The REAL TRUTH of Doki Doki Literature Club

oh I'm so glad you're here I could really use your help see I'll try to impress this girl with my poetry but I can't think of a good way to end this rhyme oh I got it hmm your prettiest compete and I don't mean to hate but are you 18 or jailbait in case you hadn't figured it out we're talking about doki-doki literature Club today but this game looks adorable look at all these anime girls that are all still in high school it says right there on the wiki that Monica say already your knee and Natsuki are all 18 though so it's totally okay and not creepy at all plus it looks like they already like me well this just seems like a fun relaxing dating suit I'm sure that warning about big hearted age of 13 or being easily disturbed it's just to make sure that the creator's don't get sued or something they're just being cautious is all there's definitely nothing hiding beneath the service of this column's oh god oh so right off the bat let's just get this out of the way this game is just a teensy bit completely messed up in every way shape or form but if you watch a lot of our stuff you know we don't shy away from covering some of the darker topics within gaming so I'm ready to get into whatever the hell is happening that triggers this and seems like it this reality shattering hot demon chick simulators making its rounds around the internet so something about the YouTube community big zit what's wrong with us games this out there don't take off for no reason there's something dark within us and in the technological tipping point in history we find ourselves oh yes it's the next viral sensation and it says more about you me and society than you ever thought possible don't be afraid the simulation bugs you if you haven't played okie dokie literature club the game presents itself as a cute dating simulator you play as well yourself as in you you're a loser you're kinda a nobody not popular nothing special about you no real motivation in life you just like video games anime and cute girls actually that does kind of remind me of my high school self but my point is you aren't anyone special but your best and longtime friends say or he asks you to come with her to her literature club she's the vice president and promised the rest of the group that she'd bring in a new member today and that new member just so happens to be you even though you're just going as a favor to her it turns out that this club is filled with three other extremely attractive young ladies that are all over 18 there's URI – introverted book nerd Natsuki the young looking but apparently 18 year old fiery manga nerd and Monika the club president and one of the most popular girls in school it's completely up to you who you want to get close to but it's not as simple as just talking to your dream girl you have to woo them with words that's right get it right like with a pen sorry despite this being a literature club the most important aspect for the game is your poetry cream each day after school you're tasked with bringing in a new poem to the club the next day your poem is made up of 20 words that you get to pick and certain words will gain the favor of certain girls if you want to spend some time with URI look for those darker more complex words like anxiety depression anguish essentially anything over six letters with if you're antsy for the pantsy of female Natsu go for shorter or words like jumper fun and if you want to spend some quality time with salary pick bittersweet words like bliss cry daydream darker calm don't worry if not every word you pick ends up being for the girl you want a majority will do after you finish up your poem each night you come back to the club the next day and get to hang out with whichever girl you impress with your writing for me I was all about URI but maybe you prefer not Sookie or say Orry it's up to you well the one you can't hang out with his Monica but she seems alright with that for now of course depending on the girl you decide to loo you might notice certain baggage that they're carrying around now here comes the fun part huh how to describe it URI has a thing for sharp objects she may or may not enjoy knives in and around her arms say Orie on the other hand has got a helping of feeling worthless but the YouTube gods don't like the word depression so let's go out the boohoo's say Ori has chronic boo who's that make her feel like everyone's lives would just be better if she went to the same farm your parents sent your dog to when you were little Matt Sookie is daddy issues one could say that her dad is a very nice person on opposite day so yeah there's a lot of baggage with these girls but that's okay Oh God Theory killed herself what the fork oh we're sassafras now huh alright peace say word swamp until this point the game had seemed pretty easy and fun so far nothing had gone off the rails until say Orry hung herself but suddenly the game ends and glitches when you were start the game again something's very wrong say Ori is completely missing from the game entirely she's a glitched collage of the other girls on the title screen and the game glitches her name out of the story too this begins a series of events that changed the entire storyline you've already played suddenly Mitsuki is way more aggressive than she was before and Yuri isn't some kind of cute introvert she's an obsessive psycho bitch who won't rest until she spends every waking minute with you but what really stands out is that Monica seems the same she's even apologizing for what's happening with the other girls she's self-aware of her true that this entire thing is a game and that that is chilling Monica's aware that she's a character within the game and she has access to the game's files she's been manipulating say Orion Itsuki and URI to detrimental ends and it's all because she wants to be with you not you the character you the player eventually it's only you and Monica alone in a room with her talking to you have to literally delete her from the game to progress the story and I could get into the entire mindset behind each of these girls and how they were broken by Monica beau it's even scarier to me is just how close this game is to our future it's a psychological horror game because the game is essentially sentient in a way it knows when you're playing and when you aren't it knows when you're recording the game with certain programs and you get different dialog when you are what you're witnessing is essentially a program that has been created to search for certain things to learn certain things and to use them against you without your permission Monica isn't just a scary part in the video game she's essentially a warning for the future we're heading towards more and more we're hearing about technological advancements in machine learning we're quickly nearing a crossroads in history