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what we’re doing okay let’s talk about that now okay so understanding the
riddle and Fenn’s treasure poem so I was sent away I’ll take one week off and
different had to everything that’s been two weeks since we did and even then it
was a video don’t call I was sent this document by eighth one who I think of a
friend he lives in Texas his name is Clayton Watson Clayton was the found our
second treasure that was in Colorado and rather than just keeping the money
he added to it and he hid it again and that we’re gonna talk about it then and
about it’s been about a month I think he sent me this document called writing a
brittle poem and to me it looks like the kind does it have a yeah it’s copy copy
written 2003 by read write think and CTE are I are a I’m not sure where that is
but it sounds very educational and it sounds like the kind of document that a
college English teacher would hand out and say here’s instructions on how you
would write a riddle poem write a riddle poem for me what’s interesting is it
uses a lot of the words that we’re familiar with like Canyon and water and
things like that mm-hmm so I don’t I don’t necessarily think
there’s a coincidence there but when he sent it to me I thought to myself what
would it be like to take in deconstruct or re-engineer Fenn’s poem in the
construct of this document so that’s what we’re gonna do in today’s show and
in addition to that after the show when I post the video of the show on our
gypsies kiss wordpress channel i’m also going to post a link to this document so
you’ll have it as well as we go through it so now we can do housekeeping that
was so today’s presentation will be followed by a Q&A I’m very loud today’s
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talked about the QA and the treasure oh let’s hear about the treasure number
four so again this is I mentioned to you Clayton who who had sent me this
document and Clayton also found our second treasure and when he found it he
added money to it he added some more dollar coins to it and he took out my
business card to keep it our business card are gypsies kiss business gardening
kept it as a souvenir and he put his card in the box and with the expectation
that he would be contacted sometime over the holidays he was contacted you got to
remember this was in Texas by the way do you remember the name of the park hopper
brakes copper right copper brakes State Park and that’s where we put it and we
handled it kind of the same way where the code that we gave you would get you
to the park and then you had to find a second set of clues in the park and
those were in a plastic bag and they were hidden someplace else and and you
would find that out and apparently this family was at the copper brake State
Park the kids were playing around the rocks that where that particular second
set of clues was hidden they found the second set of clues followed it and
found the treasure yeah not knowing what it was all about or whether it was some
kind of YouTube trap or whatever they contacted Clayton using a private number
a cell phone with a private number so he couldn’t contact him back told him that
they had found the treasure and that their kids really loved the idea he
asked them if it was okay to contact a Gypsys kiss and when he said that
Clayton said they had no idea what I was talking about so it was a purely
accidental find but we’re happy that they could enjoy it and maybe they’ll
look up a Gypsys kiss and find out that they’re actually being mentioned
whomever they are so we’ll decide we kind of didn’t get the ROI in terms of
in terms of views etc that we expected on the treasure we’ll decide whether
we’re gonna do it again next spring or not but for now I think we’ll just let
it rest and and see how people feel about it between now and the spring
mm-hmm okay you ready I’m ready here we go we’re gonna rock and roll on
rock your world so there are base seven fundamental
steps to writing a poem that incorporates a riddle and after all
that’s what Fenn has done the first is to choose the answer
you start with the answer in this case we decided the answer was hidden
treasure you brainstorm related words and ideas and I’m going to go through
each of these in a little bit more detail then you use the thesaurus which
then I think has more than once recommended describe the objects point
of view and as I reviewed these recommendations for writing a riddle
into a poem I felt that there were two really important steps and this is one
of them describe the objects point of view so we’re going to talk more about
that describe it then using figurative language rather than using the literal I
drove the I drove down a canyon go to the figurative take it in the Canyon
down and then wonder in fence case is that actually figurative or a
reconstructed literal sentence choose the main elements and write a draft and
this is the second of two important thing important steps that I think that
you should undertake if you do nothing else you should undertake and the reason
is I did it and it was very useful to me and then finally the last step is make
it poetic select your rhyme and your meter or your rhyming style in your
meteor and turn it into a poem I’m going to talk about each one of those starting
with number one comments not yet okay what does that mean I’ve got stuff saved
up so choose an answer the first thing that you discovered when you’re writing
a riddle to a poem that concrete objects are easier to write about rather than
abstract ideas so it is a lot easier to write about a ten by ten by five bronze
chest than it is about things like happiness and peace in the world etc etc
which is interesting because you said I said well a lot of searchers you’ll hear
them say oh I don’t think there’s really a treasure that’s you know a literal
treasure I think the treasure is getting out there with nature and and finding
peace and love and harmony with with the earth and that’s what this is all about
and then when you look at this that would have been really difficult to
write a poem about so I’m gonna say probably not yeah then determine the
level of difficulty so when it comes to the level of difficulty general answers
are easier than specific and so if you look at the way that Finn wrote the poem
there aren’t two general answers the figurative language that he uses
represents something very specific treasure is easier than finding riches
you know the riches of your your soul or your peacefulness or whatever it is a
42-pound treasure and it gets pretty specific here a 42-pound treasure hidden
in the Rocky Mountains said to tell what you didn’t say the rocky mount’s hidden
in the mountains north of Santa Fe on a 10 by 10 by 5 inch bronze chest is a lot
harder to write about when you get that specific and it was so so not only is it
harder to write about then you’re stuck as the interpreter of that poem exactly
what he meant so when he says he has more than once said I spent 15 years
writing that poem I could see that I I could see as not only because he made
changes along the way just because of the difficulty of transcribing his
literal thoughts into this figurative language must have been really difficult
the bottom line general answers answers are easier than specific answers and
what we have here is a poem that describes in riddle form a very specific
object in its location so it was much harder to write therefore it’s going to
be much harder to interpret although you could look at a box of treasure and you
could describe each piece in it or you can just say treasure so it is a not
quite as specific in the poem as naming off what’s in there who he told us later
what things were in there and interestingly enough he used the
