The Project – Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

the project at school we were doing a project you know the kind of thing the Vikings transport would our project was Holland there we were reading my friend hands from Holland and we made windmills and stuck blue strips of paper onto white strips of paper they were canals and we kept talking about tulips and cheese in the end I thought they grew cheese and ate tulips and suddenly one day our teacher Miss Goodall said there was an inspector coming in she said he wasn’t going to inspect us he was going to inspect her and we were all to help her by being really good and answering all the questions that he asked us hmm later that day he came in he had a moustache we behaved miss Goodall behaved there we all were sitting in our rows behind our desks breathing very very quietly and he looked at our windmills hmm and then our canals hmm and he said what do they eat in Holland and I didn’t put my hand up in case I said tulips but she and MacLean said cheese and he said what do they grow in Holland and I didn’t put my hand up for that one either but Margot vane said tulips and he asked some more questions and we were doing really well miss Goodall was trying very hard not to look proud and then he asked who is the queen of Holland there was silence no one knew who was the queen of Holland miss Goodall frowned and then started looking all around the class for their eyes looking all hoping and then suddenly I remembered this funny little rhyme that my friend harrybo used to say I put up my hand yes said the inspector Queen Juliana is a fat banana I said miss Goodall looked awful hairy boat was sitting in front of me and I saw a bull snort and start giggling sorry what did you say I said the inspector Queen Juliana I said good he said you’re right quite right miss Goodall was delighted I was delighted the inspector was delighted and harrybo was still snorting away like that

59 thoughts on “The Project – Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

  1. By the way he said The Project at the beginning I was half-expecting a Matrix-style sinister techno action movie.

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  3. "Harrybo was sitting in front of me and I saw him PFFT! snort and start giggling…"

  4. We Watch You All The Time In Our Class And My Children Love You!

  5. "In the end I thought they…grew cheese, and ate tulips."
    You know, as a kid, I'm sure you'd get confused with that. I know I did with something like that once upon a time.

  6. 1:12 when you thought you got a bad grade but actually did better than last time

  7. you know it's gonna be hilarious and tragic when he say's "then I remembered a funny rhyme" I almost died when he'd said that lmao!!!

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