The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn

– I have faith in both of you. I think people will absolutely come after you if you find it. – It’s, it’s fine. They can try and come after us. – [Ryan] What the fuck is that? – [Shane] What are you talking about? – [Ryan] Right there, does
that not look like a box? (heart beating)
(siren blaring) – This week on the season
finale of Buzzfeed Unsolved, we’re gonna be doing something
a little bit different. While what we’re covering
is not exactly a cold case, nor a crime, it is, in fact, a mystery. You see folks, this week we are going to be chasing the
famed hidden treasure of Forrest Fenn. A treasure reportedly worth
over a million dollars and a hunt that has
literally claimed lives. – I want that treasure more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life. – I wanna jump into a
giant pile of treasure like Scrooge McDuck. – Oh, hell yeah. – Let’s do it. Now 87 years old, Forrest Fenn, who has been called a real-life
Indiana Jones by some, built his life and career
on being a treasure hunter. Finding, trading, and
selling precious artifacts from around the world. And in 2010, Fenn announced in his memoir, The Thrill of the Chase, that he had hidden a
literal treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains full of valuable antiquities worth over an estimated million dollars. Also included in the memoir is a poem containing nine clues to
the treasure’s location. A treasure that we are now lucky enough to be tasked with finding. However, since we’re going to be looking for this treasure on behalf of Buzzfeed, that could make legal
ownership tricky if we find it. So we sat down with our legal
team to sort things out. So, Stu, I don’t know if
you know why you’re here. I’ll tell you right now. We are looking for the
treasure of Forrest Fenn. – Got it, got it. – And we wanna make sure that
once we find this treasure, it is ours, not Buzzfeed’s. – Got it. You’re doing this for Buzzfeed right? It’s kind of work for hire. Which means
– What are you talking about? – everything that you do for Buzzfeed, if you find this, it’s
kind of for Buzzfeed. So I would say it’s Buzzfeed’s. Problem is, problem is,
there’s this legal article by John M. Kleeberg, Esquire, Treasure Trove Law in the United States. – That’s a very legal name. – And I’m sorry to report that he says on page 26, “Employees
get to keep what they find “when acting in their course of employment “unless their employer has a
heightened legal obligation “towards the customers, in which case, “the property goes to the employer.” So, I don’t think we have any
heightened legal obligation to customers as Buzzfeed. So I don’t think you
need to worry about us. – Then why bring it up? What are you, what? – I wanted to make you nervous. – Okay, all due respect here, what kind of fucking game are you playing? – He’s not trying to push an agenda, man.
– I’m on your side. I’m on your side. – [Ryan] Now that that’s settled, let’s briefly establish
who Forrest Fenn is. After all, knowing the man, is
believed by treasure hunters to be an integral piece to
finding Fenn’s treasure. In 1950, Forrest Fenn
joined the Air Force, and during his time as a fighter pilot, he had the ability to
travel to historic sites such as Libya and the
Sahara, on his free time. Where he would further expand
his archeological scavenging. – Is this cool, by the way, to do that? – I mean, Indiana Jones, even though he’s a fictional character, went into places and just, you know, grabbed things, put them in a museum. – He did put them in museums though. Is this guy putting them in museums? – Eventually. – Oh, okay, all right. – Okay, there you go. – Yeah, whatever. – [Ryan] By 1973, Fenn had
enough cash and inventory to open Fenn Galleries
in Santa Fe, New Mexico where Fenn lived. In addition to the items in the gallery, some of the pieces in
Fenn’s personal collection include a mummified falcon
from King Tut’s tomb, Sitting Bull’s peace pipe, and a spiritual centerpiece
from Custer’s Last Stand, appraised at $1.1 million. – A mummified falcon? – Yeah, Sitting Bull’s pipe? These are significant pieces of history. – I just want a mummified falcon now. That’s good. – I mean, I could see why
you would be, you know, a fan of a mummified falcon
because you, yourself are a weirdo that collects dead bodies. – I don’t collect dead bodies. – Dead bodies being, uh– – I don’t. – Butterflies encased in glass. – I have a butterfly
in glass and that’s it. Perfectly normal to collect those things. Especially if I put them all on my wall, it’ll be–
– Okay. Defensive. – It’s going to be beautiful. – I hope I don’t end up on that wall. – Keep running your mouth, maybe you will. – [Ryan] During the height