book right as a way to describe that because there’s probably a point in the
process of writing the poem that he started to do that in there you will you
know however you decide poetically how to do that I I imagine there was a point
at which other than using the word gold or riches Bowl you know etc that he may
have thought how do I describe all this and then realized I can’t do that
otherwise I’m gonna end though plus he ended up taking things in and out so the
only thing that was stable was the gold right and it had to be because it was in
the poem right so an interesting thought there is if he had added nothing to the
treasure except in the except of the gold whether in the raw form in nugget
form of dust form and the coinage he would have still had a treasurer that
would have been a lot easier to describe mm-hmm maybe not weigh as much so ii
think brainstorm and i think the important part of
brainstorm is to create a list of ideas rather i am driven back to my memories
of brainstorming in various business situations in which i participated and
there was a whiteboard and there was these pads these large pads of you know
three three by four post-it notes or two by three effectively post-it notes right
and we wrote ideas we didn’t write words we weren’t brainstorming specific words
we were brainstorming ideas and concepts and we played those out and then we’d
sort them and we debate them to the it down to their most elemental form and
that’s kind of what we’re looking for so so it’s not just treasure it’s hidden
treasure in the mountains or a treasure hunt by amateurs or searching for a
treasure that has Richards right so expand upon the ideas that you believe
are in fence head and he incorporated into the poem and it’ll be and I think
the important thing as I said it’s ideas rather than words and then create a list
of ideas that are opposite to what you’re
construct is thus far what’s the opposite of the treasurer well maybe
it’s a lottery you know a game of chance because it’s very different from going
out and looking for a treasure the results may be the same the odds might
even be the same but it’s not finding getting out into nature and looking
forward it’s not something you can study for right exactly
paid well it did but not the lottery search right there if you were to play a
game of chance like poker like you know going to blows well the lottery the only
the only thing you can do to improve your odds this could continue to play it
and so think of the ideas that are opposite in context of what he was
trying to do here and then think about why he didn’t choose that why he didn’t
choose a drawing or a lottery of other well I think having the consciousness
helps you define really define solidly define what your words should be in the
end yeah as you put it all together mhm so now that you’ve brainstormed some
of these ideas it’s time and I think I think I kind of remember him mentioning
this at least someone important as use a thesaurus and of course that’s really
easy because you have access to the online thesaurus that can lead you from
one word to the next to the next to the next audience an item treasure words for
treasure like cash gold and riches and I just by the way these these synonyms I
pulled out of I went to the online thesaurus thesaurus com mm-hmm and pull
these words from and I started seeing well okay he used a thesaurus well he
told us he used a thesaurus he told us he looked up all each and every word
that nouns were very important alone solo isolated lonely bold adventurous
courageous fearless and then determines some look up some of the antonyms for
those exact words treasure debt poverty and although I
don’t think of him I don’t think of fen as having lived a
life of poverty because I don’t think he thinks of it that way
he’d lead a less of a life than he had been he had led later in life so that’s
important to him he could you can’t could not have lived in poverty and done
what Finn has done so I think that’s one of the reasons to consider the aunt I
don’t think here most people would consider it poverty if you always had
enough to eat and I bet they did so yeah they always said food on the table
clothes on their bodies and a roof over their heads so and and he kind of makes
those points you know there were times I know that that he was he seemed to be
embarrassed about his the wealth that he had accumulated over his lifetime you
know wondering what he was with his father the opposite of alone together
the opposite of bold afraid currently meek meek meek where’d that come from
where did that come but that’s one of the things that I discovered in just
about preparing for this conversation although I’ve done it before like
everyone else who’s searching for the treasures played along with this source
but it’s important to go back and do that as well
point of view and again I’m going to repeat this is one of the two most
important things that you can do in my opinion that was very qualified that
imagine you are the object not thin not imagining you are thin imagining you are
the treasure and give the treasure a life of its own and then describe the
world from your point of view what is it that you see what do you hear smell feel
and like and write a draft write that story from the objects point of view and
you know wonder why you’re there so I’m sitting in a car here and I’m
next to this crazy old coot as far as I can tell and we’re headed for the
mountains and I honestly don’t know why we’re headed there especially since
you’ve been in a vault for so many years yeah yeah so I
taken out of the vault I mean you can go back as far as you want and write this
story and and kind of get a sense of what the object is experiencing and see
whether or not you as a searcher can empathize with some of that and whether
or not it stimulates some additional thinking I have started that it’s long
and arduous and a difficult right but I promise you that once I finish it I will
post this to our Gypsys kiss blog because I think it was you know and I’ll
call it I am Fenn’s treasure I think how’s that I like it so I just think
it’s one of those important things that you have to do right the narrative of
the treasure imagine being the treasure you’re nice and safe and your your chest
being filled with these valuable objects you’re in Hubli in a safe place that
happens to be Finn’s vault and then suddenly you’re jerked from that vault
and put into a car and driven for hours are in and I’m just you know I’m making
some assumptions here I’m not trying to create a logical path to where the
treasure is hidden but write that story be the treasure and you know that he’s
done a little of this because he was asked you know what would you see if you
were standing where the treasure was and he had no problem talking about that as
if he’d considered it as well so I feel like as we’re going through this that
this is the same process that he went through yeah there is no I should point
out is we don’t have any evidence that phen used this strategy we just thought
it was interesting because if M could have easily used this strategy
especially when you notice in here some of the the the res they’re brainstorming
the word he chooses is water and he goes from there and it goes from water ice
stream stream cascade so you know maybe even times about warm water in this so
that’s funny yeah yeah weird funny weird poster funny so imagine you’re the
object and write the object’s story as Fenne has shared with us so far and
it’ll be interesting as a matter of fact if you send me I’ll tell you what I’ll
do if you decide to write that when I post mine I’ll upload yours and I’ll
post links to your story if you care to share it you might not want to share it
