The Story of Raindrop Tim and Bobby

‘scuse me feller I think I’d enjoy the fall a lot more if you’d stop hollerin’ how can you be so calm about this?! We’re FALLING!!! *laughing Aren’t you an inexperienced little raindrop? Well.. My cloud never decided to rain before. You’re in for a treat den!! You’re experiencin precipitatin’………..look at you Laughin’ at your own jokes.-!!! you hear that?!
OH DAM WOOOOOOOOO WEEEEEEEE Dat’s a dam alright. Oh Gop of Droplets Preserve my watery soul. Don’t worry fella. Bobby the Raindrop will give you a free 101 on dams. Time to join with our brothers and sisters down at the river!! (glub) (glub) It’s a little crowded her isn’t it? Well~ I guess you can say that :3
-So… Bobby, what happens now?
You see that wall o’er dere? Well, thats called a dam. It keeps us water stored, and in line to be passed through the penstock, aka the pipes.
-Bobby! Bobby! I’m scared!!!
-No need to be scared buddy, this is the fun part. The kinetic energy that we get by rushin’ down the penstock will turn the turbines, which are shaped similar to propellers which are connected to the gernerators Therefore by turnin’ the turbines, the generator collects electricity. Got that? Yeah… I think so.. HEHEHE THIS GON’ BE FUNN
HERE WE GOOOO Now see? Look over there!
-uhm. What is it? Those my friend, are powerlines. The kinetic energy that we were using earlier, we were using it to turn the turbines to create electricity through the generators, rememba? and all that electricity has to go somewhere, So the powerlines are connected to the generator, sendin the power to the humans. Worth the ride huh?
-…. I guess….. but, What happens to us now, Bobby?
-*giggle, Simple. We evaporate And the cycle starts ALL over again :3

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