The 'REAL' Ending Of Final Fantasy XV | DAWN OF THE FUTURE – Teaser Blurb

Oh what's good are you doing welcome back to another video and another glorious Monday and week some would call it auspicious I'm using a very different camera today an actual camera rather than my usual crappy webcam setup so there's things like ISOs and zooming and focusing and I'm a peasant at technology so this video looks then blame Rd but I want to cover what could potentially be the real ending of 550 I say real ending because whether this is gonna be legit a canonical this is now ending or 15 or square-enix are just doing a doobie flute leap okay then just make an alternate version for the sake of making some fans who were just too depressed to deal with the tragedy or 15 just to make them happy and of course what I'm talking about is the upcoming novel upcoming bean we don't really have a date and repair I'm gonna be getting it first a Square Enix said they're gonna try to get Western adaptation but dawn of the future whoa this is gonna be a cut this is gonna be a bombshell in the story of 15 and before I get into the story teasers that we've had because this was only released in Japan thanks to our community member Tabitha huawei Dabba the PATA for posting this because this was a translated this was a translation that was found on Twitter that we didn't get here in the West which is actually giving some teasers and hints like a little blurb about what this daughter the future book is gonna be after episode rd yeah it's pretty spicy so I'm going to quickly flow through this this translation has been helped by quite of fans from the Final Fantasy community they've all been stopped adding their what they think the actual accurate translation is but before I get into I'm just gonna once again say I'm not necessarily a huge fan of what I think's Quinn is gonna do which is again dropping a bombshell via book form if you get if you're gonna do something as big as completely switch up the ending of a game no in a bit book form it's a bit risky but regardless it's happening and anguses need to be peppered so I hear I'm to pepper them so this novel is going to be written by an Emmy Nagashima and Emmy Nagashima is the pen name her real name might be June 8th shimmer I do with these names but she apparently she's written the Nier automata novels in the past which go actually really will received also written final fantasy 13 the promise of the episodes zero the thirteen two fragments before and after so they have written stuff for the four fantasy series before Bob could be looking at the screen and locks I've got a written here and again the translations the thing which happenings translations is sometimes a word can make such a huge difference in the way it's being interpreted and translated but to kick off the first lines that the translator put up was to oppose the gods or to abide by fate originally they put resist fate which really confused me so this is going to be a book about to oppose the gods or to buy buffet another conclusion he didn't with in Final Fantasy 15 okay I won't give my two cents too much on that one but my question is what gods such a huge part 15 was that all the different Nationals had really different points of view Leviathan thought differently to die turn if we're it definitely deceiver Mohammed and I think he's a probable dick but of course the fate being as we saw an episode Arden which had so many parallels so many parallels the more I've looked at him and gone back even the expression what I didn't haven't what his girlfriend died and not just having to do the same way that way their faces were the way let Luna and a row was stood in the same feels like there were so many parallels that this was a repeating tragedy and that was a fate set in stone so of course the gods did go along with this to a degree and this whole boots gonna be about overturning it so first of all Arden this one's quite straightforward the man who saved those from demons of the stars good meant to become the founder king of Lucius meant to become we definitely got that from that Arden anime that it was actually Arden who was supposed to be chosen by the crystal or at least that's that's one interpretation you could take of it and that before lusus made Arden snap he was actually gonna get pics and that's part of why a word was really shocked and of course what Arden it feels like he's drone was stolen but who instead bought a tragic fate okay now the next one's really interesting and I'd like to hit any of your ideas on this so Aaron Mayer I was really excited to see that RNA is actually going to be getting featured because like a before as I said I thought I doubted it because it was just gonna be a small dlc back when the dawn of futures were actually still gonna be dlc now if my memory serves me the Dolans future description was that the this was gonna be a vania's worst day total crap as the nifflheim empire is finally collapsing probably gonna be a huge part of watts which is aaron eya from the NIF's over to helping out not to switch again was a huge deal that we never really found much context about and we just kind of assumed it's cuz the nips were no dabbling in demons and those are avenues and ultimate enemies but Aaron area the Imperial Commodore is entrusted with a girl of destiny amidst the crumbling before hunk Empire of the Emperor's final date yet so entrusted with the girl of destiny now my mind would have boggled honor this if there were that many whamming in fan fest 