The Ultimate Advice For Every 20 Year Old

(phone ringing) (phone ringing) – [Taylor] Hello?
– Hey Taylor, it’s GaryVee. You’re on The #AskGaryVee Show. – [Taylor] No way! – Yes way.
– [Taylor] Holy crap. Okay. – Where you from?
– [Taylor] Yeah, sweet. I’m from Buffalo, New York. – I love it,
are you a Bills fan? (Taylor sighs) – [Taylor] Unfortunately yes. – I know you said unfortunately
’cause you’re trying– – [Taylor] We’re not doing good. – Well listen, neither
are the Jets, don’t worry. So what’s going on? (Taylor laughs) – [Taylor] Nothing much. I basically was just
dying to ask you a question. Currently graduated
college last May and I’m trying to
build my own business, brand, hustle,
all that kinda stuff. My question for you
is, and I’m probably sure that a lot of people ask this– – It’s okay.
– [Taylor] The same things. – It’s okay. – [Taylor] How do you get over the stump of you’re
graduating, and you feel all this pressure
’cause you’re trying to build something
but you’re still so young. But you wanna do the
stuff and grow it big. I’m just in a rut and
I can’t get out of it. But I have a hustle and a drive that I know I’ll be
able to build something. But I’m just in this
space that’s not– – I know where you’re at. – [Taylor] That’s not
allowing me to. – Let me help you. The space you’re in is probably the macro, micro issue. So it’s macro patience,
micro speed, right? – [Taylor] Yeah.
– What do I mean by that? You need to be
patient as fuck, Taylor. You’re 22, 23-years-old. Like what do you
think’s gonna happen overnight? – [Taylor] Yeah, I know. – You need to be fast. 7 A.M. to two in
the morning every day. But in the big picture, you
need to realize nothing good is gonna happen
for the next six years. – [Taylor] Okay. Do you think that I should just try every good idea that I think I have and just
go for it all out? Or do you think I should stick
with one thing at a time? – I think the fact that you even asked that question,
that you should taste flirting with a
lot of different things because you’ll be crippled
by the what if if you don’t. Even though
that’s not the perfect formula to build the
biggest short term wealth because you should
triple down on one thing instead of being
half pregnant on nine. – [Taylor] Okay, I like that. – Taylor, let me
tell you something. Let me ask you, the
pressure, who do you? Like are you trying
to prove to yourself, to your siblings, to
your parents, to the world? Who are you trying to prove that you’re successful to,
or that this was the right call,
or you’re gonna make it? That’s what you
have to figure out. – [Taylor] Hmm,
that’s a good question. – What are you impatient for? What’s the problem? You wanna buy a fuckin’ Rolex? What’s the rush? – [Taylor] I feel
like I’ve known that I’m mean to
do something big. – Me too.
– [Taylor] And I grew up in an entrepreneurial household.
– Me too. – [Taylor] So it’s in my blood, it’s in my bones.
– Good. – [Taylor] I feel like I watch all these other
Millennials hitting these huge I guess
milestones in their life– – What milestones? – [Taylor] Then
I’m sitting here. – Let’s break it down.
How old are you? – [Taylor] I’m 22,
about to be 23. – Okay, what
milestone, please give me a Millennial
and the milestone they achieved
that makes you feel like you’re just
sitting in fucking Buffalo? – [Taylor] Well,
I’m sitting in Buffalo, which is one thing
I’m not happy about. But–
– That’s right ’cause it’s home of the Buffalo Bills,
piece of shit team. – [Taylor] Yeah. (laughs) – But before you go there,
forget about sitting in Buffalo, who’s the Millennial
and what’s the milestone that’s making you feel
like you’re sitting there? Go. The truth, go. – [Taylor] Well
honestly there’s people on social media which definitely is not always true–
– Who? – [Taylor] But I watch,
oh god, the only thing on the spot I can
think of is a Kardashian or a Jenner which is
lame, but. (laughing) – Can we talk about this please? – [Taylor] Yeah,
I feel like, sure. – Like you’re telling me
that Kylie Jenner’s fucking trillion followers on Instagram makes you feel like
you’re just sitting there? – [Taylor] No, I feel
like the fact that she’s
already got a business started that’s super successful, obviously that
comes with her fame. – Did you
factor in the fact that her sisters and mom architected something for 10 years while
she was a teenager that she was able to walk directly into,
that gave her a springboard? That she had the
financial capabilities of deploying ungodly
amounts of plastic surgery, and all the other variable
things that she’s been able to do to create that culture,
and that financial benefit? – [Taylor] Yeah. – Did you factor in that her mom is a ninja architect of business
and created that framework? – [Taylor] Yeah and I feel like not many people give
them the credit for that. – I agree.
