The Songs and Lays of Middle-Earth: A Compilation of Tolkien Poems

32 thoughts on “The Songs and Lays of Middle-Earth: A Compilation of Tolkien Poems

  1. 0:13 – A Elbereth Gilthoniel I

    4:09 – Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold

    11:04 – Legolas's Song of the Sea

    13:46 – Song of the Mounds of Mundburg

    19:46 – Galadriel's Lament for Eldamar

    22:35 – Lament of the Rohirrim

    25:21 – The Fall of Gil-Galad

    27:48 – Lament for Boromir

    33:32 – The Lay of Nimrodel [and Amroth]

    39:06 – Tom Bombadil's Song (one of them)

    42:28 – Song of Beren and Luthien

    48:29 – Burial Song of Theoden-King

    53:58 – A Elbereth Gilthoniel II

    1:00:11 – Gimli's Song of Durin and Moria

    1:04:58 – The Riddle of Strider

    1:08:19 – The Old Walking Song [Frodo's Version]

    1:10:47 – The Farewell Song of Merry and Pippen

    1:13:58 – The [tipsy-Elven] Barrel Song

    1:16:37 – Bilbo's Last Song

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  2. dude. YES. you are the only one on YouTube with a lotr lore songs video. i fucking love you.

  3. It is just amazing how much magic Tolkien brought to music. So much this beauty could be born.

  4. Oh my God this is… this is stunning! I have the extended version of the Hobit soundtrack. Where was this haunting rendition of “The Misty Mountains?” I know this might make me sound like a nutcase, but the imagery of what the elves were able to do in the making of their jewelry and crowns has left me almost in tears. Tolkien was a brilliant writer. I thought the cultures he wove were rich, but this! This stuff is on a whole other level. I am blind and getting hold of a version of this huge work that hasn’t been hacked to death by audio-production companies is almost impossible. If I went for a Braille copy I’d have to give it its own bookcase. I’m not kidding. Haha! Just to give you an idea, the Holy Bible is fourteen two and a half inch volumes. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix is something like nine one inch thick volumes. Thank you so much for posting this. Wording this brilliant needs to be sung in order to give it its full life. Can you tell I’m a writer yet? LOL!

  5. i am converting to Tolkienism. His writings are the most sacred texts written in the last millennium. These songs are surpassingly beautiful.

  6. Looks like christaians songs in church
    Or maybe prays Idk accutly

  7. I dream that someday some episodes of Silmarillion can be adapted to the cinema.
    I hope that then we can represent the landscapes of Valinor and that these music will be part of the soundtrack.
    If it's done well, I think that rarely will cinema be able to get closer to the dream.

  8. I was weeping when the Silmarillion was coming to an end. I was in denial, I didn't finish the book for weeks, It felt like Maedhros, Maglor, Elrond, Mándos, Irmo, Beren, Luthien, and all the rest were my very dear friends. I cried when the last elves left Middle Earth. Like they were leaving it to it's fate, they did there job, and now it was time to part. And I cried again when the book left the rest of Middle Earth. Like it was screening out, giving up on it, I felt myself being torn away, I didn't want to leave.. now I'm back to my reality, and it is bittersweet, but I realize I can just read it all again

  9. Why did 56 didn’t like this? Orcs or people who don’t like human marrying elves?

  10. I think we will never be able to thank you enough for this compilation with these lovely drawings, nevertheless, thank you ever so much and may you be granted with many blessings for uploading it here as well!!

  11. Both my Cats fell fast asleep listening to these, so did my Dog (^_^)

  12. awesome! my eyes are full of tears listening these songs! where can i get the lyrics…

  13. Colin Rudd does the ultimate Tolkien musical interpretations – absolutely masterful.

  14. Absolutely LUSH! Wish I had found it years ago. I have never been interested in software to record You Tube videos, but I'm looking for one now!

  15. BAH "Fall of Gil-Galad" here is the worst, it's not first beautiful and then malevolent as it should be, it's sang as a happy anime poem rather than a ballad about Mighty High-King Gil-Galad. stupid Anois >:( !

  16. this playlist is so, so good ! deep thanks to all the creators !!!

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