The Saddest Bulgarian Folk Song…

A lamb bleated in Todor’s pen, When the lamb bleated, his whole flock started to bleat. Todor said to the lamb: “My dear horned lamb,
why do you bleat so sadly, that you caused my whole flock to bleat?” “Is it because I haven’t given you enough grass, or because you don’t have enough water?” The lamb asked sadly: “My dear brother Todor, where is my mother?” Todor spoke to the lamb: “My dear horned lamb, early on Sunday morning came three merchants. They offered me a handful of gold and I sold Rogusha to them…” Lamb spoke with sadness: “Do you remember, my brother Todor,
When the Tundzha river flooded, When a chain of bridges tumbled down,
and your flock remained on the other side of the river? You were walking along the banks, crying sorrowfully. My mother Rogusha, she led your flock to the other side…. Do you remember what you promised?
What were the words you said? That you will cover her horns in gold and her hooves in silver… Why did you sell her to those vile butchers? Todor became saddened, sorrowful… He began to play his flute… and while he was playing the flute, tears flowed down his face…

17 thoughts on “The Saddest Bulgarian Folk Song…

  1. if somebody can write here translation, i will be very happy! thanks!

  2. That is the saddest song that I have ever heard! As I listened, I hoped that Todor would buy back the ewe Rogusha, but unfortunately there was no happy ending. But at least this song indicates that in Bulgarian culture maybe animals are appreciated and loved.

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  4. takiva talanti v dnechno vreme ne ne poznavam.Mnogo galko!Naistina li chalgata e po nubava?

  5. This world is full of sorrow. Help others through many ways…. Universal Arrow, Kerala, India.

  6. The song is so beautiful and sad. I think it is not first of all about the sheep but betryal between people. That someone can sell their best friend or companion for gold or money. I love this song but it make tears in y eyes.

  7. hhmmm this is like the romanian balad "Miorita"…only there there are 3 shepherds instead of 3 merchants, the 2 of them try to kill the most kind of the shepherd. the sheep is trying to warn the good shepherd about the murder that is going to happen.

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  9. im bulgarian and how is this even sad if you dont know what htere saying but still it looks quite sad

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