The Satan and Demons

So, we have been learning about spiritual beings in the Bible and I still have a lot of questions about the bad ones. Well, great. Let’s talk about the Satan and demons in the story of the Bible. Let’s start in the beginning. In Genesis 1, God creates a beautiful, ordered reality out of darkness and disorder so that life can flourish. He appoints humans as his representatives to rule over all of it. And seven times God calls it “good”. Yeah, I experience that kind of goodness often in the world in things like beauty, truth, love, and generosity. But in Genesis 3 we meet a creature who is in a state of rebellion against his creator. We are not told yet why or how he rebels. But he is on a mission to ruin God’s good world for other creatures. This thing is trouble. Yeah, this creature is the Bible’s first portrait of evil. It distorts what God has purposed for good; ruining and dragging creation back into darkness and disorder. So the humans join the spiritual rebel which leads them back into chaos and death. From this point on, the human rebellion is interwoven with a spiritual rebellion. The biblical story shows how this happens over and over again. Okay, but wait. We are getting all this from a slithering snake? Well, there are clues in the story that it is more than just a snake. Remember, Eden is a high place where the earth and its creatures overlap with heaven and its creatures. So, the snake could be a spiritual being? Well, Genesis 3 points in that direction. And then, later biblical authors fill in the picture. Like when the prophet Isaiah has a vision of God’s heavenly throne room. He is surrounded and being praised by the spiritual beings. Yeah, these are the cherubim around God’s throne. But when Isaiah sees these creatures he describes them as “seraphim” which in Hebrew means “snake”. Ah, so the snake is like a former staff member in God’s throne room. So why is he talking to the humans? Well, the prophet Ezekiel understood this figure as a spiritual rebel who didn’t want to live under God’s wisdom and authority. He wanted to be God. Alright, that is the same temptation the snake puts before Adam and Eve. Exactly! He says they could rule the world like God, but by their own wisdom. So they are all kicked out of the garden. Yeah, God says this rebel will now crawl on its belly. Where does it go after this? Well, the biblical authors offer subtle clues where this being is at work behind the scenes, animating division and hatred between humans. They also use a variety of images to describe this being. It is a snake, or a sea dragon, or a dark desert creature, or the king of death in the grave. He is also given many titles like “Tempter,” or the “The Evil One,” or “The Devil,” which in Greek means “The Slanderer”. But his name is Satan, right? Actually, no. Satan is not a name. It is another one of these titles which is why, in Hebrew, it has the word “the” in front of it. “The Satan” means “The Adversary” because he isn’t for anything rather. Rather, he is anti everything, working through lies to drag us back into darkness and disorder. That is intense. Now, what about these other spiritual rebels in the Bible called “demons”? What are they all about? Okay. Remember the concept of God’s heavenly staff team, the Divine Council, or the sons of God. In the Hebrew Scriptures, we are told that some of these rebelled too. When did that happen? Multiple times, actually. After the snake comes the rebellion of the sons of God in Genesis 6. We are told that they have sex with women who then give birth to violent warrior giants. Oh, right. The nephilim. These are probably the strangest characters in the whole Bible. Well, strange from your point of view. But ancient readers knew exactly what was going on. The ancient kingdoms around Israel claimed to be founded and protected by giant warrior kings. Who were part human, part God, and filled with divine wisdom. I see. So the biblical authors are saying, “Hey, those warrior kings, they shouldn’t be honored!” Right! In this story, they are portrayed as human rebels who are captive to spiritual evil. Spreading their violence in God’s good world. Yeah, one of those kings in Genesis 10 goes on to build the city of Babylon. Yes, Nimrod, whose name sounds like the Hebrew word for rebel. His kingdom leads to the next rebellion where humans exalt themselves in Babylon. But God scatters that rebellion. And when Moses in Deuteronomy looks back at that story, he says that is the moment when God handed over the nations to worship the rebel host of heaven, the gods of money, sex, and military power. Moses is the first one to call them “demons”, that is, lesser spiritual beings. Demons are spiritual forces at work behind corrupt human power structures Yes, but in the Bible they also work on the personal level. Animating and exploiting humanity’s greed and selfishness, as well as the weakness of our mortal bodies. In the Bible, spiritual evil is at work in anything that drags God’s good creation back into chaos, darkness and death. So, this is why when Jesus arrives on the scene, he said his primary enemy is not human. Right. Jesus and his first followers viewed all the pain and suffering in God’s good world as a sign of its captivity to death and spiritual evil. But they didn’t think this was the end of the story. Right! Jesus knew that the only way out of this cosmic ruin is to overcome evil and death itself, even if it costs everything. You just watched a video in our Spiritual Beings series. This one was on the Satan and demons. Next up is our last episode about how Jesus opens the way for a new humanity to rule with God over heaven and earth.