but if you do and you know if you like me you already consider yourself to be a
treasure so this should be easy you are described okay here’s the here’s
the the poetic part of all this describe all of this in figurative language now
it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a poem but if you happen to be near a
geyser and that’s part of your solution then describe that in figurative
language began at where warm waters halt and this is where it’s been and all I
did in this case was take what our opinion is of the nine clues and you
look at it from the figurative perspective and analyze it from the
literal literal perspective and what what he says began at where warm waters
halt what are the possible options for a literal translation of that figurative
language and because that’s what he had to do he had to take the literal
language how he saw it and transcribe it into the figurative and so we’re
basically thinking about reverse engineering that process and trying to
determine and you know when it comes to warm water salt I don’t want to say
there are hundreds of opportunity of hundreds of literals possibilities I
believe there’s fewer than a dozen literal possibilities and again what
we’re trying to do in all this is reduce the the figurative language in the poem
to a credible solution so we hope that this helps you the same is true for any
of them take it in the canyon down what I looked at that my first reaction is
well that’s pretty literal take it in the can
down what if that is figurative language then write down the options for the
literal language that you could that could be interpreted by and I’m again
I’m going to guess there aren’t hundreds of literal options there are fewer than
a dozen and and I think what you start and and what you start doing is
analyzing it in that context I want to share this okay because I think it’s
really cool so this is great example of figurative language that they give in
this article that we read image read would be and these are all about water
so imagery the river cut through the canyon before ambling along the plain so
that’s painting a picture for you metaphor streams are fish roads ok
metonymy the wetness splashed upon us which would sort of give you a feeling
of what it’s about onomatopoeia water laps the shore personification the water cooked my egg
simile pools of water reflect like mirrors and synecdoche the ships sank in
the drink which is about as complex as you get and those are all tools that
writers whether they’re writing prose or poetry will use what we thought was
interesting is that the subject of this article was water and we’ve always felt
that water plays an important part in finding the treasure we don’t think we
don’t believe can we agree that the treasure is not under water right that
it is on occasion more than one occasion wet but that it is not but if you go
back and look at the poem we think the two most important characteristic of the
poem is that there’s a lot of references to water and there’s lots of references
to altitude in a generic form as in up and down so so describe it so what now
you’re doing is describing it in figure of language but the objective of
describing an in figurative language which finn has already done for us is to
transcribe that to convert that to decode that into all the literal options
and then and then once you’ve done that then the idea is to write a draft in
prose and prepare it for creating the sentences that then make up your poem
we’re going to talk about that in just a moment but I think this is the second of
two really important things that you should try so the first thing that
you’re going to do is write or the first thing that you’re going to try I’m going
to recommend that you try is that you write the objects point of view in the
form of prose tell the objects point of view in a story the second thing that
I’m going to recommend you do is you write thins story that it you we all
know we all know a lot about fen and the treasure the only thing that we don’t
know is the literal representation of the figurative language that he wrote in
the poem uh-huh but I found it interesting and again I’ve started this
I haven’t finished it I kind of started it over the holidays and the God but
he’s busy with parties and playing with microscopes and other things but I
started writing fans story I want my special I went to my special place to
hide a memory this is Toby’s words based on the fan stories my fans
these are not fences right I was alone so I’m the only one who knows for the
secret location there’s the secret location I started with the warm waters
end and drove down a canyon it wasn’t too far but farther than I would care to
walk with that heavy load I pulled up at the place where Brown was most dominant
and got out of my car I couldn’t carry all 42 pounds considering the distance
the climb and the altitude so I decided to make two trips now that is one
example of how it could be written based on my practical experience in writing
and my personal writings I think there are as many variations of
this as there are searchers but it’s more it was a very illuminating process
for me as I had to imagine what Fenn would have written had he written all of
this in a novel and as you well know there are novels out there that are
being promoted like breakfast tea and whiskey as pardon breakfast team
okay no not people who drink whiskey and drink bourbon would argue that of course
um so there are novels that are being promoted as treasure hunt treasure
searched novels that are written in prose and not written in poetry and have
riddles embedded in them so what I found interesting was the process of in this
cane case being the finn as opposed to being the treasure and writing a draft
of that offense story and you can start as early as you want you can start you
know when he gets cancer you can start when he decides to fill the box you can
start when he when he shows that when he shares the treasure for the first time
etc etc you can start at the point that he gets into his you know that he pulls
the treasure maybe you could match the to write the objects point of view of
what it feels like to sit comfortably in a vault for this many years and then
suddenly you’re ripped out of the vault and then right fens point of view and
compare the two and see in that literal translation the vision of your literal
translation whether or not there’s more insight into a fence figurative process
I found this again very very in inspiration said and I was inspirational
in informational yeah i well when you write anything and of course I’m writing
scripts every week and I get to the point where I
and I have a pattern that I do and it always seems that I get to about the
middle and then I kind of get well I need a break because I don’t know where
to go from here I don’t know how to end this thing and this happens a lot so you
might end up doing that as well you’ll get to the middle and you’ll go I don’t
know and you’ll have to look for some
inspiration you know to speak to the universe or whatever it is that you do
to get inspiration go for a walk in the woods and get that inspiration as to
then what happened then what happened and where do we end up at the end it’s
so that you could finish that story because you’ll find that you get into
some sort of a morass in the middle where it’s like how do I get from here
to there and from personal experience I can assure you that the middle so every
story I’ve said this before as a documentary maker I know that every
story needs a beginning a middle and an end and the struggle is in the middle
and that’s where most of the research has to occur beginnings are easy ends
are relatively easy the hard part is in the middle because that’s where you have
