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the torch i nagged my mum and dad for a torch huh gone I'd love a torch one of those ones with the black rubber around them oh go on please it was no good I wasn't getting anywhere then came my birthday on the table was a big box in the box a torch my dad took it out the box you see that torch she says it's waterproof that is a waterproof torch waterproof Wow so that night I got into the bath and went underwater swimming with it breathe in hmm under the water switch on search for shipwrecks and treasure up breathe under again exploring the ocean floor then the torch went out I shook it and banged it it wouldn't go I couldn't get it to go again my birthday torch so I got out dried myself off put on my pajamas and went into the kitchen the torch it won't work it's broken and my dad says what do you mean it's broken they couldn't have just broken how did it break I don't know it just went off I don't believe it you asked him a simple question and you never get a simple answer you must have been doing something with it no it just went off just try telling the truth will you how did it break I was underwater swimming with it are you mad when I said the torch is waterproof I meant it keeps the rain off I didn't mean you could go deep-sea diving with it ruined completely ruined for weeks and weeks he nags a stupid that he wants one of these waterproof torches and the first thing he does is record how long did it last Connie how long it lasts two minutes three minutes these things cost money you know money I thought so rotten my birthday talk and the weekend he says we're going into Harrow to take the torch back we walk into the shop bye dad it goes up to the man at the counter and he says you see this torch hmm I bought it from you a couple of weeks ago it's broken so the man picks it down well it couldn't have just broken system han how did it break and my dad says I don't know it just went off surely you must have been doing something with this is the man no no no this is my dad it just went off oh come on system and these torches don't just break down so I said well actually I I was in the kitchen and I got a hard kick on the ankle from my dad I was in the yeah yeah the kitchen and it went off so the man said that he would take it out the back to show Len he came back a few minutes later and said that Len couldn't get it to work either so he would send it back to the makers he left her a new one he says I should think so too says my dad thank you outside the shop my dad says to me what's the matter with you are you crazy you were gonna tell him all about your underwater swimming Fandango weren't you blabbermouth

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  2. It wasn't your fault, it was your dad's. If it can only stand water from the rain, he should have said it was water resistant, not water proof.

  3. Just so you know, he's talking about a flashlight and not a stick with fire on the end of it. British terminology is kinda weird.

  4. how did you manage to ruin a torch in the water when the torch was waterproof

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