of the gallery’s 17 years of operation, Fenn had 16 people on staff, and over six million
dollars each year in sales. With a laundry list of
A-list celebrity clientele, including one Steven Spielberg. – [Shane] I guess if, if
they’re his things now that he’s stolen, he can just do whatever
he wants with them. – [Ryan] Okay, you gotta
stop saying he stole them. – [Shane] Well, I mean,
I guess technically we’re gonna steal from him, so. – [Ryan] Well, not really, because he’s, he’s offered this chase, and he wants us to take it from him. So it’s more like he’s giving it to us, rather than us stealing. – [Shane] So we’re gonna take
the things that he stole. – [Ryan] We’re gonna discover
the things that he discovered. In 1988, about a year after his father had passed away of cancer, Fenn was diagnosed with kidney
cancer with a prognosis that gave him a very slim chance to survive. However, Fenn beat the odds,
and with his new stake at life, we arrive at Fenn’s treasure hunt. When faced with death, Fenn
was said to have thought about what he would leave behind, and asked himself, what can one person do that might impact life a
thousand years from now. Fenn arrived at the
idea of a treasure hunt that anybody could participate in. Fenn told NPR that he hid the box in the midst of the Great Recession to help brighten the
spirits of those struggling, and in hopes that it might inspire people to explore the great outdoors and the land he loved so much. Fenn says that the chest is in an ornate, antique bronze
lockbox of Romanesque design which is 10 by 10 by five
inches, and weighs 42 pounds. 10 by 10 by five inches,
that’s not very big. – [Shane] But it’s bronze though, right? Copper, bronze? – [Ryan] I’m just saying
it would be fairly easy for us to walk right by it. – [Shane] I’ve got good eyes. – [Ryan] Fenn claims
that this list of items is inside the treasure chest. Ancient figurines, a 17th
century Spanish ring, American Eagle gold coins, gold nuggets, a vial of gold dust, two gold discs, jewelry, including rubies,
sapphires and diamonds, and a 2,000-year-old fetish necklace, his own autobiography, and finally, his favorite turquoise bead bracelet found in a cliff dwelling near Mesa Verde. A bracelet which Forrest has requested to be returned upon discovery which some speculate will
transfer legal ownership of the rest of the treasure to the finder. You know what’s kind of
actually scary to me, is someone could’ve found it,
and just not said anything. And we– – Ryan, I wanna find the treasure, I really do.
– No, but, no, no, no, no, we go to the box, we go to the–
– All jokes aside, I want this fucking treasure.
– No, but if we go to the box. Oh, could you imagine, though, if we find this treasure. We open it up, and it’s empty. And there’s like a little
post-it note that’s like, ha ha, too late. What would you do? – I would start punching a tree until my hands were just bone and blood. (Ryan laughs) I would be screaming. – [Ryan] But where does one start when looking for Fenn’s treasure? As mentioned before, Fenn’s memoir includes a 24-line poem that Fenn has said includes nine hidden
clues that lead directly to the treasure’s location. The poem reads as follows. As I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold, I can keep my secrets where and hint of riches new and old. Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk. Put in below the home of Brown. From there, it’s no place for the meek, the end is drawing ever nigh. There’ll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, your quest to cease, but tarry scant with marvel gaze, just take the chest and go in peace. So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek? The answers I already know I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak. So hear me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold. If you are brave and in the wood, I give you title to the gold. Where the nine clues lie within
the poem is up for debate. But for the most part,
these highlighted sections are where many people
believe the nine clues to be. Clue one, begin it where warm waters halt. Clue two, take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk. Clue three, put in
below the home of Brown. Clue four, no place for the meek. Clue five, the end is drawing ever nigh. Clue six, no paddle up your creek. Clue seven, just heavy
loads and water high. Clue eight, if you’ve been
wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, your quest to cease. Clue nine, but tarry
scant with marvel gaze. And there they are, nine clues. Simple, and yet, according to Fenn, over 65,000 people have
tried to find the treasure to no avail. – So suddenly the odds
