The Strength of a Soul | Animated Poetry

“Tick tock, your time is up”, said Death most fervently In his bony hand, he produced tattered papers
“Let’s look through your life … shall we?” A cold, terse voice, began to read dead words
shocked with thoughts he could not conceive As though he’d witnessed something absurd
he turned towards me and spoke solemnly With a mischievous grin Death bellowed, “Tell your story… I have half a mind to save your soul, now
begin your tale, I implore you.” I stood up straight to speak as though I had
the gumption Unequipped was I to lie to Death
So I stood tenaciously and took one… long… breath [Exhale] “Unyielding, I stood for nothing less than
I believed I spoke words that men did not credit nor
easily swallow I lived under a broken skyline and drew outside
the lines I grew up in a cold world and gradually became
more hollow My protests of tranquility were seen as ignominious
to some and I dared to think of equanimity My enunciation was so swift and deafening,
my tongue sparked flames late into starless nights, and in death … still, no-one can
extinguish me.” Death looked at me with soulless eyes and
then said nothing more Nodding, seemingly amused, he led me through
heaven’s door “I almost forgot”, he crooned, “this message
is long overdue… of all the human souls i’ve reaped, I wish more were just …. like…

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