The Rousing Poem That Helps Lynn Whitfield Stay Present | Oprah’s Master Class | OWN

I look to my icons, my heroes for inspiration and one of my inspirations is Ruby Dee. I think she is amazing. And I just followed her through her life. I came across this one poem that she loved and I love because it makes me stay immediate. It keeps me kind of in whatever the task of today is and I also think it’s really good for people right now. Anyway, it’s very healing to me. It says, “Today is ours, let’s live it, and love is strong, let’s give it. A song can help, let’s sing it, and peace is dear. Let’s bring it. The past is gone. Don’t rue it. Our work is here. Let’s do it. The world is wrong, let’s right it. The battle is hard. Let’s fight it. The road is rough. Let’s clear it. The future vast, don’t fear it. Is faith asleep? Let’s wake it, because today is ours. Let’s take it.”

22 thoughts on “The Rousing Poem That Helps Lynn Whitfield Stay Present | Oprah’s Master Class | OWN

  1. Oprah I have always admired you and thank you for your inspiration. I wish though that you would do more to expose the truth for so many people who are suffering through illness. People are dying needlessly from cancer 'treatments' and big pharma is behind this. The world needs to be made aware of the awful truth of this silent genocide. There is one amazing man – a naturopath called Dr. Robert Morse (check out his videos on youtube) who is doing so much to save lives and reverse serious illness through diet, nutrition and herbs. He works tirelessly and selflessly to help heal so many people. I pray you will see this comment. People need to wake up to the truth of how they can empower themselves through knowledge and awareness that they can reverse serious illness in a simplistic way. Chemotherapy is NOT the answer and is killing people needlessly…please hear the wisdom and love of Dr. Robert Morse. Thank you. Much love x

  2. The way she read the poem was so beautiful and arresting. I just had to re-watch it

  3. I worship the big O but I won't lie- I was low-key pissed when she ruined the moment with her "Hi YouTubers!" bit. 😒

  4. It brought me to tears, hearing her recite it ignited something in me. This is the first time I've ever heard this poem!

  5. Wow I really needed to hear this. What a beautiful and humble woman. Thank you.

  6. Soon as she began to recite the poem I wondered why she hasn't done a voice over for audio books and whatever else

  7. This was such an inspiring interview. I was captured more than I thought I would be. Not even a big fan of Lynn Whitfield, but it was good for me to hear her story.

  8. I just want to say to Ms. Whitfield, thanks for loving opera! And, that smile they should protect, on "Let's take it" It made her a gorgeous Josephine! She proved one of the most interesting actresses, and not just of an emotion but her feelings came over; was it opera training along the way?

  9. Hi edagdwg love this lady she is a very smart woman look very happy God bless her glad she has a family because 🙏❤️❤️ keeps us were we supposed to be in God's hands and thankful peace Linda j.

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