seem a little bit slimmer. – Well– – If you’ve got tens of
thousands of people out there. – A couple people have got
the starting location correct. – Mm, hm. – They got the second clue correct. And they were within 200
feet of this treasure. So that just lets me know that if we get these first two clues
right, we’re pretty close. Some people have even moved to the Rocky Mountain adjacent areas to commit to the hunt
full time with no results. I, on the other hand, am
attempting to find the treasure after only one month of hard research. What follows is my final day of research, where I’m joined by Shane
to solidify my final theory. You ready to find this treasure? – I’m ready to find this treasure. – When it comes to solving the hunt, Fenn has been famously
and maddeningly reductive. Saying that the only tools
necessary to find the treasure are the poem, a map of
the Rocky Mountains, and basic geographic knowledge. And to that degree, I have all three. I did bring my big map here, so. – You called this a big map, and uh– – It looked bigger on my desk and online. – Okay, all right. – You know, you could just, I really just wanted to point
at a big map like Walt Disney. Which is the main reason why I did this. I retrofitted this back
scratcher into a pointer. – Yes, you know you can
point at it with your finger just as effectively. – No, but see… – Oh, well now who looks like an asshole? – Me. Um. With clues and hints in hand, let’s narrow down our search area. In addition to the clues in the poem, Fenn has also dropped helpful hints. Here’s a couple of the notable ones. The treasure sits between
5,000 feet and 10,200 feet. So topographical maps are necessary. It’s not in a graveyard,
outhouse, mine, tunnel, or cave, nor is it associated
with any structure. The treasure is located in
either Montana, Wyoming, Colorado or New Mexico, and is at least 8.25 miles
north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Of the four states listed by Fenn, I tend to lean towards
New Mexico or Wyoming. Wyoming because a majority
of Yellowstone National Park resides within that state, and Yellowstone was a place where Fenn spent his formative years
camping with his father. If Fenn were to hide the treasure in a place that had
special meaning to him, Yellowstone would make sense. However, if the treasure chest
was found in Yellowstone, or any national park for that matter, it’s possible that it could be considered abandoned property. Here’s a quote from Tim Reid,
chief ranger at Yellowstone. Quote, “It’s not finders keepers. “You would have to turn it in “and go through a governmental procedure “to lay claim to it.” End quote. So, for me, Yellowstone is out. – Yellowstone seems a little mainstream for him nowadays though. That place might as well
be a Dave and Busters considering how
– That’s true. – populated it is. You would think he’d
want people to go more off the beaten path
into these strange areas where they haven’t been. – If I were to hide a chest
worth over a million dollars, I would want to do so
in a place near my house so I could check on it. And Fenn lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. You don’t get clue one right,
you’re basically fucked. I’ve been looking at the book, I’ve been looking at the boards, I’ve been looking at
other people’s theories. – It’s a little bit like
a needle in a haystack. – He had spread someone’s
ashes on Taos Mountain. It’s weird, every time you think
you’re chipping away at it, there’s another question. Come on, show me a line
right there, fuck you. I mean, from what I’ve gathered,
I don’t think it’s buried. – Mm. – Because that adds legality issues. – Do you think it’s
camouflaged in any way. – I think it’s camouflaged,
I think it’s above ground. (mouth smacking) Pretty low.
– That’s, that’s shit. (Ryan laughing) – We’re probably gonna cut to
some overproduced montage now of us continuing to search. – Great. – Is that the, is that
the time to do that, now? – I think so. – I’m starting to lose it. (exciting instrumental music) After locking ourselves in a room for the final 24 hours of my
month-long journey of research, we came up with two workable
theories, both in New Mexico. And with that, we begin our journey. All right, we’re in the airport. – [Announcer] And we
are boarding gate nine. – [Ryan] We’re about to
embark on a great quest. – Smells like treasure. – I have faith in both of you. I think people will absolutely come after you if you find it,
but fight the good fight. – It’s, it’s fine, they
can try and come after us. (plane buzzing) Landed in Albuquerque. – [Shane] It’s time to find the treasure. – [Ryan] Not yet, that’s,
that’s gonna come soon though. – Oh, okay. – [Ryan] We’ll probably eat, and then find the treasure.