to have done your research and the same is true here so if you find yourself
stuck in the middle of telling the chests the treasure chests story or if
you find yourself in the middle of telling Thins story then you need to do
some additional research I’m going to guess that for the majority of the of
you that are here today you’ve done enough research that you could probably
do this in yourself anything and I will promise you that as I finish the story
as I write the story for the treasure and as I write the story for Finn I will
post those to a Gypsys kiss the blog so that you can you can take a look at that
what we’ve done thank rity kit and critique it well you
can make comments but as usual I’m gonna call your comments so the final piece of
course is to make it poetic and in the process of making it poetic you’re gonna
you’re gonna decide whether you want to use the meter and rhyme which is what
Fenn did or poetic prose which is similar to my my English 102
class and we’ll talk about that in a minute was on thanatopsis which was
written by william cullen bryant it’s a long poem basically about death and I
was going through that period in my life well yes that sort of glad he decided to
go with the meter and rhyme route and he didn’t select a meter and rhyme that’s
unusual it’s very common he actually made some minor mistakes the meter and
rhyme that he selected is expecting eight syllables as you probably know by
now not all of the lines have eight syllables and those are the lines that
are gonna the lines that are going to be cumbersome for you to read but they’re
there here’s the important thing about developing a poetry whether it is poetic
meter and rhyme or prose each sentence in a poem is a work of art in and of
itself and it should give the reader pause at the end of each I’m sorry I
said sentence I mean line each line in different sentence yeah each line is the
work of art it may be part of a greater structure that is a sentence but each
line is intended to be a single work of art and should give the reader pause
they should stop for just a second before they go on to the next line so if
you’re an artist rather than a writer you might paint a picture for each line
that’s representative and then you’d have a series oh that’s interesting and
if you have no painting skills but you did get through but you did get a
Bachelor of Fine Arts use your camera and take a picture and see what the
picture does for you huh all right that’s you know come at it any way you
need to yeah as if I had to paint a picture I was gonna I’m gonna need a
paint by number of the beginning well yeah unless you had a daughter who could
do it for you where in the lines are the most important words
and one of the things that you’re going to see is Finn’s strategy for his meter
is something called I am ik I ambach tetrameter and basically those are sets
of four stressed unstressed unstressed words and you can see it in the first
sentence as I have gone alone in there where the stress is on the second
syllable whether or not that syllable was part of a single word or what it was
whether it was connected to the previous word so he uses that style so at some
point you start hefted asking yourself if those are the emphasized word how do
they fit into the poem as I have gone alone in there and start putting things
together in the context of the poetic approach that fem has taken in this
particular particular poem that he’s written and then decide upon a rhyming
scheme he of course does the a b a b c d c d e f etc etc all through six all
through through all six stanzas and then decide upon line breaks verses sentence
breaks now my my first thought is that why wouldn’t you take this and put this
up here you know what to be at the beginning decide upon your line breaks
back where you decided what that each line is a piece of art but he had a
reason for doing it that way six stanzas time four lines time 24 lines in the
context of the nine sentences that are at the poem I’m going to I’m going to
state that in our opinion there is nothing unique there is nothing
information about informational about the nine sentences we think that you
should disassemble the poem and reassemble it into
the nine sentences and then read it as prose and see if it tells a story with a
beginning a middle and the end and an end and if you haven’t done that go to a
Gypsys kiss the blog gypsies kiss calm and there’s a page labeled the poem and
I think I’ve already done that in there take it and and take the lines the nine
sentences and put it together in a technically it’s three paragraphs
because an average paragraph is three sentences and read it as prose and see
if it gives you some new insight into the two things the two objects that we
haven’t interested in the Box the treasure and fin okay so those are the
seven steps that we’re gonna recommend those seven steps are even more
elegantly divine defined in here and I will post that I will post a copy of
this and a Gypsys kissed the blog when I post this video eventually and once
again thanks to Clayton Watson who not only found our second treasure but sent
us this to turn it into a turn it into instructional video so the bottom line
bottom line be the fin be defended maybe with you but also be the treasure
who he is who’s accomplished where he’s been when this period in his life
occurred how he did it why he did it right fence poem and and I think
ultimately this is the recommendation that we’re gonna make right Fenn’s poem
well I guess that’s to be your own poem be or be a poem know be a poem well I
taught a poem similar to fentons where the lines in the iambic tetrameter that
coincides that attempts to coincide with what you perceived to be here solution
because she’ll east this morning said well is very difficult because we intend
not a specific place we we’re looking for the treasure we figure
okay the only specific place you’re going to be able to figure out is where
warm waters halt and then you got to feel around for it at that point so
starting at the end and working forward it could be very difficult if the end is
not included in your solution I think I think if you use this test that is can I
write a poem prose or with with a rhyme and meter if I write a poem that
coincides in my solution if I can’t write a poem that coincides with my
solution do I have a credible solution I think that’s the question you want to
ask you’re looking at this as a proof yeah proof of concept yeah is your
solution good enough that you could write a poem about or even a story you
know sure so as long as we’ve been talking about my English 201 class when
I was in English 201 at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque New Mexico
back in nineteen it would have been 67 mm-hmm that’s I’m gonna be 69 this year
how convenient Center oh that’ll give us their goals monetization sixty-seven I
was in elementary school yeah cuz I was five so first grade again I was in my
second year of college English 201 at the beginning of the semester one of the
things that we were assigned was pick a poem and do a critical analysis of that
poem and we were given a basically format which done which to follow the
critical analysis and then the expectation was at the end of the
semester we were gonna get up and present our format I had again the poem
that I chose in my probably junior year of high school was then a topsis it was
the poem that I was most familiar with William Cullen Bryant sathanna topsis
and so I chose it since we could choose our own for this analysis and I wrote a
pretty good critical analysis of it got an got an A for that English my English
201 so I’ve taken that and next week we’re going to break down fins
in that same way this is gonna be a bit of a longer show because it was pretty
