The Riddle of AntiMatter

An international race is picking up speed,
to see our universe for what it really is and how it came to be. According to the standard theory that describes the origins
of the universe, its early moments were marked by the explosive contact between subatomic
particles of opposite charge. Scientists are now focusing their most powerful
technologies on an effort to figure out exactly what happened. Our understanding of cosmic history hangs
on the question: how did matter as we know it survive? And what happened to its birth
twin, its opposite, a mysterious substance known as antimatter? A crew of astronauts is making its way to
a launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. They’ll enter the space shuttle Endeavor
for the 134th, and second to the last, flight of the space shuttle. Little noticed in the publicity surrounding
the close of this storied program is the cargo bolted into Endeavor’s hold. It’s a science instrument that some hope will
become one of the most important scientific contributions of human space flight. It’s a kind of telescope, though it will not
return dazzling images of cosmic realms long hidden from view, the distant corners of the
universe, or the hidden structure of black holes and exploding stars. Unlike the great observatories that were launched
aboard the shuttle, it was not named for a famous astronomer, like Hubble, or the Chandra
X-ray observatory. The instrument, called the Alpha Magnetic
Spectrometer, or AMS, is the brainchild of this man, Samuel Ting, from Massachusetts
Institute of Technology. At the heart of the AMS is a large superconducting
magnet designed to operate in the pristine environment of space. With its intensive power requirements, the
final version was attached to the international space station. The promise surrounding this device is that
it will enable scientists to look at the universe in a completely new way. Most telescopes are designed to capture photons,
so-called neutral particles reflected or emitted by objects such as stars or galaxies. AMS will capture something different: exotic
particles and atoms that are endowed with an electrical charge. Among these are a theoretical
dark matter particle called a neutralino. Then there are the strangelets, a type of
quark that could amount to a whole new form of matter. The instrument is tuned to capture “cosmic
rays” at high energy hurled out by supernova explosions or the turbulent regions surrounding
black holes. And there are high hopes that it will capture
particles of antimatter from a very early time that remains shrouded in mystery. The chain of events that gave rise to the
universe is described by what’s known as the Standard model. It’s a theory in the scientific
sense, in that it combines a body of observations, experimental evidence, and mathematical models
into a consistent overall picture. But this picture is not necessarily complete. The universe began hot. After about a billionth
of a second, it had cooled down enough for fundamental particles to emerge in pairs of
opposite charge, known as quarks and antiquarks. After that came leptons and antileptons, such
as electrons and positrons. These pairs began annihilating each other. Most quark pairs were gone by the time the
universe was a second old, with most leptons gone a few seconds later. When the dust settled, so to speak, a tiny
amount of matter, about one particle in a billion, managed to survive the mass annihilation. That tiny amount went on to form the universe
we can know – all the light emitting gas, dust, stars, galaxies, and planets. To be sure, antimatter does exist in our universe
today. The Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope spotted a giant plume of antimatter extending
out from the center of our galaxy, most likely created by the acceleration of particles around
a supermassive black hole. The same telescope picked up signs of antimatter
created by lightning strikes in giant thunderstorms in Earth’s atmosphere. A European cosmic ray satellite called Pamela
detected a huge store of antiprotons in orbit around the earth created by high-energy particles
striking the upper atmosphere, then held there by magnetic fields that ring the planet. Scientists have long known how to create antimatter
artificially in physics labs – in the superhot environments created by crashing atoms together
at nearly the speed of light. Here is one of the biggest and most enduring
mysteries in science: why do we live in a matter-dominated universe? What process caused
matter to survive and antimatter to all but disappear? One possibility: that large amounts of antimatter
have survived down the eons alongside matter. That was the view of the German-born physicist
Arthur Schuster, who appears to have coined the term “antimatter” in 1898. He imagined
that its opposite charge would allow it to act as a counter to gravity: “Large tracts of space,” he wrote, “might
thus be filled unknown to us with a substance in which gravity is practically non-existent,
until by some accidental cause, such as a meteorite flying through it, unstable equilibrium
is established, the matter collecting on one side, the antimatter on the other until two
worlds are formed separating from each other, never to unite again.” The issue gathered dust until 1928, when a
young physicist, Paul Dirac, wrote equations that predicted the existence of antimatter. Dirac showed that every type of particle has
a twin, exactly identical but of opposite charge. So for every proton, there’s an antiproton.
For every electron, there’s a positron. For every neutron, an antineutron. Within them,
are quarks and their twins, the antiquarks. As Dirac saw it, the electron and the positron
are mirror images of each other. With all the same properties, they would behave in
exactly the same way whether in realms of matter or antimatter. In his Nobel Prize lecture in 1933, Dirac
pondered a larger reality for antimatter. “If we accept,” he said, “the view of complete
symmetry between positive and negative electric charge so far as concerns the fundamental
laws of Nature, we must regard it rather as an accident that the Earth (and presumably
the whole solar system), contains a preponderance of negative electrons and positive protons.
It is quite possible that for some of the stars it is the other way about, these stars
being built up mainly of positrons and negative protons.” Just the year before, the physicist Carl Anderson
had confirmed the existence of antimatter by shooting gamma rays at atoms, creating
electron-positron pairs. It became clear, though, that ours is a matter
universe. The Apollo astronauts went to the moon and back, never once getting annihilated. Solar cosmic rays proved to be matter, not
antimatter. Traveling to every corner of the solar system,
our probes have not encountered any objects made of antimatter. Cosmic rays from the Milky Way are overwhelmingly
matter. If there any large concentrations in nearby
galaxies or galaxy clusters, we should see gamma rays produced when particles and antiparticles
found each other. It stands to reason, too, that when the universe