– And then we’ll, and then we’ll find the treasure. – Right now we are on our way
to Red River from Albuquerque. We’re gonna get to our
hotel, and in the morning, we’re gonna hit that treasure track hard. – It’s treasure hunting day. I feel kinda stupid. – Right, you ready to go? I got one last piece here. Dress for the job you want, right? (Shane chuckles) – Yeah. – Well don’t laugh, you
look like Owen Grady. (Shane laughs) From Jurassic World. You happy with that look? – I’m happy with my look, yeah. – Are ya? – Yeah, I’m actually pretty
happy with yours too. – Just think, when they take
our pictures for the paper, – [Shane] Uh-huh. – this what we’re gonna be wearing. So right now we’re traveling to the location of the first clue. Begin it where warm waters halt. Fenn has said that the most important clue is where warm waters halt, since it provides a starting point. And both of my theories revolve
around the same solution to that first clue. Like many on the web,
I’ve landed on warm waters referring to fishing waters in New Mexico due to Forrest being an avid fisherman. One of the types of fish Fenn has specifically mentioned
fishing for is trout. And trout have a
proclivity for cold water. Which led me to the New
Mexico fishing guidelines which actually contains
the phrase warm waters, and lists various rivers,
lakes, and streams that are designated as warm waters. More importantly, these
guidelines pinpoint where these various warm waters turn into trout waters, AKA, cold waters. In other words, these guidelines
give exact coordinates to where warm water halts,
and turns into cold water. From this list of coordinates, I landed on a specific point
in Red River as my solve for warm waters halt,
and our starting point for both of my theories. Now, this area I’m
talking about over here, there’s a little river, called Red River. – Mm-hm. – I guess it’s not that
little, but it’s a river. I think that might be
the starting location. What do you think’s gonna happen if we see fellow treasure hunters? Should we, are you ready for a tussle? – [Shane] I got a knife. – [Ryan] I got these
two bad boys right here. – [Shane] Liberty and Justice? (Ryan laughing) – Locked and loaded. (suspenseful music) Destiny awaits us. – We’re gonna look back on
today and laugh at some point. – I’m already laughing. (traffic humming) They don’t even know. – They don’t know, they just, they’ll be telling stories about this too. Oh, we saw those guys. The rich ones? – [Ryan] Yeah, yeah. – [Shane] I can hear
the rushing of waters. – [Ryan] Ah, yes, here we are, right here. That’s where warm waters halt, and that’s where we begin. – [Shane] So where do we go from here? – Like I said before, both of my theories have the
same solution to clue one, and thus the same starting point. Clue two is, take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk. Not far, but too far to walk, I think that means you have to drive. And take it in the canyon down. – Yep. – So, you have a starting point, you’re gonna be moving
down into the canyon. I assume that means move south. Moving down from where I’ve
identified warm water halting, you reach Butcherknife Canyon, and nestled below that is Moreno Creek. Clue three, put in
below the home of Brown. This road leads to something
called Moreno Creek. You know what Moreno is in Spanish? – Brown. – Brown, baby. Therefore, my home of
Brown, is Moreno Creek. Moreno Creek is easily
accessible by the 38 highway where the 80-year-old Fenn
could have parked his car. Fenn allegedly replied
to an inquiring email stating that he walked, quote, “less than a few miles” end quote. Now Forrest said that he hid
this treasure in one afternoon. – And this is an 80-year-old man. – This is an 80-year-old man, which means even though it’s
not near a human trail per se, it definitely is near a spot
where you could park a car. – Yeah. – All right, so right now
we are following the creek of our first solve, Moreno
Creek, for home of Brown. Right now we’re looking
for parts of that creek that are not private property, and that’s where we could park our car. I thought we’d get a shot of actually getting our
boots on the ground, but– – [Shane] Right now we’ve
just been driving in luxury. – We’ve been driving and
just following the fence. – [Shane] But I don’t think Forrest Fenn imagined treasure hunters just – Driving?
