The Rain (Narrative Spoken Word Poetry About Life)

It was a sad day. And I was walking home in
a sad way when I felt this breeze blow across my skin. This tease that something was about
to begin. The air was moist and began to hoist the leaves. Heaves of wind shot through the
trees. And they ripped and rattled from the breeze. Yes, something was about to change.
The horizon appeared derange. Strange murky clouds billowed through the sky. And a vast
wave of inner darkness rolled across my eye covering the sun. And every tree. And every
rock. And every one. Then the wind suddenly grew still. It was
dark, silent and surreal. Serenity amongst the gloom. A peace in the doom. I could feel
the calm. Smell the balm in the air. But then, from out of nowhere a flash so bright.
A huge jagged spear of light struck the ground. And I jumped when all around there was a loud
rumble. A deep long grumble making my eyes grow scared. But I stared into the blackness
with no shame. When from the heavens it came. At perfect
aim. I felt it plain. That first drop of rain hit my face. Hit a place on a tree. Hit the
air around me. It was slow at first. The drops hardly falling. Like tears stalling. Suspended.
Transcended long enough for me to blink. Long enough for me to think this wasn’t the time
to roam. I think I better get my sad ass home. But too late. There was an escalation. Then
a violent inundation. The rain, goddamn, was coming down. The rain beating the ground.
A rain so thick it was profound. And I closed my eyes and relished in the sound. Rain. Droplets
pelting my face. Water falling from space. Forming puddles and ponds and streams. Reams
cascading off cliffs. Drifts swirling with the wind. Pouring over my skin. Drumming my
flesh again and again and again. Rain! The heavens at dis-ease. Branches broke from trees.
I could see a maelstrom form in the sky. A large dark whirlpool in the center of my eye.
See it come down. Violent wind all around. Watch the lightning tackle. Hear the thunder
crackle. And feel the tornado come. My heart began to drum. There was no place to run.
No sun. No shelter. Lost in a helter-skelter. Thinking the rain was highly clever. Believing
the storm would last forever. I just had to take it. I questioned if I’d make it.
But I closed my eyes and thought of sunny days. The sun’s warm rays. And the different
ways it made me smile. How the sun made things worthwhile. The smell of a rose. How sun-licked
grass would tickle my toes. And how warm air flows across my cheek. I wished for the sun
while trying not to be weak. Standing in the tornado path. Waiting for
the rain’s wrath. Water bullets piercing me. My eyes squinting, but I could see the
storm. Feel the wind form. Hear the swarm as the tornado engulfed me. Then. Pass on by. The rain. Stopped. Falling from the sky. The dark inner clouds parted
in two. And my wish of the sun’s warm rays came through. And I smiled to myself. I had learned something so, so true. I stopped the rain. Because I simply wanted to.

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