– [Taylor] I totally think that they built this empire.
– I agree. But what the fuck does
that have to do with you? – [Taylor] It has
nothing to do with me. I know.
– No shit. Remember how I? I don’t know if you
saw this where I said stop looking at
your friends’ shit or whatever the
fuck I put on Instagram? – [Taylor] Yeah. – I don’t know if you saw it or not but it doesn’t matter. Like you looking
at the Kardashians is the most ludicrous horseshit
I’ve ever heard in my life. (Taylor laughs) – [Taylor] Well that’s just
first one that can pop into my when you asked me.
– Great. Listen, we’re here, we’re here. Give me another one. – [Taylor] There’s a
guy in London. I can’t think of his name at the top of my head.
– I’m gonna stop, I’m gonna stop you right now. – [Taylor] Okay. – Let me give you some,
I was gonna say fatherly. I guess my father was 40,
now I’ll give you some massively older
brother, uncle advice. You ready?
– [Taylor] (laughs) Okay, yes. – Every second
you spend thinking about what
somebody else has is taking away from time that you could
create something for yourself. – [Taylor] Yeah. – You’re losing. You’re losing
’cause you’re laying in your bed looking
at somebody’s fucking glamorous photoshopped picture
of them doing something cool. You’re envious,
and you’re jealous, and you’re impatient, and
it’s crippling your upside. – [Taylor] Yeah
’cause that’s where I wanna be and I know
I’m not there yet. – You haven’t done shit. – [Taylor] I know. – So go do shit that
actually gets you there so that you earn
it instead of like you dwelling
that you’re not there and hoping that’s
something’s gonna happen. I don’t know what’s
going through your mind. – [Taylor] Yeah. Well I guess
I’m hustling on the side but I don’t think
I’m doing enough I guess. – You definitely
aren’t doing enough if you have
enough time to fucking consume the
content of a Kardashian and some boy in London. – [Taylor] That’s true. (laughs) – Taylor, listen to me. Taylor, listen. You’ve gotta deploy patience
and you gotta love the process. I’m addicted to the
process of the battle scars, the setbacks, the
lack of, you know. Taylor, I gave up my
entire 20s, all of ’em. Imagine not doing
anything fun or going anywhere for the next eight years,
including Saturday and Sunday. That’s what I did from 22 to 30. Every day I spent 15 hours a day in a liquor store,
thought about a liquor store, built a liquor store, sold wine. Like spent every day. Like this last weekend,
don’t lie to me Taylor, what did you do
this last weekend? What did you do
fuckin’ Saturday and Sunday? Tell me the truth,
don’t bullshit me. – [Taylor] Yeah, no
bullshit, I’m helping my mom right now on digital media
and branding for her company. – Lovely. – [Taylor] So I had a
marketing meeting– – Lovely.
– With one of the people doing that.
– Love you. – [Taylor] Then I also
have coming up– – How much time did
you have for yourself on Saturday and Sunday that
was not working every minute? Tell me the truth. – [Taylor] A lot, a lot.
– I know. So that’s the punchline, right? Now imagine this.
– Yeah. – When I tell you this. You spent more
downtime on not your career this weekend than I did
in my entire 20s combined. – [Taylor] Oh shit, okay. (Andy chuckling) That put things
into perspective. – I think so. – [Taylor] Awesome. – I think so too. – [Taylor] Yeah, I need
to just get to it. – Taylor, you need
to do me a huge favor. If you really wanna
win and you wanna come to New York in eight years, and shake my hand,
here’s what you need to do. You need to stop giving a shit about what anybody
else has and realize that if you put your head down and just work for
the next 10 years, no glamor, no new
fucking car, suitcase, jewelry, trip,
event, no Coachella, no fucking new fucking sneakers. Like fuckin’ work,
you will have it. Every time you care about one of the things I just mentioned, it will slow down
your process of having it. – [Taylor] Okay so
in less than eight years when I’m a millionaire by 25,
I’ll come shake your hand. – I promise you that statement itself made me 100%
guarantee that you won’t. – [Taylor] No!
– Yes. Yes, that’s how this works. Being a millionaire
at 25 when you’re 22, and you’re dick shit,
and haven’t even started is inconceivable unless
you fuckin’ hit the lotto. What’s the romance?
– [Taylor] Hmm, okay. – What’s the romance? I wanna make, you
know how everybody says, “GaryVee, when are
you gonna buy the Jets? “In two years?” and
then I reply 20 years I’m a romantic about the journey and the process which is why
I’m actually gonna pull it off. You’re trying to be
a millionaire by 25. How, Taylor? – [Taylor] It’s just
a goal I’ve always had. – Why?
