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TIA: Texas rapper Tay-K has been sentenced
to a total of 55 years after being found guilty of murder and three counts of aggravated robbery
stemming from a 2016 home invasion in Tarrant County, Texas. TIA: His sentencing comes a week after the
19-year-old pled guilty to two counts of aggravated robbery but not guilty to capital murder,
stemming from the death of 21-year-old Ethan Walker. JURY: We the jury find the defendant, Taymor Travon McIntyre guilty of the offense of murder. TIA: On July 19th, Tay-K was found not guilty
on a capital murder charge that carried a mandatory prison sentence of 40 years, but
*was still found guilty* of murder and robbery and sentenced on July 23rd. TIA: Tay-K’s sentencing comes two years
after he first blew up in mid-2017 with his track, “The Race.” The song quickly went viral online, sparked
a number of remixes, peaked at #44 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and even went platinum. TIA: The track was recorded after Tay-K cut
off his ankle monitor while under house arrest pending his trial and ran from the cops. And after he was caught, he released his project
‘Santana World.’ TIA: “The Race” remained popular after
Tay-K’s arrest, both as a catchy track and as a meme. The following year, he was still releasing
tracks like “After You,” and his BlocBoy JB collaboration “Hard.” TIA: But in the lead up to and duration of
his highly publicized trial, many fans wondered just how his lyrics, which literally talked
about running from the law, might play out in the courtroom. Since copies of ‘The Race’s’ lyrics were reportedly given to the jury. ANDREA: It might be that the song is used
to show that, look he knew he’d been charged. He was on house arrest. He cut off his ankle monitor, fled the jurisdiction,
and look this song indicates he thought he was guilty. TIA: That’s Professor Andrea Dennis, a law
professor at the University of Georgia and the author of a 2007 study on the use of hip-hop
lyrics in court cases. TIA: Genius spoke to Professor Dennis back
in October 2018 about how a rapper’s lyrics may come back to haunt them in the courtroom. ANDREA: The song is about being on the run
after being charged with multiple crimes, and if you look at the lyrics … a literal, simplistic
translation might suggest that he tried to beat a case, but he didn’t, so he fled the
jurisdiction. TIA: As it stands, Tay-K is still facing another
robbery charge and another murder charge for his alleged involvement in two separate incidents
in 2017 while still on the run from police. TIA: I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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  2. I bet chu the jury prosecutor judge and tay k’s lawyer were bobbing their heads when they played the race lyrics in court

  3. This world is crazy bro , tayk get 55 yrs for that and niggas like Nicolas Cruz gets called mental and didn’t mean it smh

  4. Only one thing I like about Tay k he rap bout shit he done not like other rapper been talking bout smoking opp they don't even know how to use a Glock

  5. Tay K is the only rapper that platinum with out no tour and no performance he a legend 🔥💯💯💯

  6. Sad shit can't get no pussy and in jail with some crazy fools and faggots for 55 years

  7. Why is it the good young rappers with potential, that either get murdered or commit crimes and spend most if not their whole life in jail or commit suicide 🙁

  8. Hilarious how collosally stupid these fucking animals are. Let's brag and rap details of an open case. Must be raycism in the courts. Fucking clowns.

  9. So it’s not a confession it’s lyrics… but they can’t find public shooters before they kill kids and families.. oh ok

  10. Niggas be stupid you dont't have to be the one to shoot to end up with a murder charge if you plead guilty to the robberys where a nigga ended up murdered you might as well have just plead guilty to the murder

  11. Honestly should've got less time. This is overkill. They're making an example out of him

  12. Had it been in England he probably. Would had got 4 to 7 years.. 55 years was fucked up

  13. them lyrics is amateur ABC stuff not one dope line. sounds like he's got a 4th grade education. now he'll have 55 years too educate himself.

  14. Not an ounce of remorse for this guy, boy might be the biggest low expectation having ass nigga I’ve ever seen

  15. Welp, that's on him these rappers be on that Arron H status.getting paychecks but still have to be gangsta.

  16. Well I know this… they just guaranteed him a new trial. Music is much like comedy. It’s art and it’s very hard to use that as solid evidence in a case. It’s a slippery slope and using it is a gamble on the prosecutors end. But, the judge also has to have the wherewithal to understand that music is music and should be taken with a grain of salt.

  17. Does any one else think he should have ran off to mexico instead of running around the us??????

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