complex and that we think but we think it’s very informative and I think it’s
in line with what we are attempting to do over the winter months and that is
kind of focus on the poem get this thing figured out so that we can all go out in
the spring of 2018 and and one of us find that treasure so next week we’re
going to take the poem and we’re gonna break it down like you would have if you
had taken the same English to one class that I did mm-hmm
and again will after that show I’ll post my analysis my critical analysis of the
poem up to a Gypsys kiss all right you can share in the experience well thank
you professor Toby we’re done Q&A a baby oh all righty let’s see what we have
wait I have a question you did what time is our interview today 3:00 oh great we
have time okay so I’m just gonna read everything man in the barn says hey Toby
and Shelly Maude is here thank you uh Matt
horoscope hello from Ohio Adam Fadi hi Charlene Toby I missed you
guys we missed you too I think there’s something going on between you and Adam
well I’m no comment it’s one of my paid he’s my teacher yeah he’s my patron
Jolla wiki happy new year AJ twenty-one happened oh and happy
happy man yeah happy 2018 for all our viewers we hope that 2018 is healthy
happy and brings you all good fortune and prosperity so and so one of you
finding the treasure how’s it for us which would be even better for me okay
Edward Owen Happy New Year Steve gag Hagan hi Shelly and Toby Happy
New Year and thanks for the thanks to the moderators he also thanks them will
William hi Toby and Shelly Happy New Year Edward Owen when will for
Fenne Nightline interviews be do you think Forrest will talk about the
treasure in that interview we don’t know I have written Forrest on a couple of
occasions by email and have not gotten a response so my guess is he doesn’t know
yet either they will inform him probably when it is about to go live within a
week or so but we don’t know the answer to that question we do believe that the
focus is going to be because I think he would have assist insisted on that that
the primary focus will be on two things well that’s not primary primary focus
will be on the new book and what it means and the secondary focus will be on
the state of the search and the convolution of it because that makes for
interesting news that gives them a jumping-off point to cover the earth you
know that’s a difficult search people are dying it says it’s still out there
we think so though that’s going to be I think their hook more than the fact that
Finn has published a third book I don’t think that we’ll find anything new in
the Nightline interview other to them to kind of reinforce what we already
believe and that is he is stepping back from I’m not gonna say stepping back
from the search he’s stepping back from making this search that the priority in
his life and we will tell you if we learn more of
course as we did when Toby just found out more about the lore we were asked
about the Lord and when it would be available to be seen and you had posted
something on that well and I took a lot of flack for that it was like referred
to as clickbait that was painful so yeah once I found out from Thomas and and he
let a lot of people know at the same time that the lore was available I took
and made a package that consisted of the link to the lore which I guess we should
talk about that we haven’t talked about that so the lore the film that was done
by Thomas leach call about fens searchers and was the film that we saw
on May 18th of this year of I’m sorry of last year
now where we posted the Q&A Thomas had been holding off releasing that to the
general public until he went I think Shelley mentioned in our last
show that they were still going through the film film festival process he’s
released it now on Vimeo or their vmx which is their monetization channel and
it’s available for $12.99 and it’s yours for life you can watch it as many times
as you want it isn’t that I don’t think it’s a download it’s a access to and
when it came out several people posted the fact that it had come out I put
together a package on a Gypsys kiss that includes the link to the film where you
can buy it it includes the interview that Shelley did with Thomas on May 18th
when we were in Santa Fe it includes photos of that night that evenings event
and it includes a review of the film if you quite haven’t decided whether you
should go to watch it and that’s on a Gypsys kiss the blog and it’s I think
it’s the second blog post down but it’s called the lore is available for viewing
so go to it and not only will you find a link there but you’ll find some
additional information it’s not clickbait and it isn’t making us any
money yeah it goes to Thomas and his crew and pays for it all their expenses
yeah clickbait is somehow I’m benefiting it from it with other than you know you
happen to arrive and let’s see Mary green wants to know if we’re going to do
any video inside of the museum sometimes they have issues and signs up that say
you can’t do photography or videography within the museum so that I have checked
with the museum and I asked them about photography and I am planning to
photograph I don’t think we’re going to shoot video I won’t know until we get
there I don’t think we’re gonna shoot video
for a couple of reasons number one still there’s much more data information in a
still image than there is generally speaking in a video and I and I speak
and I say that from a technical perspective a video is 1920 by 1080
still images you know 18 megabytes worth of data for me that means I can zoom in
much further etc etc we plan to vary in in a way that we did when we were in
Lander we’ll break it down by day by day I don’t know if we’ll be able to post
everything while we’re still in Denver because the images are so big it can be
really really slow but the plan is at this point to to post all the images
that we collect while we’re there of both the exterior and the interior of
the facility so we will share that we do not expect at this point and we can’t
think of a good reason to shoot video rather than still images and it can be a
lot more disruptive as well yeah perhaps don’t bother people right and the reason
is the photographs I can sling that camera around my neck and take a shot
with the video I got monopods at least in tripods at worse it’s got cumbersome
I was in a facility recently where I brought him on a pod and they made me
check that in like nope you can’t do that here mm-hmm Eric Schmidt says happy
new year and he actually hopes that we did video be cross greetings and Happy
New Year thank you bill bill hi Bill know Andrew West first time catching one
of these live keep up the good work thank you Andrew thank you for being
here Ron leak what is significance of the key word of
the poem and what did forced been say about it so the significance of the key
word is that phen has stated that indirectly that the the key word is
important he stated in in Reverse I don’t understand why people aren’t
focusing on the key word I don’t know necessarily as since then
hasn’t told us what the keyword is then the number of possible words how many
words are in the poem 180 something so any one of which could be the key word
we don’t know what the key word is we can guess we can assume and if you build
this exercise that I’m recommending to you you might come up with a keyword
that’s just so obvious I mean waters water could be a key word treasures
could be oh that’s interesting waters and treasures are both plural in
the poem either of those could be a key word but what you need to do is take all
the possibilities for a key word and play it out right create a scenario
where that is your key word because until you do that you you can idea I