a time where what we create can actually become smarter than we are just look at YouTube as an example right a point now are the engineers who work at YouTube aren't the ones creating the specific YouTube algorithm the algorithm perfects itself through machine learning we're coming to a point in history that's only been shown in games and movies a time when machines pass humans in terms of intelligence we're getting to the point where we can literally create artificial intelligence that is for all intents and purposes self-aware because it learns and acts without us telling it to we're giving it permission Monica is the embodiment of this idea hidden within a dating deaths Amelie now what exactly am I talking about when I say that Monica is essentially the embodiment of a dark future yet to come well if you haven't been keeping up on the news which I don't blame me for it's always super depressing you might not know about the advancements that have been made in artificial intelligence you might not even realize it and you probably don't even think about it but you interact with AI every day ever talk to Siri or Oh Cortana ever wondered why Facebook ads are targeted towards things you want or how it knows when you show up in a picture tell even your recommended videos on YouTube come from AI from the machine learning we're constantly striving to create artificial intelligence that thinks and acts like a human it learns from its mistakes and takes note of what happened and changes with the new information sounds like a not so fictional fictional character you know massive technology moguls like Elon Musk have been warning us for years that our AI advancement may very well become our own undoing why is that what's the threat of a super AI well just take Monica as an example she's not exactly the super AI we're talking about but just by installing this game you've given access to another entity to alter your computer to search your files for your actual name to tell whether or not you're recording it's an invasion of privacy something you didn't know you were even allowing when you installed the game this is the most miniscule example because it's done for entertainment with no mal-intent but Isaiah becomes more more important to our lives we need to think about what would happen if these self-teaching programs go rogue or are hacked what happens when every device in your house suddenly becomes unresponsive when your bank account credit cards and social security number can all be compromised in the blink of an eye we put these numbers into machines daily and we trust them they're safe and our computers and on our phones but the reality of life is that this isn't true people get hacked all the time corporations get hacked software gets compromised and what happens when that software is running a test the car or a bullet train or something else that we expect to be perfectly safe the future is coming people as self-driving cars become more prevalent we rely more and more on automation the possibility of any of these devices being hacked or having a glitch with large-scale implications goes up and up they can ruin people's lives if we aren't careful about what we create we aren't at that point not yet anyway but just a few weeks ago YouTube released a machine learning algorithm to figure out who to remove from the platform who did to monetize etc it was for a noble reason – to combat creepy douche-nozzles who exploit children for views with oddly sexualized videos featuring their favorite characters but the algorithm wasn't perfect massive channels like Jimmy Kimmel and idubbbz were deleted that wasn't human error that was a mistake by a machine and while those channels were brought back this is a machine that YouTube is still teaching and will learn but that's just the team example compared to what could happen in the future YouTube's AI is just on a website we aren't putting our lives in its hands just our livelihood the more we automate the more we create self-driving vehicles and autonomous machines that create and think for us the closer we are to creating something that we might not be able to control down the road if you think I'm kidding maybe you should talk to Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking or Bill Gates they all agree that at the pace AI is progressing this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed now our cybersecurity isn't up to snuff it's too easy for the control of something important to fall in the wrong hands or for a self learning algorithm to start carving its own behavior doki-doki literature Club is a small window into that future we're seeing firsthand how a simple system can control and change your computer without you even knowing and if a small gaming team can create a program that can do that imagine what Google or Facebook can do with the money and technology behind their company's tokidoki literature club is a psychological horror game because it breaks the fourth wall in a way that affects you every day in the 21st century it shows you just how vulnerable you are from a game and if you're vulnerable to a free game on Steam you better believe you're a hell of a lot more vulnerable to people who want to do you harm so take the warning doki-doki kids we're coming up to a new age of technology one that experts are worried about because of the negative implications AI can have on our lives wake up shape all the futures here doki-doki literature club is just the beginning say Ori hanging herself ain't nothing but hey that's just what I'm thinking about the impending doom of humanity as we know it I'm sure grant will have a more positive interpretation of this game maybe but forget about grant it's all about Elon mr. musk is trying to get to Mars since we may need to start human society over within the next hundred years unless ball you can do it first but I'm curious to know what do you guys think about the rapidly expanding prevalence of AI let me know in the comments down below and if you'd like us to respond or have a question about this video or anything else really head on over to our discord server and ask us there we're much more likely to respond over there cuz we check it daily also let us know if you'd like another video on doki-doki literature club I'm sure grant would be happy to go more into the psychology behind the characters if you guys are interested and if you like what we do on this channel don't forget to subscribe and hit that little bell for notifications for whatever reason the bell is automatically on occasional which I don't even understand I mean seriously why do I need to subscribe and hit the bell then change the bell settings just to get notifications for the channels that I like seems like overkill to me anyway I'm Ryan and that's all for me today thank you guys for watching and I'll see y'all soon toodles

