The real Guernsey locations from the film Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

why didn't I know about this before these were British citizens who were under Nazi occupation for five years that's a fascinating story Mary Ann was much more interested in human stories and this is a great a truly great human story she cared about people who were humane and inhumane circumstances and people who led with their hearts women was not to their benefit people who put themselves in peril because of their principles and the story of Guernsey's occupation has all of those elements the first part of guernsey mentioned in the book is the manor house and farm the house is in Sint Maartens one of ten parishes and close to the south coast of Guernsey and near the cliffs the manor house was owned by Amelia Mulgrew who urgently calls on Dorsey Adams to come round with a butcher's knife she had a pig a hidden pig and she invited me to join in the feast with her and her friends this ended up being the first meeting of the Guernsey literary and potato peel Pie Society he didn't actually exist at first but was a story made up by Elizabeth when they were stopped by German soldiers who caught them on their way home after the curfew st. Martin's is the home of several characters including Dorsey who lived in la bouff a lane near la bouff a farm and sir ambrose also owned a home nearby on the clifftops Elizabeth's mother had worked for him as a housekeeper when she died sir Ambrose looked after Elizabeth eben Ramsay lived just down the road in Calais Lane his house was called Lai Pommier parts of the beautiful harbour would have looked similar when Dorsey worked there loading and unloading all the main supplies that would have come into the island after the occupation these would have included food seed tools clothes medicines all vital supplies for a population who had been left with nothing the harbour is described by even as he writes about the heartbreaking scenes as thousands of children were evacuated before the occupation Eli left Guernsey on the 20th of June along with the thousands of babies and schoolchildren who were evacuated to England we did not have any news of the children for six months families were apart from their children for five years with very little contact even had taken his grandchild Eli to visit his mother who was sick in hospital just before he was evacuated she died soon after along with her newborn baby the day the Germans bombed the harbour just metres away from the hospital today the hospital is no longer there but the building is now the islands police headquarters in the story even rights to tell Juliet of how the occupation started they came here on a Sunday the 30th of June 1940 after bombing us two days before killing some thirty men women and children seven German planes had flown low over sent Peter port dropping bombs on the tomato trucks waiting to be loaded on boats at the harbour they've mistaken them for army trucks Easler also talks about the Germans arriving in one of her letters she says the Germans walk through the town like they were on holiday indeed many thought they were thinking they were there for a stop-off before going to London to find she describes the chilling moment when they heard the sound of soldiers goose-stepping through the high street everything about them gleamed but unless boots those metal coal-scuttle hats their eyes didn't see anyone or anything just stared straight ahead the scene outside Lloyds Bank has hardly changed the footsteps are now of tourists and Islanders going about their business on the other side of the harbor is the fisherman's key even a fisherman would have landed his catch here each day he describes loving being at sea but during the occupation had to surrender the larger share of his catch to the Germans the Crown Hotel is mentioned by Dorsey in a letter to Juliet he says he was working on the roof heaving slates the building still exists in the heart of st. Peter Port but is now a pub called the ship and crown like many of the islands significant properties Grange large Hotel was commandeered by the Germans and used as a headquarters in the book we learned that all the Jews report there and have their passbook stamped Elizabeth warns John Booker not to go as she realized it was not going to end well John book had then pretended to be his employer Lord Tobias who had fled from the island just before the Germans arrived he lived at LeFort Manor in Sint Maartens and is most likely to be summer a mana which is on Fort Road he pretended to be Lord Tobias for most of the war before someone reported him to the Germans and he was arrested Emilia writes to Juliet on the 10th of April 1946 in her letter she describes many of the structures the Germans built around the island the coastal fortifications are absurd the channel aisles were better fortified than the Atlantic Horn built against an allied invasion the installations loomed over every Bay she talks about concrete bunkers which were built around the coast and to this day still exist the my respects with huge guns with ranges up to around 50 kilometres the vast network of underground tunnels that were built by slave workers and still exist many died in the process and were treated terribly some of the best descriptions are from Juliet as she views the island with fresh eyes she compares this to how a fellow writer Victor Hugo may have felt when he arrived for the first time on the islands before settling there i saw some peter port rising from the sea with a church at the top like a cape decoration and I realized my heart was galloping dorsey takes Juliet on a tour in her first few days one of the stops is still one of the most popular tourist attractions the little chapel a work of art and labor of love built by a monk living in the monastery next door and planned to create a miniature version of the famous grotto and Basilica at Lourdes in France cliff walks are popular with Islanders especially the beach cafes and kiosks to be found along the way we all walk together into some pita port we took the cliff path bifur main Bay it's beautiful a rugged path that wanders up and around the headland the book gives several accounts of the liberation of Guernsey misha daniels tells Juliet about the ships outside the harbor these were the British Navy ships including HMS bulldog which is where the Germans signed the papers agreeing to surrender and our dad Channel Islands are also to be free today I hope that people come to see Guernsey as a model for undefined ones enemy the behavior of the people of Guernsey during the occupation provides a different kind of an example an example of disagreeing yet coming to balance perhaps that we can all use

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  1. I spent 6 months on Guernsey, it's a truly beautiful part of the world.

  2. Wonderful human story of fortitude filmed in a stunningly photographic manner. Movingly acted and historically correct for the most part. Too bad it was mostly filmed in England and not the island itself.

  3. I read this book 7-8 years ago and for whatever reason, I didn't look up pictures of the modern Guernsey. This video is wonderful because it shows us Guernsey now. Wow. I didn't realize it was so big. I pictured it smaller… Duh on me, but I really enjoyed this video. Thank you for making and uploading!

  4. I Thought The Short Film – Was Portrayed in Extremely Good Taste And Portrayed A True Story In It's Full Glory! I Really Enjoyed What I Viewed In This Small But Delightful Real Portrayal Of What Happened In Guernsey All Those Years Ago, Congratulations Too All The Actors/Film Company And All The Filming Crew Involved, I Am Proud To Call Myself Along Life British Citizen! These Are My Own Views?

  5. why cant these commentators just talk without all this music drowning out their voice? There seems to be an epidemic of loud background music in everything you see these days and you have to resort to lip reading, subtitles or just plain missing out on what is being said.

  6. Excellent short film – whoever is responsible has done a great job, and made me want to return before long. You've very tactfully conveyed what a crazy and artistically-misguided decision it was to shoot the entire 'Guernsey' locations in the south west of England!

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