15 but because it's not and this certainly even less who are girls of Destiny I'm gonna guess it's Luna Freya the area helps Luna Freya out of nifflheim during its final day of crumbling and gets hurt on the mission which will eventually take her over to seed iron and yeah yeah yeah duh but there's really not much to go on supposedly the candy used was a very similar to what was used in the episode terror to rewards battle so with Sara but that is almost most definitely just a coincidence let's go over to Luna Freya now the Oracle who awakens from death to find her own body altered Jesus of course how this happens we don't know and I can't even speculate quite frankly again I I love the Regis thing I think no the chances it's gonna be the Regis thing that we just is control we find very slim to none but do I need you square enix to have a explanation on that kind of level with that kind of complexity juice and depth and as something that valid yes I really do please do not just wait gluon up as much as I like her I don't just want characters returning for the sake of it and one of the big things that flashes in my mind is that message during rural addition when gentiana promised Luna that she would get to be with noctus of course I took that promise and most of us did as in the afterlife but potentially what was that actually what she was saying more she may be promising a bit more than that but this part about to find her own body altered now this is a curious one so altered there's been some discussions whether it could just be simply transformed metamorphosized or she's suddenly sprouted into interstellar which honestly I don't know whatever alterations that new know when she wakes up is gonna find within that home body where that's gonna be on a physical level and why Square Enix would even do that I'll let you guys I'm not going to go too deep down in the rabbit hole of speculations on what you've got to do that in the comment section below I'm just gonna give you guys the fuel so the next part is not just the true king who Ponder's his fate of a prolonged stretch of time so I get maybe that could potentially be the ten year time jump and when he's in the crystal for ten years that was a massive portion of time and in fact when I think more about it now we saw a lot of Nazis no character development and the events that spurred elements of his cancer development from a lazy useless doubtful slob to this amazing sacrificial true king of light that the three other bros we're not proud enough to call King and bow down to it was such a huge transformation and one of the biggest catalysts was of course that ten-year time jump but we actually don't really know what even happened in that we have no clue I said it would be cool if they linked out of the anime and then finally a story of the world's dawn spelling out fine fancy fifteens new history now that makes me feel and what my gut does say about all of this is whatever does come in this born of the future book it's gonna be canonical it's going to be a canonical timeline I don't know whether it's the only canonical timeline this is far fancy there's no way up no bullet points of what is potentially could be the real route ending 5015 in this book could be stuff on Arden he's got a bit feature our own area is gonna escape nifflheim with a girl of destiny which is gonna set events into motion which will later lead on to Luna Freya possibly awakening from death but whether the implication of that is just resurrection I think it could go above just me resurrection I don't think that when Luna died you know she potentially might have not have died in the way we thought I sooner that than them just do a simple resurrection like for example I'm thinking it would be cool if when she went down and she released her Oracle powers which unlocked noctis's Armiger still something in that magic there was something in that sacrifice that didn't fully kill Lunas of it but it preserved her soul in some way maybe gentiana had some kind of role in that hence why we see her constantly in Ghost form that that's not a normal thing we don't see that for many other characters at all of course we see one with regis he's a lucy i which makes a lot of sense so what I would really like because one of the huge parts of the 15 story was cause he referencing Noctis as the king of light the Prince of light and a bring of the new duel all of this had a lot to do with EOS now whether she's real or whether she's symbolic I would really like it if in some way Luna here became the new got herself off the door I always really thought that'd be such a cool thing to do now they become the golden goddess of life if you want to blow people shnizzle zof though i don't know if you ever get belted that ring in book form definitely if they had done in dlc if part of that transformation even if it was the eos wing that's just the eos swing or something closer to the goddess of light if if luna rear woken is that and that was her part of her transformation and you link that really intrinsically and smartly into the story yeh I will be more than up flattered there we go I've rambled enough guys what do you think I've really not seen this actually spread out that far I've don't have seen a video covered on it oh you've seen any news governance oh I thought this video could we do to get most of you know this is the dealing with this is what we're up against oh well there we go guys let me know what you think in the conversation below and I'll see you guys you