was more tightly packed, that it would have experienced an “annihilation catastrophe”
that cleared the universe of large chunks of the stuff. Unless antimatter somehow became separated
from its twin at birth and exists beyond our field of view, scientists are left to wonder:
why do we live in a matter-dominated universe? Dirac’s “symmetrical” view of matter and antimatter,
which saw them as equivalent, collapsed three decades later in 1964. The American physicists
James Cronin and Val Fitch examined the decay of a particle called a kaon to its antiparticle
twin. They found that the transformation back to
normal matter did not occur with the same probability. That would suggest there must
be small differences in the physical laws that govern matter and antimatter. To find out exactly what makes them different,
or asymmetrical, would be a big step toward understanding how our universe took the shape
that it did. That’s why physicists are hot on the trail
of antimatter with new technologies designed to give them a closer look at this strange
substance in nature and in the lab. What if there is some antimatter out there,
escapees from the mass annihilation of the big bang still fleeing through the emptiness
of space? The crew of Endeavour placed the AMS instrument
on its perch on the international space station in May 2011. Since then, scientists have been
combing the data for the signatures of antimatter particles striking its detector. If they manage to detect heavier elements
such as antihelium or anticarbon, that would point to concentrations of antimatter in space
large enough to have formed stars, where those elements are created, and suggest that symmetry
may not have been broken after all. Such heavier antiatoms can exist. At Brookhaven
National Lab in New York, scientists recently smashed gold atoms together at nearly the
speed of light. From about a billion individual collisions, its detectors recorded the presence
of 18 antihelium atoms – atoms with two antiprotons and two antineutrons. The explosive potential of antimatter in this
universe has long animated the voyages of science fiction. It’s the fuel of choice for
getting beyond our solar system, and out to the stars. Just to get into orbit, the space shuttle
had to be loaded up with some 15 times its weight in conventional rocket fuel. The energy
contained in antimatter is orders of magnitude greater. In fact, it would take just a coin-sized
portion to propel the shuttle into orbit. Because antimatter is so volatile in our matter-filled
universe, the challenge for scientists is first to create it, then to hold it for enough
time to study it, before it simply vanishes. Even as the shuttle Endeavour glided onto
land for the last time, AMS scientists were beginning to filter through the rush of charged
particles in space. Meanwhile, scientists on the ground were beginning
their own intensive efforts to corral antimatter in their labs. To really find out what happened in that early
epoch of annihilation, scientists will have to understand more about the properties and
behavior of antimatter. They are trying to do this at the giant European
physics lab, CERN. In a little known corner, the AntiProton Deceleration Lab, a group of
scientists is showing that you can actually trap and hold antimatter long enough to study
it. The antiprotons from the antiproton decelerator,
that’s the machine we need here at Cern, come down this pipe right here. And they come into
our apparatus, which is inside this large magnet. This is a very strong magnetic field
to help to confine the charged that make antihydrogen. Inside the Alpha chamber, the magnetic field
holds the particles in place and isolates them from one another. An electric field separates the electrons
and positrons. They are then carefully brought into contact. When two positrons collide,
one falls into orbit around an antiproton, forming antihydrogen. Then, the molecule is trapped by magnetic
fields, like a marble rolling around in a bathtub. Now remove the bathtub, the magnetic
fields. The antimolecule smacks up against the wall of the detector and annihilates,
emitting a shower of particles. So what we do is hold onto them for a thousand
seconds, then release them to make sure they are there. That’s how you do this measurement. That one thousand seconds, almost 17 minutes,
is a major accomplishment. On the atomic life scale, a thousand seconds
is forever. Things on the atomic life scale are measured in nanoseconds or smaller perhaps.
So this is forever for an atom to be trapped. The next step is to hold onto it, see how
long can we keep it around so that we can study it. After all, that’s what we want to
do. We want to study the antimatter, compare it to matter and see if they’re the same. And by study, we mean interact with lasers
or with microwave radiation to see what their structure is inside. How do they behave? Do
they behave exactly like hydrogen? Within the same Lab, the effort to pinpoint
differences is already underway. Scientists working with the ASACUSA detector are trying
to measure the precise weight of an antiproton. These oddball molecules contain one antiproton,
which would normally inhabit the atomic nucleus. Instead, it orbits the nucleus in place of
an electron. It survives microseconds in the detector, but that’s enough for the scientists
to hit it with a pair of lasers. The molecule blows apart on impact, and that enables them
to calculate the weight of its components. We have measured to a precision of nine digits.
And we found that the antimatter, that the antiproton mass is exactly the same as the
proton mass to nine digits of precision. If they find there is a difference, it’s bound
to be subtle. Will it be enough to shed light on why matter survived and antimatter did
not? The differences may lie much deeper in the structure of matter than we’ve so far
been able to go. Scientists are now preparing to throw a new
generation of powerful technologies at the problem. At the Large Hadron Collider at CERN,
they can send atoms whipping around a 27-kilometer tunnel and into ultra-high energy collisions. Looking at the zoo of particles that splatter
onto the walls of the detectors, they are hoping to find differences between quarks
and their antiquark counterparts. One recent computer calculation performed
at Columbia University unveiled differences between quarks and antiquarks when it was
assumed that these particles interact with dimensions beyond the four that define the
universe we experience. Still, its authors wondered whether the differences are enough
to account for our matter-filled universe. Understanding the asymmetry between matter
and antimatter is one of the most important quests in modern cosmology, because it would
help expand, or perhaps even challenge, aspects of the Standard Model. The clash of these opposite forms in the early
universe harks back to William Blake’s poem: “What immortal hand or eye could frame thy
fearful symmetry?” We now ask: what, in the chaotic birth of
time and space, could break nature’s symmetry and set our universe in motion? 2