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  1. Never saw that kind of Satan so far.
    I always saw a demonification of an animal,
    which is supposed to be God's creation.

  2. The snake was lilith Adam's first wife who was his equal. It was not lucifer and if you read the old testament before people started changing it to fake crap. Research the old writings.

  3. Satan or Lucifer was once an angel. He was the most beautiful angel. And pride took over his heart and he wants to be like god. But god didn't accepted it. So god banished Lucifer and his other fallen angels to earth.

  4. I’m writing a paper about the prince of darkness in the Christian bible. Not Christian, just here for references

  5. Wow!! I can't believe the false teaching on Genesis 6. How Satan works is truth mixed with lies.

  6. Great myth. Good movie stuff. Hmm I guess we know where the Jews of Hollywood got some ideas.

  7. Thank you for this video, it was a blessing! I really would like to know why demons had sex with woman, when Jesus said that angels have no sexuality and you can't find in the bible any references to sons of angels their prole… Matthew 22:30:"At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven"

  8. Everything was right but many theologists doesn t agree with Nephils. It says that sons of God had children with daughters of men. That means that "sons" :God's people were married with daughters of man, and man is sinnful in his nature, but God is holy, so Bible tells us that God's people had children with women who were sinnful and they were teaching kids bad things and thats why Bible says"Only evil was on their minds".
    Bible isn t telling that men are good and women bad, it tells us that you have to be careful. And Giants are reffered to the people of the ancient times, people were surely bigger and more intelligent than the people today, there is multiple evidence of giant people, but is greatly hidden in modern science.
    All in all big support of me, great yt channel, God bless you and keep going. 🙏

  9. it never ceases to amaze me out of all the things you can look at on YouTube it's the Christian sites that have the most people arguing back and forth and most of them Christian with different opinions. Opinions. I guess this is why we have 70,000 Christian denominations in the world today. Far removed from the teachings of the early church.

  10. The Warrior kings that you mention, you said were the offspring of heavenly spirits who mated with women on earth, who brought up the Nephilim – Warrior Kings. But you also categorized Nimrod as well, but he was the son of Cush – the son of Ham. I thought all spiritual creatures were destroyed after the flood?

  11. WTF! This is total INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MONSTER LOGIC AND ASS BACKWARDS

  12. Wait, so the Serpent, The Satan was kicked out of heaven for rebelling? Then what was he doing back there conversing with God in the Book of Job? Sure he was goading God into inflicting terrible punishments on to Job, but how and why was he back in heaven?

  13. The jewish sayed he look like normal body but he have eyes on all his bmown body that freaky.

  14. Have anyone noticed that the number of views for this video is 786k in your feed though actual views is 788k?

  15. God a symbol of purity and positivity, perhaps these things arent existing like us but the very cincepts that move us.

  16. From what I see is that humans are God's entertainment. 😂
    He is all knowing, all powerful and present everywhere,
    1. he created humans susceptible to temptation. Now that's lame.
    2. His own angels who he created was greedy for God's throne.
    3. God let his divine creations get tempted.

    Doesn't this seem like God is just playing around with his creations. Now I'm sure the people who wrote these books were all high on some freaky drugs or probably had very good imagination.

    I should come up with my own God and write a book and teach the people, make a new religion and convert people to my religion/cult.

