The real reason why you procrastinate.

Procrastinate is an act of delaying some task
that needs to be done right now. Many people out there will tell you many reasons
for why people procrastinate.But I will tell you one reason. And that one reason is that they don’t respect
their goals enough. Yes,.. it sounds harsh but if you actually
want to reach somewhere fast then you should start your journey early. If you really think what you are doing is
something that can bring some positive change in this world and in your life, then why you
are delaying it? So I will go into more technicalities of reasons
of procrastination in future uploads. But those are subsets of this one reason. So if you respect what you do and you want
it early then start working on it early. Like, comment and subscribe. Hit the bell icon. Don’t procrastinate on this because I have
lots of content to make your personal and business life better. See you later
B. Bye..

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