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  1. The slight imbalance between matter and antimatter is not accidental but the result of fine tuned design.Physical reality is mathematical in structure. Ramanujan's mathematics reveals black holes with double centers, explained away as the two ends of a wormhole. Is it possible for the matter falling into BH are transformed into anti-matter, existing on the holographic wall of the BH, where mass is preserved? If so then the mass of the BH should be twice that of all matter falling on it plus the mass of the sun that produced the BH. Our galaxy has trillions of stars and the BH at the center weighs just as much, WHY?

  2. People! Don't buy this. These people are looking at themselves in a mirror combing their hair and telling themselves how fantastic they are. And their imagination is hallucinating. Conning everybody for there support.(if even one of them we're honest. They would say they are creating jobs for the little mothers babies the people love in their lives)

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  35. The riddle of antimatter was solved by Paul Dirac, in 1928.
    If you want to learn about it, Google 'the Dirac equation'.

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    BTW: Matter is an illusion and anti-matter is nothing more than matter spinning the other way.

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  44. All the answers about Matter and Anti-Matter lay in a Black. Hole.. If I tell you how it works, I will be giving everyone here my Theory(About the Universe's Creation and the Byond) that I discovered in 2008. I can only say… There is a Matter World and Anti-Matter World. In a Black Hole SubAtomic Particles of Matter can Colide with SubAtomic Particles of Anti-Matter. We live in a Matter Dominated Universe. There is also an Anti-Matter Dominated Universe. I will say no more….

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  50. Is it me? Has anyone noticed how similar the cosmic web/filaments are to the same type of structure as simulations of synaptic pathways in the brain? Is the universe one colossal brain and if so, is it conscious? If I had any money, that's where I'd place my bet.

  51. I wonder if all the matter and antimatter thars blinking in and out of existence in the vacuum of space. the energy from the annihilation AR giving off energy right I know that it's very little because they only live for probably a Planck length of time
    the shorter amount of time they live the less energy, for some reason, they give off when they annihilate. Could that energy be mistaking her dark matter or dark energy or gravity or something like that or is it just makes up the fabric of space I wonder.

  52. Sure because of all the matter-antimatter collisions and explosions could have separated the matter from antimatter and the antimatter exists the other half of the universe could be antimatter. I wonder does matter and antimatter attract each other seems like they do but I'm not sure

  53. The best explaination I have heard re Matter and antimatter is by Bruce Cathie Harmonics of the Universe. He says our Universe is not a constant. Our reality switches on and off between matter cycle and antimatter cycle at 144,000 times per second like a sine wave. The two never touch, if they did they would annihilate each other.