think the mistake is going to be when fen has said you know people aren’t
focusing on the key of the word that is key then deciding upon a single key word
I don’t think you can do that I think you have to test each probably noun
rather than verb inside the poem and determine whether or not that word has
the potential to be key and how it is as I was going through this and Shelley
noticed it I didn’t quite noticed it in this riddle but water is definitely the
key word in this and waters is mentioned right a warm water smile in water
specifically yeah so you gotta wonder if you’re going through this exercise that
we recommended in this program whether or not as a result of the exercise you
identified a word that it’s key its key because fam has told us we’re ignoring
the opposite he’s told us he doesn’t understand why people aren’t focused on
that so we can assume a that there is a key word and B that it hasn’t been
identified so one of the questions I believe asked on November 2nd out the
book signing was is the key word within the poem and that I believe is when
Shiloh said that she asked about his stylus
that correct oh yeah yeah yeah yeah so that is being a that question itself is
being avoided by the Fen family yes every question but he did come out and
say that a couple of people have been focusing on a word that is key and they
seem to be the closest to figuring things out so that’s that’s all I know
okay Mary green Ron leak says what is significance of the key word of the poem
what did force oh well she’s repeating his question because she didn’t want us
to miss it and she also says this is one of your best blogs so interesting my
brain is blowing up with ideas well that’s the intention to get some fresh
ideas coming in after this many years so you know we’ve been at this for what
five six years now seven by some people’s count so share this you know if
you think this is an important share with your friends who may or may not be
subscribers at this point so they can start learning in the kind of way that
we we’re and we’re just learning we’re always learning and until we find the
treasure we’re always learning we’re always researching we’re always
reconning and I think it’s important for us to share kind of our experiences so
that you can learn from our experiences and go out and do some of these things
yourself it’s not difficult to do what I’ve suggested today that’s right and
that’s whether you can do it home while it’s snowing us right yeah that’s what
we that’s kind of what we want to do Steve gag Hagin your depth into the
treasure is unmatched have you ever thought about going on other treasure
hunts like the lost mine in the Guadalupe Mountains uh-huh Guadalupe Mountains what’s that
yeah well obviously no but we haven’t thought about any other treasure I don’t
think I want to go anywhere in a mine abandoned mines it’s it’s this is enough
to you know this is consuming pretty much everything we do well we put a lot
of effort into our research we do have other lives of course Shelley has her
family I have the things that I do and so it’s not the
only thing that we do but it’s the only treasure hunt that we’re on and I think
because we’ve invested so much time and effort into it it’s hard to even
consider anything else and the big reasons is can you imagine you know in
our case I started in 2012 in our case six years worth of effort into another
treasure to be where we are which is I don’t yeah that we’re any closer to this
treasure than we were six years ago so so no we haven’t considered any others
we want to focus on this and and I think the prime example is of people going to
other treasures is the search for the treasure the Lost Dutchman mine in the
Superstition Mountains which is now more than a hundred years old and nobody’s
any closer to it so this is enough for us and and I’m an old man and I don’t
have time to focus on other choice just like shop local you know it’s treasure
hunt local you’re in New Mexico right exactly fans in New Mexico so yeah it’s
a little bit easier to stick with this if you tell them to write a GK in front
of their questions I did that oh you didn’t know they’re doing really well
with that Thank You Edward Owen Shelley could you repeat the
different writing tools ideas you mentioned earlier Thanks okay so these
were different types of figurative language and I’ll just read it one more
time there’s imagery said like this the river cut through the canyon before
ambling along the plain so imagery is painting a picture for you
metaphor streams are fish roads so really just another way to look at it
that’s a very different metonymy the wetness splashed upon us so we’re
getting a feel for things onomatopoeia water laps the shore personification the
water cooked my egg simile pools of water reflect like mirrors so
using the word like and comparison comparisons uh and a cynic dose am I
saying they’re innocent a dose or dull sonic Dosher sign Akash I’m sorry
it’ll German going on in there the ship sank in the drink the ship sank in the
drink so so those are great examples of each one of those different types of
figurative language how to translate literal into figured mm-hmm
let’s see Clayton Watson hello Toby and Shelley hello Clayton we mentioned you I
I don’t know earlier we mentioned you several times as not only the searcher
who found the second our second treasure but also the searcher who provided us
this document that we’re referring to today so if you didn’t get to see the
full video make sure you go back and watch the posted version of it because
your your mention thanks yeah BJ Chamblee good work Ty’s happy 18
Thank You Ronald Connelly as I have gone in there this past season and intend to
go again in spring I repeat do you think the Sun never shines on the treasure literally speaking no figuratively
speaking yes Jolla wiki have you had a chance to look at the end of the rainbow
in the first edition of the book fly water if so any thoughts so like
everything else been fens so fen compiled the the his experience is 80
something 70 something years worth of experience into the poem and as a result
of that I’m sure because he read fly water probably both editions and he
mentions in the book and a too far to I’m sorry the third
chase that fly water sits on his shelf and is one you know he reads it often
and that was the first edition the 19 I think 92 Edition um
I think by fence nature he is a borrower borrower of language so when it comes to
some something like the mention of the end of the rainbow in fly water and that
is a reference in too far to walk we don’t know necessarily we don’t believe
necessarily that that was fens invention as much as it was fans acquisition of
that language and incorporating it into his writing so if you see our practicum
has been to this point if I see something that is a reference to
something else that I might have read and I have a copy both a copy of both
editions of fly water there I may incorporate that into future writing
without without any without the Associated context I simply borrowed the
words we think in this case fan borrowed the the the imagery the words associated
with that and incorporated into his own thinking I think we all do that when we
like something yeah I mean the end of the rainbow my end of the rainbow is a
really interesting place to be in terms of describing where your special places
for example paradise yeah exactly mm-hmm rambling Pam Happy New Year Toby
and Shelly always enjoy your videos yay Jimmy Fest is the Denver Museum where
Shiloh said you really should see what’s in the basement and then forced quickly
changed the subject or was that the one Cody that he was yeah I think that was
the museum in Cody rather than the Museum in Denver Eric Schmidt has a
follow up to Jimmy fast question what are your thoughts about dr. H em
