away from certain dark themes even though I do have immense interest in subculture. While I do agree that even tho I am not the most reasonable person in the room, it does give me the high when I find a plot intriguing enough.

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