23 thoughts on “The REAL TRUTH of Doki Doki Literature Club

  1. Just gonna say . . . Monika best girl. That was a nice few minutes at the end of the game 🙂

  2. Honestly, the more I look into Doki DOki, the more that it chills me until I can't trust anything.

    This game uses my greatest fear and turns it against me: the betrayal of trust.
    I don't think that I'll play this game anytime soon.

  3. how are they all 18? i thought yuri was supposed to be the only one in senior year

  4. Yeah A.I is a serious bad thing that we shouldn’t take softly

  5. Yuri technically killed everyone that loved MC just in the wrong order

    This is not my comment so dont like it

  6. you cant talk to steven hawking anymore

  7. I got a theory:

    So, if you go into the files and de code them, you get responses in English. Correct? Correct.

    So..apparently Yuris file has a website, and if you go to it you see an file on a girl, (can’t remember the name rn)

    So… maybe Yuri is that girl? And maybe there’s another game, where the girls are from.

    Maybe Monika in that game, had an expierence with the girls and the girls (besides Monika and maybe Natauki) became insane or something bad happened to them.

    Maybe Monika after discovering this, wanted to protect the character from having anything happen to them by the others. Maybe this is why over time she deletes everyone? So that she can protect the character, but she also loves them over time.

    However when Monika gets deleted, Sayori ends up crazy. This is what I was talking about when the girls went crazy in another game. Monika deletes her, to save you.

    So maybe Monika is good, but wants to protect you at all costs, even if it means murmuring her friends.

  8. The reason why people love the game, is because it shows the reality of life. How love can kill.

  9. Theres alot more behind ddlc, watch Game Theory talk about it! (Video name : Doki Doki decoded)

  10. How on earth are they all 18? Natsuki is a first year!

    Edit: I find it funny that out of all the messed up stuff in this game, the thing I notice is that the ages are inaccurate. Wow.

  11. The game actually DOES contradict the all 18 business. Unless Natsuki was held back three times in a row, she couldn't possibly be 18. It's conceivable for a Senior in high school to be 18, but the game's main character pegs Natsuki as a first year. Sounds like a bunch of peeds not wanting to feel self conscious for liking jail bait.

    Personally, I'm for Monika, since she's actually self aware and what do I care about 3 other mindless programs that only emulate affection? Psycho? Grow up.

  12. Anybody here like Natsuki cuz I do. Come on don't leave me hanging! 😑😑😑


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