– cruising around in a luxury SUV. – No. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of terrain seeming different in person as opposed to online or on maps. In the case of this first theory, the entire area of my solve turned out to be within private property. What we gotta do, is we gotta backtrack to where warm water halts, and then we’ll take it in the canyon down in a different direction
to our next solve, which I believe to be the true solve. At least according to my research. Granted, what are we but novices in Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt. – Yeah, full disclosure,
we are not good at this. – That being said, I am
confident in this next solve. Now we’re going to the
location of my second theory. – And you’ve got, you’ve got more of a good feeling about this one. – I’ve got a good feeling about this one, because it fits the poem, especially in the latter parts of it. Clue two, take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk. Starting at Red River, we take it in the canyon down using the 578 highway. – [Shane] You really got this. You look like Indy
driving a tank. (chuckles) – Clue three, put in
below the home of Brown. After driving for a couple miles, we arrive at Bear Creek,
the home of Brown. So, it’s starting to come together. You see why I think the
clues fit this geography? – Mm-hm. – I’m not crazy. I’m a little crazy. But I’m not totally crazy. Right now we are out
trying to find Bear Creek. He did mention that the
trail would be obscure, and this is one of the more obscure trails in this area, Bear Creek. Moving to clue four,
no place for the meek. This is admittedly a weak fit, but I interpret this as a
reference to the altitude. Clue five, the end is drawing ever nigh. Nigh, has another meaning. That could mean, on the left, or you know. (mug clinks) – Hey man. – [Ryan] Clue six, there’ll
be no paddle up your creek. I interpret this as meaning
a very strong creek. Which brings us to clue seven,
heavy loads and water high. I believe this to be in
reference to a waterfall. Sure enough, maps of Bear
Creek list a waterfall. So, we parked along the road
and hiked into the forest to hit the roundabout to get to the creek. We are in the thick of it now. – [Shane] This is what it’s all about. This is what Forrest wanted
us to be doing, you know? Ryan, this is bear country. – [Ryan] Yeah, I’m trying
to keep that out of my mind. – What would happen if a bear
approached you right now? – I don’t even wanna think about that. I’d probably piss myself. – Find a different kinda
gold out in these hills. (intense music) It’s dense, I’ll tell you that. I mean, no 80-year-old man is climbing, oh, I see the fence. – No, no 80-year-old man’s climbing this. Although we were able
to get into the woods, the terrain, in my opinion, proved to be too treacherous
for that of an 80-year-old man. And Bear Creek seemed out of reach. Well, looks like that’s a dead end. And thus, we hit a wall. Both of our theories were now up in smoke, and it seemed our maiden
voyage to New Mexico was going to end empty-handed, mired in disillusionment. But in a final act of desperation, we drove to a nearby house to gather intel on another way to find Bear Creek. But what we got instead,
was another theory. We just investigated Bear Creek. We talked to a local because
we couldn’t get into it. We talked to her, and as
we were talking to her, she recommended other hikes
that were down the road. She’s like, there is this one road down, you know, down the way,
it’s a little dirt road, and there is a falls there. It’s right near, you can’t miss it, it’s right near the beaver ponds. – And our–
– And Shane and I, our eyes… – They snapped open. – Home of Brown. – Home of Brown. (exciting instrumental music) I’m fired up again, and I got a case of treasure fever. – Let’s ride. We’re still in the fuckin’ ball game. – We’re gonna get this treasure. – [Ryan] Our confidence
renewed, we quickly set out for our impromptu theory three. Middle Fork Creek, which
like the other two theories, was south of where warm water halts, had a home of Brown in
the form of beaver dams, and like theory two, sported a waterfall. – Beaver! These are beaver ponds. – [Ryan] Beavers, oh wait! – These are fuckin’ beaver
ponds if I’ve ever seen ’em. They might not be, but, they look like. – These could classify as
beaver ponds I would say. – You know what?
