The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

Ay, what’s up my well-read ballas?
It’s 2015, Thug Notes is back, and this week we gettin lonesome
with “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. It’s a balls-cold December night in the hood,
where our narrator doin what all real gangstas do when they tryna get their mind off a lost hunny-love –
Crack open a book. Holla! Playa bout to pass out when he hear
a ruckus at the door and then he starts wiggin. He check it – nothin. Then homeboy hear an even
louder tappin and open his window, when a raven flies his black ass in the crib
and posts up like he owns the damn place. Since he ain’t got nobody else to
talk to, the narrator say, “Bird, what’s yo name?”
All da Raven gotta say is “Nevermore.” Oh sh*t, this fool talks? Talk or not, the
narrator don’t really give no fu**s. There been other feathery bird bruthas up in his digs befo, and all just ended up leavin. When da Raven hear that, he just say, “Nevermore.” The hell?
Then our boy start thinkin, “Maybe God tryna help me forget Lenore and
get dem thoughts of her sweet lovin outta my dome.” “Nevermore.”
This muthafu**a. Then the narrator like, “Okay. Real talk. Am I gonna
get to chill wit my girl in heaven after I die?” Don’t say– “Nevermore.”
MUTHA FU**A! Get da hell outta here. Shoo! But dat bird jus stonewallin him.
So da narrator throws in the towel and accepts errything is so damn
jacked up dat he ain’t neva gonna be happy no mo. Damn. Dealin wit the death of a back-when biddy
is sho as hell one depressing topic. On the real, tho, dat’s just what what Poe was goin for. In “The Philosophy of Composition,” Poe pretty much say the entire reason he wrote this poem was to depress the sh*t outta people.
Thanks, Poe. It worked. He even break it down for us.
So how can a brutha make somebody sad as hell? Step 1: Talk bout death. But that ain’t enough a playa gotta make sho dat erryone can relate to dat pain. And what’s da saddest thing a brotha can lose? You got it, son. Some of dat ooooweeeee. So BAM! Poe mix it all togetha and tell us his recipe for
da most melancholy juice you can ever sip on – the death of a beautiful woman. Peep deez references playa play – that raven can be referencin a couple of different mythological traditions. In Norse Myth, Odin got two ravens rollin in his posse
named Huginn and Muginn – Thought and Memory. These little thuggies flew around and gave Odin the DL on what was goin down in da hood. In “The Raven,” the narrator’s bird hookin him up with some info too, just not the good kind. Our boy havin to do his best to forget about Lenore, but all dat punk-ass raven do is fill his head up with
thoughts and memories of that hunny. Damn. Now for my Greek homies, ravens
were associated with prophecy and the god Apollo. Maybe that’s why da raven is described as “ominous” – cuz he’s related to omens and hintin
that some gnarly sh*t bout to go down. Speakin of da future, Poe bitch-slappin us with the raven sayin “nevemore” ova and ova. Thang is, our narrator start off sayin the exact opposite: “Forevermore.” But by the end, he and that funky bird droppin da same beat, sayin dat his soul gonna be lifted “nevemore.” To this thug, that’s emphasizin the
connection between the raven and da narrator. they jus gonna sit they sad, lonely asses at home
sayin da same thing over and over again. Don’t think it’s a coincidence, too,
that “nevermore” rhyme with “Lenore,” yo. See y’all next week, my well-read ballas.
Sparky Sweets out. Peace.

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  1. I've been watching your videos all day going on a binge lol. Can you do "The lottery"? I forgot who it's by though…

  2. ravens can repeat words like parrots. the raven just heard the word "nevermore" and repeated it

  3. why was the bust of palice(probably spelled wrong(the god of wisdom) not mentioned

  4. Edger P is my number 1 balla dog i dig his dark depressing shit

  5. I'm late to this gig, but I still must proclaim: I love you.

  6. I love how this guy sounds like he does and is much more intelligent/philosophical than his voice suggests. it's strange but amusing how amazing this guy is with his thoughts and opinions, fairly existential. Good work, Wisecrack. By the way, Poe is my favorite author besides H.P. Lovecraft… I suggest everyone read Lovecraft, especially "The Call of Cthulhu" and "The Colour Out of Space" and "The Shadow Over Innsmouth".

  7. This made more sense to me than most things right now. I don't know what that means in the overall context of my life.

  8. "When a raven flies his black ass in the crib, and posts up like he owns the place" (0:42)

    Fucking lost it. This series is the tits!

  9. Man i read the Raven several times and i never noticed that Lenore rimed with nevermore… It was like an eureka moment when Sparky Sweets said it, I even got jacked up .

  10. Yo I wuz thankin' thah' yuh' shoulda' mentioned the 'nclusion uh' the bust uh' Pallas, and the forgotten lore mang. Never talking like that again.

  11. My favorite thing about this story is that the raven may have been inspired by a real raven. It's believed one of Poe's friends owned a pet raven, and ravens are able to learn to mimic speech like parrots. Only it's thought that they are possibly even smarter than parrots.

  12. When he says "What's up my well-read ballers", it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  13. +Wisecrack

    You should do summaries on some of Poe's other works such as Hop Frog, which is about an abused disabled dwarf who takes his revenge against a gluttonous king and his advisers.

    The Angel of the Odd is another one of Poe's works, which is about an angel who encourage a drunk through dreams of misfortune to give up drinking.

