the traces of his fingers: a poem | veda

the traces of his fingers still linger on
my skin i can feel them drawing shapes on my body all i need is to feel his breath warms
my ears as his words send shivers down my spine i barely remember how he spoke my name, but
the way it fills my heart with joy still stays i picture his face
and i can feel again but he fades
as does my love he took
my heart and left nothing
but me so,
nothing. Hiya! Thanks for watching. This was a poem
that I wrote. Hopefully you can hear it because I was all quiet and whispering and stuff.
But you know, maybe you couldn’t. Maybe I’ll have to have subtitles and boost the audio
up. There’ll be loads of gain, but sure we’ll see. We’ll see. What am I doing with my head?
I’m shaking it like grrr. But yeah, this was, eh, VEDA. Vlog Every Day April or Video Every
Day April or whatever you want to call it, except I don’t do weekends because you know,
I’m a little cheater. But yeah, I hope you liked the poem. If you did, then there’ll
be more out for you at some stage. Make sure to subscribe. You can click up here so you
don’t miss that. All of my Bookish videos like tags and TBRs and stuff like that. And then you can also check out down here
for mental health and feminism stuff so. I hope you like that kind of stuff. Ehm, thanks
for watching anyway. Really, thanks. And slán!

11 thoughts on “the traces of his fingers: a poem | veda

  1. Loving your poems! Ooh you are not doing VEDA weekends, that is a good idea, I'm exhausted already!

  2. This was beautiful! Seriously, it's gorgeous. I'm rereading it on your description now. I've been trying to get more into reading poetry lately, because I feel like that will help me with writing song lyrics. Do you have any suggestions on poets or poems I should start with?

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