– And they said they’d be to the left. – [Shane] Home of Brown. – Home of Brown. – Home of Brown. – By Jiminy, I think we’ve done it. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and this random, unpredictable interaction with a friendly local may have just helped us on the
discovery of a lifetime. Trail head parking, boom. – [Shane] Yes. – Well we are following
this little creek here. And I will say, it’s shallow. There will be no paddle up this creek. – [Shane] No sir. – I don’t think we have
to get into a boat, because he didn’t say anything
about this being perilous. I don’t think an 80-year-old
man is about to hop in a canoe. – Yeah. – I do think it is by water though. He said the treasure itself is wet. Which means it’s,
– It’s wet? – I don’t think it’s in water. ‘Cause he said it’s not in
water, it’s not underwater. But it’s near water.
– Near a water, a fall, a brook. – Fall, possibly. The question is, when have we found it. We’ll have to reach a waterfall, and from there we’ll have
to look for the blaze. Clue eight, if you’ve been
wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, your quest to cease. I’m of the mindset that a
blaze is something that will become apparent when you hit the ground and not something you can find online. Fenn has also suggested that the blaze could be the color white. So we’ve just parked at the trail head. Now we’re gonna follow the river. I believe we are now in, let’s
keep our eyes open territory. The chest could be
anywhere now it seems like. Let’s just follow the water. Keep your eyes peeled though, ’cause if we don’t find a waterfall, we should keep our eyes out for the blaze. There has been a handful of people that apparently have gotten
as close as 200 feet, and they have not seen this blaze. Which to me, means maybe it’s
not like a big rock formation. Because, how do you miss that? God, it’s a 10 inch
box, too, that’s just… – [Shane] You’re for sure it’s obscured? – Nope, and I don’t
think it’s buried either. It just seems so ridiculously impossible. Finding a needle in the biggest haystack. Also keep in mind the distance
of how long we’re walking. He did it in one trip, and it
was probably a couple miles. (exciting music) (water hissing) All right, so we now have
a visual on the first, I guess you could call that waterfall? – [Shane] Yeah. – [Ryan] It’s a small little fall. – [Shane] I mean, the water is high. Higher than a bathtub. – Heavy loads, water high. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, your quest to cease, but tarry scant with marvel gaze. Clue nine, tarry scant and marvel gaze. Fenn has mentioned the
location of the treasure is where he’d like to be laid to rest. So I’d imagine it would
be a picturesque location. So, would this be a place where an old man would want to be laid to rest? – You know what, I gotta
be honest, I think so. I wouldn’t mind being buried here. If I die here right now, I don’t want you to take me home, I want you to leave my body to rot. – I won’t do that. – [Shane] Why? – [Ryan] ‘Cause it’s fuckin’ weird. – [Shane] Uh, the other thing
about this that’s interesting, heavy loads, you’ve
got large, large rocks. You’ve got a lot of fallen timber. – Yeah, well where’s the, where’s the blaze?
– Blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze. – He’s mentioned it’s white. It’s not definitive that it’s white.
