The Tonight Show Writers Prank Jimmy with a Telemundo Promo

-Hey, Jimmy, we have
the Telemundo promo next. -Okay, great.
-Okay. -Guys, I'm going to do
a quick promo. -He's doing the promo. -That is our Spanish-language
sister network, and I am warning you right now,
I don't speak Spanish. [ Light laughter ] It'll sound fine, but I have
no idea what I'm saying. [ Clears throat ]
I really should learn Spanish. -Uh, yeah, you should. -In five, four, three… -[ Speaking Spanish ] Why am I saying "despacito"? -It's the town, not the song. -Okay. Can we start again? -Here we go,
in five, four, three… -[ Speaking Spanish ] -So what's he saying?
I thought you wrote this. -I thought you wrote it.
-[ Speaking Spanish ] -Well, if neither of us
wrote it, then who did? -[ Speaking Spanish ] [ Laughter ] -[ Speaking Spanish ] Did we get that? -Nailed it.
-Got it. [ Cheers and applause ] -Is that a roach? -Oh, God!
Ohh! Ew.

27 thoughts on “The Tonight Show Writers Prank Jimmy with a Telemundo Promo

  1. La yúnica medísina jajaja pero buen intento Santiago lo apreciamos

  2. Just sayin' Jimmy but I subscribed to THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON not THE OFFICE ON THE SET OF THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON. Could have at least put something in the title saying it was a sketch. Just plain unfunny. I was confused and thought your show went down the drain; I had no idea it was a tribute to the Larry Sanders show. Come on!

  3. I wonder if he took French in high school or something because it sounds like he’s unconsciously trying to do some French pronounciations

  4. Yeah, real original ripping off The Larry Sanders Show for your fifth anniversary and doing it badly. 👍🏻👌🏻🙄

  5. That was horrible the whole thing was scripted, why are we making fake prank videos now?

  6. Hehehe Jimmy I can teach you Spanish anytime ❤️❤️❤️! You sound it so cute!!! Te quiero mucho!!!

  7. awwww this generation doesn't get the joke?
    garry shandling, folks… the Larry Sanders show… this episode is his tribute and it's fucking awesome

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