  17. Oh shoot, did I just find an awsome Christian YouTube channel where I can get answers without getting bored?😁👍🙏

  18. Hey Youtbers, Im a muslim and I find this video similar to the stories of the Quran but not exactly the same. In the Quran it talks about the temptation of Adam and Eve in the garden as well as Giants oppressing and dominating Humans. Although in the Quran there is no such thing as fallen Angels only a lesser spirit race called Jinn or in English Demons. Although in islam it should be known that Demons can worship God or live away from God like a human. Devils on the other hand are Demons who are working for the evil one Satan. Who is trying to corrupt Human kind and make them do the worst thing possible worship a false God weather it be a celebrity or statue or star or anything else for that matter. This is the worst sin because God created us and everthing that exists as well so if we were to worship something else besides him this would be a false God because other things do not have the power to hurt us or help us without God willing it. Also if God gave us all we have, our life, our families, food, joy, peace, wealth, etc we should thank him and not anyone else. This made sense to me when I became muslim and I just wanted to share this post with you guys.

  19. The Bible says satan was a cherub, and the strong's says the serpent was an enchanter, one who practices divination.

  20. All Hail Satan!
    Anton LeVay is the true prophet and all other churches are built on faulse gods and superstitious horseshit!

  21. When you say that Satan isn't a name because the text says the Satan, that's not really true because the text also says the Jesus. Jesus is certainly his name and not a title

  22. Their is some misinterpreted information in this video. At 3:40 . Angels cannot reproduce so them having sex with humans is not logical nor is it biblical. The reference verse Genesis 6:2n is talking about the two descendants one that choose to obey Gods word which is Seth and his generation [Sons OF GOD] and Cain who slew his brother [Daughters of Men ], whom is a form of the antichirst. This text is just telling us that Seth being a form of Christ his generation saw the daughters of Cain a form of antichrist [rejecting Gods word by not accepting christ as the lamp with was showcase in his sacrifice], began to multiple.

  23. Actually, one time it is not being mentioned that it was good. It is when the division between the waters was made and between heaven and earth. Where the atmosphere of earth is right now was actually around the earth at a certain height a layer of water which collapsed in Noah's time (floodgates). Before Noah rain, clouds and seasons did not exist. There was one global temperature and enough humidity in the air for all plants and trees. It is believed that it was not being mentioned that is was good not only because of the collapse but because the division between heavens and earth was also spiritual because it was being set apart from God's kingdom so mankind could rule over it. Also the fact that the words formless, darkness and empty are being used, which are the opposite of God, points more or less out that the fall of satan had happened before that time.

  24. never thought learning about what the enemy of God is would lead me to understanding more of His divine plan. The world of the bible keeps getting more real. Thank you so much Jesus! Thank you TBP<3

  25. "The Satan?" Satan is a being. He was created by Jesus Christ. He certainly is "the adversary", but that doesn't make him just an idea, or a spiritual force. He is a being. Does it bother anyone that this entire topic about the bible is explored without ever once actually quoting the bible?

  26. 27. O ye Children of Adam! Let not Satan seduce you, in the same manner as He got your parents out of the Garden, stripping them of their raiment, to expose their shame: for he and his tribe watch you from a position where ye cannot see them: We made the evil ones friends (only) to those without faith.

  27. I appreciate this. This is awesome for my spiritual relationship with God. We must develop the fruit of the spirit or else that (evil) is what will take over.

  28. When there is darkness…there is no disorder…. because there is nothing to disorder….

  29. Why do I feel like I'm listening to a fictional story while watching this?

  30. You forgot Satan was a former angel named Lucifer and the demons were former angels before the rebellion.

  31. I was arguing with a guy who littelary believes that Satan is A Demon. I couldn't convince his dumbass.

  32. No disorder couldn't exsist in a personal abyss of darkness n no if anyones been dragged? it's into this life with it's imposing and painful rules

  33. 1:04 wait! Isn't this exactly God commands throughout the books of Moses?

    Sarcasim aside I guess the Old testamental God is that prevents me from becoming Christian. I do not understand how he could be considered good :/

  34. 1:54 Wow! I am impressed someone indeed realized this parallel! Very good!

