24 thoughts on “The Rising of the Shield Hero Light Novel Review

  1. Also what is anime and manga based on…….. And how tf can the anime have only 25 episodes?

  2. Should I read the first novel first or the show?
    Is the show good in dub or sub?

  3. In the topic of recap episodes: Avatar: the Last Airbender, Re:CREATORS, Kill la Kill

  4. The ACTUAL reason Naofumi doesn't lose is because he has a special shield called: Plot Armor Shield

  5. i like the series because of the shield hero the most, i think hes a nice breath of fresh air compared to other protagonists and i like that, hes kinda pety, hes takes no shit, and actually helps instead of sitting on his ass all the time like the other heros. I think he the reason he is the strongest even though he cant even attack is because he doesn't treat the world like a game he treats it like you would irl, because of that the fact hes stronger the other heros say that hes "cheating" but all hes doing is standing up for himself hes had to cover for those three multiple times like when he got justice for being falsely accused of rape (if i were him i would have slapped the fuck out of her) they even called him a criminal just because he had slaves to fight for him because he cant because hes bound to the shield. the other heros are just flat out idiots period

  6. Iā€™m sorry but thinking of Naoufumi having a romantic relationship with Raphtalia is pretty backwards, since he nourished and raised her. Plus, even though Raphtalia looks like a young adult, she still is a little kid.

  7. if you want a darker turn of revenge for the hero, I recommend Nidome no Yuusha. it's kinda like this too, i think there's also a manga for it

  8. naofumi only the 1 who using brain to fight, other hero using level.

  9. oh crap i just found that this video is over a year old damn i thought you're a wave rider.

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