The Road To Hell Is Paved With Writers

the Rotel is paved with writers by Ryan Gwen Flanagan is currently number one on Amazon's Canadian poetry charts standing tall over such Canadian poetry gah God's like trapper McGee and old Willy one eye and Justin Bieber it is rare such an achievement happens in this lifetime Ryan Quinn Flanagan overnight has stormed into America's hearts as Ryan mania is that at all-time high as we speak he is now taping a special reading on beaver Dan's Canadian Jamboree one of the most celebrated poetry shows in all of Canada Ron Murphy doesn't read poetry where I am a paid spokesman but if I did I would read this book and just the thought of that gives me a tingle downstairs read the road to hell is paved with writers today and don't miss out on Ryan's upcoming US tour yes stay tuned to UTV for further updates and special UTB premium photographs taken by slit cling photographers Scott Simmons who is known for his ability to remain undetected by most all Canadian poets and photographed him and their natural primitive environment pick yourself up a copy today and read this modern-day epic you're welcome

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