– Well, what about this white rock here. This looks brighter than
all the other rocks. (Ryan grunts) – Nope. Seeing anything white? – What about that rock
over there, see that? Cool move. (exciting instrumental music) (waterfall hissing) – Slippery. I don’t see anything under it. – [Shane] All right. (thunder rumbles) Well that’s some, that’s some thunder. (rain pattering) – [Ryan] Oh look at
this, there’s like a… – [Shane] What is that? – It’s like a crystal. – Oh, that’s incredible. – [Ryan] Yeah beautiful. That is a blaze. Look quickly down, your quest to cease. What the fuck is that? – [Shane] What’s what? – That, right there, look. There’s a box. – [Shane] What do you mean, there’s a box? – [Ryan] Right there, look. Is that a box, or just a very square rock? Right here, look right
where my finger’s pointing. – [Shane] What are you talking about? – [Ryan] Right fucking there! – [Shane] Okay, there’s
a lot of shrubbage! – [Ryan] Right there, look. Does that not look like a box? – [Shane] Well, it kinda does. – [Ryan] Right? – [Shane] Yeah. – [Ryan] Holy shit. (intense music) – [Shane] That may just
be a, I don’t know. – [Ryan] That square. That is a very, very square rock. God fucking damn it. (Shane laughs) – [Shane] Oh, ain’t that a mother fucker. – It was under a blaze, there
was a pine tree right there, and it was by the fuckin’ creek. Square rocks, why’d it
have to be square rocks? – [Shane] You got it. – [Ryan] Well, we’re still poor. Let’s go back up. (quiet, inspiring music) (water hissing) Frankly, we’ve been walking
up a very steep grade for the last, I don’t know 30 minutes. This would be the end of
the line for an old man. – He’s a strong old man, though. – But a 40 pound, 50 pound chest. – Oh, right. That’s a lot. – Granted, this does happen
to align with a flowerbed of white flowers, so I don’t know. – It could be a very large blaze. I don’t know if these flowers were here seven years ago, but, so we’re gonna dive on in. Oo, he’s taking his jacket off, folks. – Might as well. (laughs) – Watch out ladies. – Yeah sure, sure. – [Shane] Arcadia Jones is on the scene. – Yeah, I am on the scene. On last hurrah.
– I guess we’ll just fuckin’ dive into this. – Well, kick around for a chest. (laughs) – This feels dangerous, I gotta be honest. I think we may just have to come to terms with the fact that we’re not going home with treasure. – Is that that, then? Are the gold boys callin’ it? We callin’ it quits? – I think that’s that. Though, full disclosure, if we did happen to find the treasure here, or earlier along this trail, we wouldn’t of told you. – That’s true, if we found the treasure, the last thing we would do is publicize it on the internet, so… – This would all be just a ruse. Yeah, let’s hike to the end of the trail. Maybe pretend we’ll search one last place. – Let’s film a fake outro to make it look like we’re givin’ up. – Yeah. (chuckles) – Yeah, I’m really upset that
we didn’t find the treasure. It’s a big bummer. I don’t know how I’m gonna return to my friends and family empty handed. I don’t know, whether or not we found the Forrest Fenn treasure will remain… – Unsolved. (Ryan laughing) – [Ryan] Yeah, yeah we did it. I think they bought it. – Yeah. – They bought it. – What are you gonna buy
with all your fuckin’ gold? – We still rolling? – [Crew Member] We’re still rolling. – Oh, we’re still rolling?
– Yeah. – [Ryan] Whether or not
we found the treasure, at the very least, we
accomplished Fenn’s goal for us, of getting out and exploring the outdoors. This journey has been challenging both physically and mentally. And the quest itself was fulfilling. Whether or not Forrest
Fenn’s treasure is tangible, or, in fact, the gift of
knowledge remains up for debate. Will Forrest Fenn enter the
dirt to join his famed treasure, forever undiscovered. Does the treasure even exist? For now, the mystery persists, and will remain unsolved. – Another championship run
for the ghoul boys, gold boys. – Gold boys, the ghoul boys? I don’t know. – [Shane] Golden ghoul boys. – We have so many aliases at this point, I can’t keep track of them. You know, maybe, we uh, maybe
nature was our treasure? This experience together was our treasure? – I had a good time.
– Yeah. – I thought it was a lot of fun. – I’m proud of us. – Mission accomplished. – We committed. – Yeah. – You could take that
to the bank, Fenners. – Yeah, you, oh, I was gonna call ’em pieces of shit, but I probably shouldn’t do that. – Yeah, you can’t call ’em that. – I admire you! – We tried, we did. – We tried our best.
– We tried. – You’re welcome to make fun of us on your little subreddits. – Yeah, make fun of us all you want. Despite what these outfits suggest, we did take this very seriously. – Yeah, yeah. – For a month. (mysterious music)

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