    Ok I finished the entire video and must say it is really good! Not just the average evangelical preach with to much materialistic Tendencies but a really good exegesis on the Bible!

    If you still need a German Translator for sub I would do it for you.

  35. These videos are very powerful. I rather watch them then watch tv preachers. I have got more out of them than half the preachers I see.

  36. You forgot to mention whether this is a fictional or non-fictional series of events. Which is it?

  37. I feel like they are going out of their way not to say Satan is an actuall evil being. Satan is not an intangible force, he is a person with evil plans.

  38. The moment I watched this video. I forgot I was presently finished with my lunch and in my livingroom. This message and animation swept me away. Wow..

  39. I was thought that demons were angels that followed Lucifer in his rebelion. Did Satan and the demons rebelled separately? If yes, are they allies now? Who is the ultimate evil, demons or Satan? What does Satan do now, does he rule over the demons or he is just like any other? And if you don’t mind, i would like references from the Bible.

  40. "Holy Holy Holy Is the Lord our God, Who is and was and is to come." Revelation 4:9.
    The Cherubim.

  41. wow…all i can say here is wow…
    so much bullssshit explained stunningly well but with the animated trees and crowns but you forgo ALL the 'distortion' of the old testamant.
    future revelation that 'i gather' ie. the bible written 200AD plus (council of niceaaa) 325AD) means that you are happily ingnoring smitimg babies and calling god's happy world and bible bliss land,
    professionally you should not talk about stuff you really do no have a clue about…this is abusive and dull withgraphic.
    like i said wow….'intense demons and rebels and genesis 6 …fugging grow up!

  42. Maybe its just my dark humor but when the burgundy character knockd cuz wit the roc. I fell out into tears 😂😂😂😂

  43. In 3:30 Can you explain more the origin of women who has sex with demons and give birth to the devils enemy ? I guest she named Lilith ?

  44. This is all Blasphemy they are taking this from the book of Enoch and the book of Enoch is not from the Bible. Don’t believe everything you hear just go and find answers yourself in the Bible

  45. It duality god made himself into duality it’s all the same thing in different aspects of itself etc to learn and experience itself 🙂🙃😊 ❤️ 🐍 ❤️ satan is actually the teacher of knowledge ❤️🐍❤️ Gnostic Knowledge etc …. you wouldn’t know the difference if there was no duality: ie learn about polarity 🤫💕💕💕💕

  46. Angelic forces are those closely related to God.

    They are spiritualized and tend to naturally inspire

    us and lift us closer to Godhead. Daemons are “lower”,

    “lesser”, or “blacker” because they exist closer to the

    material plane, hence their great power over it.

    However, being so close to earth and man, the heaviest

    of the planes, daemons are also more stubborn and likely

    to lead us astray than the angelic forces, hence their

    reputation as potentially negative or “evil.”

  47. Lucifer wasn’t a snake until God cursed him [ He was a walking being ] and the ‘fruit ‘ In Genesis -when Eve eats the fruit – is actually Sex. she has sex with Lucifer land Kain is a product of their indiscretion .

    That’s what I learned

  48. Well, the video is good but, I would ask for an update, I think the nephilim were not the children of the sons of God because there were nephilim after the flood, the children of Anak and Og king of Bashan are some examples.

  49. I like to think that the devil (although mind you I’m an atheist) is like a Pandora’s Box. Yes he brought destruction and death but he also brought change and change is ultimately a good force. Think about it if you had a perfect world of only stasis where you know everything will be the same eternally although good would you want it?

  50. Ezekiel 28:12-17 explains why the serpent was kicked out of Heaven.

    Revelation 12:7-9 Shows his eviction from heaven.

    Luke 10:18 Jesus Christ confirming the account.

  51. I like how you portray the Satan and the Demons in twisted black human forms. They are much better and scarier than the classic red horned devil.

  52. So is this video saying that Giants didn't exist, but rather it was just a Spiritual metaphor and shouldn't be taken literally? (what's in Genesis 6)

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