Warmington we don’t know who that is so I have no thoughts on him I’m sorry
here’s here’s why I think that Denver Museum is interesting and why it should
be recons and that is Colorado and and this is not
meant to imply that we believe that the treasures in Colorado but Colorado has a
very strong basis of archaeology paleontology anthropology geology and
other ology sciences and a lot of that and what stimulated my thinking in this
matter was not the fact that then mentioned it but I was I was watching a
an old nova program on this discovery that was made by scientists who some of
whom at least the lead researchers were associated with the Denver Museum that
we’re talking about and it was a paleontology chol paleo that’s he’s got
a dick that paleontological discovery that was made in Colorado and all of
that of course is in the museum er Museum and so we just want to go in and
that’s that’s you know families associated with a lot of those things so
we want to go back and see that so hang on I’m gonna have to figure out where
Shelley was in the Q&A here I told him I’m doing a live show right
now I’m hanging up on you okay so it wasn’t important listen is this an
emergency is this urgent no all right so I just
answered the question about why we’re going well it wasn’t quite why we’re
going to Denver alrighty so Alan Gross this or Grosch I’m not sure which this
is so intriguing to me just found out about the poem and the treasure a few
days ago and I’ve been binge watching your videos you guys both have lovely
voices to listen to and then he has a question feni’s said that a child may
have an advantage in solving the poem do you think you may be reading too much
into it in my opinion the initial where warm water salt is the most important
clue and the most vague so then I’m not sure if it’s the most important I am has
said it is the first clue and I think it what makes it important if it’s the
first clue is it gives you a starting point and that’s where the conclusion
that we’ve come to as a result is that it has to be geographically specific so
in that sense it is important because phen has also said if you don’t get the
first clue don’t waste your time stay home and play Canasta was it play
Canasta so we can agree with you and that the second that’s the first part
that was your thing I have and I think other people have given I’ve given the
poem to children and asked them their thoughts about it and it collapses real
quickly it is of no interest to them it is confusing to them these are the same
children that I have taken out on several occasions to to go fishing and
camping etc etc and the issue I don’t I I think fen could have paraphrased that
and agreed with you don’t make a too complex if you see it simply as a child
would then you have a better chance of finding where the treasure is but I
don’t think that means ignore the difference between figurative and
literal language we think the language in the poem is figurative and
it represents the literal and we don’t think ignoring the figurative is we
don’t think saying saying that the language in the poem is figurative is
childlike we think you have to translate the figurative into the literal and I suppose thinking like a child but being
the adult that’s about to find a 2.3 million dollar treasure well and I think
that and I’m supposing that a fen has an idea that children have a greater
imagination than adults and I believe that’s what he’s referring to in this
case is that you have to have a good imagination in order to figure out the
figurative language that he’s using the the other thing about that the child
metaphor that he uses is that there’s some sense that a child’s imagination is
not as limited as an adult’s imagination because you’re going to allow yourself
as an adult you’re going to allow yourself the practicality of I can’t
carry this 42 pound load I have to do it in two trips and a child would see that
concept completely differently than an adult and so I think what he means by
that being thinking like a child is what you said that is allowing your
imagination to expand without being constrained with things like science and
reality and you know children are also very persistent I I taught preschool for
a while and I would play with the children and when they were playing
house boy you didn’t you didn’t stop yeah you know they wouldn’t play all day
yeah and they had their rules and they had their their world set up and this is
where you fit in and they were very persistent about that so I think that’s
another way that they used their imagination to create a world and then
they stick with it and and I go back and imagine or recall my childhood which
didn’t have the little texting machines we had to make up our own worlds in
order which to play and I remember the worlds that we created and they weren’t
space worlds they were very practical cowboy army an army worlds yeah those
are those are what you knew right you had your comic books or you heard
the radio shows or whatever right you build up also so we built our worlds
upon that and the imagination was unlimited you know and or not limited by
reality so maybe that’s maybe that’s closer to what he means rather than
bring a child in on it yeah okay Kyle Lambert have you guys seen the last
email I sent you a while back with the imagery from the poem on a map did you
get that yes we did okay thank you and Timothy outlier how do you test your key
word did we already talked about that uh-huh well we didn’t um we didn’t talk
about testing and I think what you have to do to test it is kind of play out
this scenario that we described here if it’s a key word the implication of the
of the phrase key word is that a key word is something that and I’m just
thinking as a codebreaker here a key word is something that unlocks something
whether it is a a phrase or some sort of code that’s embedded in the poem or just
an understanding of how the poem is constructed so I don’t well well there
are ways to test a key when you’re building a code you you know you can you
can feed it to a computer and it’ll test it for you ad infinitum until a solution
arises I don’t know how you test a key word until you do this exercise if you
already have a key word and you haven’t done this exercise then you have to
question whether or not you have a key word I don’t think like they did this on
water you could pick water or you could pick treasures and roads would run
through this whole thing with each one of them exactly yeah what are you hiding
I mean more and more I thought about it as I
was writing this is treasure the key of treasures the keyword because it’s the
object in this poem that I want to write about so if you didn’t see the beginning
of this program once we post it it’ll and YouTube processes before it actually
posted go back and see the beginning where we talked about how you determine
what the object is the object of the poem is so in my sense the answer to
your question what’s the key word it’s the object in the poem that’s treasures
and now you have to test that now that’s purely hypothetical I’m just
creating an example for you Steve Rempel you have discussed the poem and clues
relating to it having longevity do you think it’s possible that they do not
have the shelf-life we believe they do hence the treasure being there 1,000
years from now oh that’s an interesting question so the treasure will likely be
where it is assuming that it hasn’t been found will be where it is my question
and I don’t know as a matter of fact if you look at a couple of videos a while
back we were concerned about the the length of longevity of that longevity
value of the clues in the treasure we think there’s a point at which just by
