The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen, author

the running dream is a story about a girl who's a star a track athlete and on the way home from track meet her buses in a terrible accident and she winds up losing her leg the inspiration for the running dream is comes from a variety of places but I think that the tipping point happened for me when I ran the New York City Marathon in this race there there were a lot of people that that we're running with handicaps of one kind or another and I just found it to be very inspiring that someone would come back or pursue this enormous challenge with a handicap I wanted to write a book that represented the situation accurately I found somebody to talk to who had actually experienced this she is a below-knee amputee who's also an athlete but she told me like her fear she would wonder if like a guy would ever like her because she was missing a leg and the things that she went to just as a regular team in in being someone who had this handicap I see it as being a story about overcoming obstacles and I think that it has kind of a universal message to feel like no matter what's thrown at you in life the way that you get past it or through it or to where you want to go is just approach it step by step and you will eventually get there

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