The Sexual Freedom Project: A Marriage is a Marriage

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VenusPlusX: What do you think of DC? We have gay marriage here.par
On-Camera: Here in DC, I think it’s great. I think it’s uh, a marriage is a marriage
it doesn’t matter if it’s a man and a women or uh, two women or two men, uh I have my,
I have uh, when I got married, uh… In Brazil we have like five, I don’t know the word in
English, when you have best man – is that right?par
VenusPlusX: Uh-huh. par On-Camera: We have five couples inside for
the bride and the groom.par VenusPlusX: Attendants.par
On-Camera: Yeah, and two of mine were gay people. My uncle is, is a gay, my, my, father’s
brother, and I have another friend, so I think it’s, it’s great. par
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