the nature of the planet Earth and the people on the planet Earth that that if
you’re describing a canyon down you know and I’ll use Cimarron as an example you
know eighty years ago the road that leads through Cimarron Canyon was a dirt
trail now it’s a two-lane pretty often Lee used highway which creates more
access on the highway plus it creates more access but you know Cimarron now
gets when I was when I was fishing with my father well before I was 11
Cimarron was remote we didn’t see a lot of fishermen there and and it made it
easy for my father to catch the fish that he wanted to him and return them to
the water now you go up there and it’s stressed it’s what I would call a stress
rot waterway so with the impact of time and humanity over time and in addition
to that the geological stresses of earth we we believe that the clues
figure it literally will change therefore the figurative Ness of them
will change as well we do not believe the the way we don’t think the clues
either figuratively or literally have a thousand year shelf-life we think the
clues have hundreds of 200 years shelf life because in 100 to 200 years
Yellowstone is going to be different Cimarron is going to be different the
Rio Grande is going to be there for all of that’s going to be different just
because we’re gonna have a massive amount of humanity assuming of course
that we’re not hit by an asteroid in between them at that time so where the
dinosaurs come back or the tiny source let’s see Kevin stunned says hello from
Richmond Virginia Wow Richmond well I loved Richmond Richmond is a wonderful
old style southern town we used to go down there
to play soccer all the time when I was living in and Fairfax we still live in
Chantilly Virginia so Eric Schmidt is a clarifying for us that dr. hm
warning tunechi on points is what put the Denver Museum on the map oh all
right well we’ll I’ll make it a point Eric to capture in imagery whatever we
can regarding that matter to me the Clovis points are more important because
there are several collections of the close points in the museum I don’t know
where they are I mean I’ve only looked at the map of the museum that’s why
we’re dedicating literally six days to us being there we think there’s a lot to
be researched and we’ll photograph it all mm-hmm and Alan Gross says thank you
for responding my pleasure oh let’s see Andrew West you skipped my
question oops have you guys considered the Colorado National Monument I’m sorry
I did see that and I just did go by the Colorado National Monument no we haven’t
but only because I’ve never heard I’ve never heard that phrase before I don’t
know what the Colorado National Monument is so we’ll have to uh and again we try
to stay away from national monuments because they are so protected so just
even video recording or national monuments have a complete national
monuments as opposed to forests yeah and parks have a completely different
definition of their utilization than do other national or state properties
national monuments like Chaco Canyon for example are very specific don’t dig
holes don’t hide stuff don’t they stop you
think you don’t take anything there’s no sharing it you you we own it and you go
to jail yeah and we own the truck that you drove onto the property with and the
same is pretty much true of a tribal lands they have completely different
definitions that put you in a in a different place so but I don’t know what
Colorado National Monument is shoe let’s see can’t Richard hunter says fin didn’t
say keyword he said two words right key word he didn’t say key word we’re good
is key word that is key so they were split up yeah let’s see
Timothy a car says Shelley you are correct if fin said that imagination
will be what finds the treasure so Andrew West where can you plug in a key
word as a cipher to the poem ooh good one MA
so when I first because of my background when I first got into the search for the
treasure I invested almost a year’s worth of that strategy and concluded at
the end of it both because of my research and friends of mine Associates
of mine Hawaii incorporated into it who had access to computers that that there
was nothing there in terms of a keyword verses or a key word to a cipher inside
the palm so we haven’t done anything with it since home on the range marveled gaze and
worth the cold still baffle me not really question don’t don’t feel bad
yeah so do they everyone else merwin Horner does anyone know we’re forced
Finn had his chemo he was busy in Santa Fe did he’d stay in the state we don’t
know do we guess what chemotherapy Oh chemo I
thought I was thinking like the Kimo theater downtown sorry uh I don’t know
the answer the question I’m assuming that all his therapy took place in Santa
Fe the hospital in Santa Fe is a very good one and I think even back then it
was but I don’t know where he is the process took place maybe some of the
one of the other searchers does all right
Clayton Watson oh he’s talking to Mary green okay I am only offering
speculation but in my solve it is the hint that narrows down many warm waters
halt to the one you need to use all right so they’re talking to each other a
little bit and Jim little suggests that the word that is key is ring bow which
isn’t a word so I’m not quite sure what that means
rainbow maybe green bo-oring bow are I enjoy BOE I don’t know what that is
what’s also not in the poem no okay is that it that’s it Wow look at us oh we
gonna we got we got an interview to get ready for soon yeah all right so what
else I think that’s it we talked about what’s coming up next week we’re gonna
do more analysis on the poem and Toby will be continuing to work on his
stories that he’s going to write as if he were the treasurer and as if he were
fen and I might give that it goes well once I catch up on all the other too
much partying over the holidays so but my my other channels continue to move
along so if you’re interested in watching one of my other channels I have
wisdom included where we share a personal story support advice
especially for women and entrepreneurs and then the softer side which is
relationship coaching for men and I’ve got some great topics coming up soon
this week we’re gonna talk about changing and resolutions and things that
you want to make happen in your life and next week it’s flirting so look forward
to that flirting flirting very good so I’ll need them just to get some lessons
what else so next week we’re gonna do the English 201 analysis of the poem
we’ll be back live next week the following week will there be close
to 1 we head for Denver so we have I think we have two more shows before we
go to Denver so maybe that show before we read again Denver we can talk about
that a little bit maybe do some Q&A yeah and if between now and then if you have
specific things that you know about the Museum of Denver that you’d like to
share with us and say you know you definitely won’t don’t want to miss this
then then go ahead and send us those messages in them in the comments
actually send us an email sentence you know if there’s if there is something of
interest to you like Eric mentioned over Warmington Warmington hm-hm Warmington
if there’s something that you have an interest in that you’d like us to check
out we’re not going to spend our whole day checking your stuff out but if
there’s something that you think might be of interest to us send me send us an
email a Gypsys kiss at and we’ll make sure we incorporate that if
we can into our recon so what else dropping the lower third alright thank
you so much for watching today and for all your questions and comments and
happy New Year to all of you and for a Gypsys kiss the vlog I’m Shelly Carney
and I’m Toby Eunice thanks for watching we’ll see you next week

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