21 thoughts on “The 'REAL' Ending Of Final Fantasy XV | DAWN OF THE FUTURE – Teaser Blurb

  1. Sounds like Noctis woke up in the king's chair in the world of Versus when he entered the crystal. After dreaming about not having to be serious all the time and getting to sleep in, eat good food and fish all day with bros.

    Luna wakes up as Stella and finds out she's the daughter of the king of Niflheim. She then fights her way to the love of her life, joins forces with Noctis, Nix and the bros to save the world.

    Ardyan and Regus sip tea from heavens while congratulating on a job well done.

    Marriage, kids and the world is peaceful for the next century.


  2. No sense making plot twist: Luna turns into Etro. Haha 'twould be grand!

  3. I posted this theory on one of the Ardyn dlc videos, but i have a theory about Luna.

    I think her body was being changed like Ardyn's since she was healing those infected by the Starscourge like he used to before he was corrupted.

    This could fit in with the novel blurb about Luna finding out her body is changed after death. Perhaps she gained immortality like Ardyn?

    Maybe the reason she didn't become corrupted like him is because she never gave up hope or faith in the light?

    This is just my theory. I just wish this alternate ending was something they worked into the actual game (like in New Game+) so that we can replay the game but have characters experience deja by to allow changes.

  4. I must buy the book,It’s also the final farewell to FFXV

  5. I wish we saw episode Noctis, I wanted to see Ardyn and Noctis be free of the gods biding

  6. I just didn’t feel accomplished after completed the game, since they released sooo many dlc years after years and now releasing a novel book to complete the “REAL” ending when people already got through the hype??!! Ffxv is just a FAILURE by separating it into so many pieces and square, your profit earning strategy SUCKS!!!

  7. If they are able to write a book about Dawn of the Future, i want a CGI Movie or Book with some Illustrations of Final Fantasy VERSUS

  8. Sounds like if this shit was put into 1 game instead of various forms of other media it would actually be a good story game. Still wouldn't fix the action gameplay or the rpg gameplay, but yeah, who's expecting anything from that side anymore.

  9. In all seriousness since this is a novel, if Square Enix does right by this with real effort, we could have so much more detail that visual cutscenes probably wouldn’t be able to show like the thoughts of characters and their internal conflicts. And you can imagine what they must look like and their surroundings for yourself. In my opinion it just feels better imagining, but of course there are those that prefer to watch. One thing that hurts however is that we’re unable to play the characters ourselves

  10. Quote- “Would you like to buy this novel to know what happened? “

  11. I don't know how accurate my speculations are, like I had said in my theory I thought Ardyn killed Luna because of spite and getting back at Noctis but like you said maybe he did it because he didn't want anyone else in his beloved Aera's role, but I love both our ideas and I'm so glad you used screenies from my long Ardyn and Aera theories post xD I see my silly flowers on the screenies on there. I'm super glad you read it <3 not sure how accurate it is but I love your ideas and mine! I love Ardyn and Aera so much 😀 glad they both are reunited and happy in death <3

  12. FFXV should just be a dream of FFvsXIII and they all wake up realizing that Nomura was the better one and vsXIII was the real story 😂

  13. Remind me the song playing @08:10 please. <3
    Title? Author? Game? XD

  14. A novel… I would rather have the season 2 of DLCs or nothing at all… Ok, now I'm sad.

  15. What if Luna becomes Godess of the Dawn for the cover artwork and Noctos becomes God of the Night or something similar as reward for bei g he Chosen King

  16. Tbh i liked the original ending alot and havent really been hyped for a good ending type of thing. It doesnt need to be a everyone has a happy ending for it to be good

  17. Is it just me or is Square failing? FFXV is unfinished and KHIII was a disappointment

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