  14. I love Edgar Allan Poe but he's one of the most morose motherfuckers to ever walk this Earth. If you wanted dip into something utterly dreary, depressing and even worse than Melancholy read Poe. With that being said The Raven is probably one of my favorite stories of his. However I interpreted the Raven as being death itself and it was coming for the main character. If anything this story alone capsulates the fear and misery Pow preceived life to be.

  15. I like your gift I like your style keep it up it makes me smile as you do this you I feel my time is worthwhile

  16. I love the Thug Notes and have to give credit for the easy to understand summaries of these tough classics.
    Can you please make a version with a bit less "language" so that I can use your videos in my classroom?
    Again I think you are spot on & really do make the material simpler, but my parents would go bonkers if I played a video with this much cursing.

  17. How about Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter
    , jurassic park, lion witch and the wardrobe

  18. You want an extra- trippy-af read that would be funny as f*k on Thug Notes? The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch & The Exgesis of Philip K. Dick (V.A.L.I.S)- this man was a genius. And like Poe, a bit disturbed. He was trippin, word lol. Also, A Scanner Darkly! Please! I subbed, this is amazing guys,

  19. You want an extra- trippy-af read that would be funny as f*k on Thug Notes? The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch & The Exgesis of Philip K. Dick (V.A.L.I.S)- this man was a genius. And like Poe, a bit disturbed. He was trippin, word lol. Also, A Scanner Darkly! Please! I subbed, this is amazing guys,

  20. You want an extra- trippy-af read that would be funny as f*k on Thug Notes? The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch & The Exgesis of Philip K. Dick (V.A.L.I.S)- this man was a genius. And like Poe, a bit disturbed. He was trippin, word lol. Also, A Scanner Darkly! Please! I subbed, this is amazing guys,

  21. Funny thing is, ravens really are capable of imitating human speech. It's… incredibly creepy.

  22. I've been to the Poe House in Baltimore. It's in better shape than many of the nearby tenement buildings.

  23. We were gonna watch this in English class but My teacher said well watch one where he didnt say the F word alot xD

  24. The Count of Monte Cristo I don't see it on here but you definitely need to do

  25. "Our narrator doin what all real gangstas do when they tryna get their mind off a lost hunny love,"
    Me: I like where this is going
    "crack open a book"
    Me: oh…

  26. I just like the idea that the raven happened to know that one word, and repeated it because that's what birds do. Every single depressing aspect of the story, the narrator filled in himself. He kicked his heart's own ass with a bird.

  27. I made commentaries about every poem of The Raven. They are storage at Hotmail. It took me 5 months to write them all.

  28. That was so funny the way that you posted then during said Nevermore Raiders face

  29. I'm waiting anxiously for Sparky review the Hunchback of Notre and Phantom of the opera.

  30. Hey, I'm getting a quick jumproping session in tonight before meeting freinds in a bit and also recapping some of my favourites here while doing it. Have you done any Oscar Wilde, Samuel Clemens or Jane Austin (Pride and Prejudice maybe? True and virtuous love hidden. All locked a way in passionate depths by more acceptable self restraint and reservation for their time and social post. An assuption by one who knew not what a value she may have held. Very romantic you know ♡) if not, how about it in the future?

  31. My teacher didn't watch this video before she showed it to our class. She was super upset with her self, but she still laughed at her mistake.

  32. This is an audiovisual personification of absolute perfection 😂. I am so glad I found you, Thug-notes.

  33. You forgot to mention tjat the bust the raven was pirched on is the god of wisdom

  34. The raven would have no idea what you are muttering and most importantly does not get a gist of what it’s parroting.

  35. Masque of the Red Death please. I wonder if there are actual gangsters, shooters or dealers watching this channel.

  36. A lonely dude takes a mimicking raven way too seriously about his dead lover. You can't get more tame by today's standards of horror.

  37. We watched this video last week in ELA and it was amazing, we then today watched your The Tell Tale Heart video. Your videos are amazing and your knowledge of these story's and the humor added in to them are amazing keep up the good work my man!

  38. lol if i wanted to make a powerpoint about the raven i am 100% sure i will put this video in my powerpoint

  39. 1:22
    Don't say-
    MOTHERFRACKER! Get Da Hell outta here!

  40. I don’t think there actually was a raven. I think it was just the narrator talking to himself, and the raven was how he personified his insecurities and grief. I’m not sure though,

  41. I thought he was gonna include a trivia that Poe wrote this poem in a room adjacent to the bedroom of his beloved wife dying of Tuberculosis. As if he is already rehearsing in his mind what it would be like if she really died.

    But great video, I love it!

  42. If I had your accent, I'd have scored 220 on the TOEFL iBT test instead of 83…lol….cool accent.

  43. Huh, I was under the impression that the raven was just trying to imitate what it thought the guy said like a parrot. I tend to notice a lot of Poe's main characters tend to get paranoid and hella stir crazy over the littlest things, like the narrator of The Tell-Tale Heart murdering the old man because of his weird eye. Sounds legit. LOL So I thought the guy in The Raven was just reading too much into something the raven normally did, which was imitating people and its saying "Nevermore" didn't have to mean anything to him, so he could be free to make up his own mind and develop his own hope and optimism. Apparently not, Poe wanted us to get sad. :/

  44. "The entire reason he wrote this poem, was to depress the shit out of people. Thanks poe! It worked!" Dying.

  45. The damn bird perches on a bust of Pallas which is another name for the goddes of love. Poe likes to sneak in them little bits of info you need to know and when you know that too it just makes the bird and the poem even more of a downer.

  46. Or for those who are familiar with the Morgan of Irish myth the Goddess of death and war who occasionally is a raven.

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