  54. We already know why there is no antimatter in large amounts. When the universe was created it's sprayed out in two general directions. You'll have to find the other side of the universe to find the antimatter universe.

  55. We all know Apollo never left earth, something I’m quite sure of, because the firmament is solid, yes that’s right it’s solid, You guys who are making these video are such idiots, you think by altering the truth you can actually sell the garbage you made up?! I got two words for you,
    The earth is the center of creation, we are the image and the likeness of God, there’s nothing else out there!!! the sun is only 3 thousand miles away, and the earth is fixed on Pilars. Yes, that’s right fixed on Pilar’s., these stars aren’t as big or as far as you guys claim, they are within the third layer inside the firmament, the first is the moon, the second is the son, then the stars., You guys are so hilarious, no such thing as other planets, you guys went through trouble for nothing., as we all know you guys staged the moon landings.. lol

  56. Hey everyone, if you like this video you should check out more space and science videos in 4k at

  57. The thing is, who created God so he/she could have created the universe?

  58. It's all about 0s and 1s, + and -, isn't it? Repel and attract. Evade and encumber. I loved hearing that in the very beginning after the mega-bang, that such a small percentage (1%?) formed into matter that became the Universe. In all things in life, it's the energy we put into things that shows us what matters. I love how no matter how deeply you go, how minute them particle, everything is the same. For example, look at our solar system, from a great distance, it looks like an atom. You have universes within you. Our Universe is within Universes within other Universes.

  59. Sheldon Cooper voice: Oké. Then riddle me this. If antimatter is much more powerfull, then that might be a good explanation for fueling the big bang. Leaving mostly matter behind? Or did it? 68% of the universe is made of dark energy and 27% dark matter, which didn't came out of nowhere. So, our universe is only 5% matter. Doesn't sound very dominating to me.

  60. What’s all this about Auntie matter? My Auntie Ada and my Auntie Margaret both matter. They make wonderful pies in square pans, and they are delicious, especially my Auntie Ada’s raspberry pi. Ada and Margaret don’t always get along and when they fight Margaret says that Auntie Ada’s opinions don’t matter.
    If that’s not what you mean by 🍣Auntie matter, then never mind.
    – Emily

  61. who cares, let these scientists clean some trash cans or wipe demented granny's ass. then they'll be doing smth worthwile

  62. The riddle of fooling the public into theoretical nonsense for further funding.

  63. don’t worry the 1% will escape to Mars. before they solve fusion and anti matter these poor bastards will perish with the rest of us

  64. L'antimateria ha intelligenza artificiale negativa generata dalla coscienza universale

  65. The 'Standard Model' predicts Neutrinos have no (0) mass…which is wrong! Neutrinos, do in fact, have mass, and still the Standard model prevails… Which brings us to Non-Standard Models, that rewrite what we think we understand, as clearly, we do not…

  66. @Rob Morland points out a StdModel quandary, yet few know of the Sternglass-Einstein work finding an electron-positron pair can form structures, a meson match their predictions.

    From that consider the first condesations of matter after a bang can•be a neutrino hitting a charge entity being a hyper-viscous fluid to create such a perfect, opposite pair with splatter assumed to be quantum.

    Late 50's, the StdModel still the Copenhagen School.

  67. u-983:q0<=*<+/9H2o>u9: this is the eqasion of Anti=molectuar esumptions of Posimatter and Quarks…this is why there is no Antiquarks in our galaxy.

  68. 1 particle in a billion makes the 100 billion galaxies each one w a billion stars..the rest disappeared…so it had to be 10 to 1000s worth of energy which came from quantum fluctuations ok….and 90% is invisible dark energy and matter as well. That's alot of fucking energy like the last universe worth pushed into a singularity..thing is if we have all those fields and everything like earth sitting in space so is our universe so who knows what's in 4d world lol

  69. But with 95% of the matter and energy dark then this isnt a matter dominated universe.
    My theiry is that its in a hugher demension right on top of us .JUST as the qauntom demension is under neath everything so to is the dark matter and energy on us.
    Black holes could be feedingbthat demension and tmstring theory tunnels through all demensions but we only observe it in purs which makes it seem so weird to us.

  70. Is not antimatter but dark matter that punches holes thru mass. That how mass decays and mass becomes denser.

    Until neutrino is trapped in the neutrino star and get split on poles.

    Neutrino has no space between poles and is 300,000 kilometers a second in cubic. That is called the weak force while dark energy is the strong force.

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