– [Taylor] Right now with what I’m doing I guess it’s not. – That’s right,
it’s an arbitrary bullshit thing
that means nothing. – [Taylor] Yeah. – Wouldn’t you rather guarantee millionairship by 36 than by doing long
term marathon running versus doing a
bunch of bullshit sprints that guarantees never having it? And I promise you, a funny thing
happens to your self-esteem when you’re 31
and not a millionaire because you’ve been
chasing fast fucking cash, and you’re now six years removed
from not hitting your goal. Your self-esteem
starts fuckin’ with your head. – [Taylor] Mhmmm, yeah. – Listen carefully.
– [Taylor] I agree. – I wanna buy the New York Jets but when I
clarify it to everybody, I want the
process of trying to buy the New York Jets more
than buying the New York Jets. Understand? – [Taylor] Yeah. ‘Cause ultimately
that’s the end goal but there’s a
process behind that. – You have to
understand, I don’t give a fuck about the end goal. I care about the process,
the enjoyment of doing it. You’re not
enjoying yourself trying to get to a million bucks
over the next three years. – [Taylor] No. (laughs) You’re right. – Oh I know I’m right. I’m just sticking
on this right now because I feel like we’ve
gone into this deep enough that I might as well hold
on for a couple more minutes to see if I can
actually pull you through instead of you
just being on this high of practicality for 36 hours,
and then going back to Instagram
bullshit in 48 hours. – [Taylor] I’m gonna
deactivate that shit. (laughs) – No, you need to
learn to discipline, to be able to put it
in the proper bucket. – [Taylor] Yeah. I just feel like I hold myself at this pedestal
only it’s crippling myself ’cause I’m not actually doing
the things to get there. – Of course so you’re
playing a fake narrative instead of
putting in the actual work that’s needed to
actually pull it off. Wishing instead of executing. Then what’s
happen is you’re living a fake world to yourself,
but you know it, which then changes your behavior in the way you
interact with others. – [Taylor] That’s true. – I know. Like for all my bravado now,
I was real quiet in my 20s. People made of
me, like, “You work “in your dad’s liquor store? “I’m on Wall Street
making a 100,000. “I got a BMW.” I’m like, “That’s nice, Pat.” – [Taylor] Yeah. – Do you understand the level of disrespect I have for Pat? Do you understand the level of disrespect
I have for all those 20, 30, 40,
50-year-olds flashing shit on fuckin’ Instagram
with short term moves? I can’t wait for the
fucking world to melt. I can’t wait for all
these bullshit people to get fuckin’ hosed out
when the economy gets shit. – [Taylor] Yeah it’s
’cause they’re short term affording these
things that are flashy but in the long term,
it’s not sustainable for what
they’re doing right now. – Yeah but meanwhile, you’re
admiring the fuck out of them. – [Taylor] I know,
it’s a problem. – No shit, Taylor.
– [Taylor] It’s really bad. – Taylor, you need to
start lovin’ the process, and the work, and the grind. You need to
start respecting people that are like sleeping
with like four roommates and buying their
t-shirts at Walmart. – [Taylor] Yeah, you know what? I feel like I need that wake up. But I feel like I need to hit rock bottom and
have that wake up. I’m too comfortable right now. It’s annoying
the shit out of me. – I don’t think so. I think you’re saying you need to hit rock
bottom because it buys you more time to
bullshit like you are right now. – [Taylor] Hmm,
I never thought of that. – You know what I mean? Like you know it’s not working. You’re just saying, by the way, let me go complete
left field on you. You’re a
22-year-old girl, woman. Like it’s okay to
enjoy a little bit now too. You’ve heard me say
regrets, I don’t know how deep you know
my content, but once in a blue moon
when people ask me the advice for 25-year-old Gary, the answer is go
have fun, asshole. It would’ve been
okay to go to Vegas, or Acapulco, or
like do some dumb shit. Do you know what I mean? – [Taylor] Yeah. I think I’ve had my
fun in college though and now I feel
like it’s time to work. – No, no. That’s the bullshit
PR version Taylor. The reality Taylor is
still fuckin’ in that zone. – [Taylor] Hmm. Yeah. – Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t hold yourself accountable to arbitrary bullshit fantasies. Just put in work and enjoy that. Enjoy eating shit,
and dirt, and bleeding, and the grind,
and don’t give a fuck about what anybody else thinks, why you haven’t done it,
why are you doing that. Have four jobs. Fuckin’ Wendys,
Walmart, your side hustle. Work, train, learn. Don’t think
you’re a digital expert just because you’re 22 and
you have an Instagram account. Show me how much
fuckin’ shit you’ve sold with your digital
social media skills. – [Taylor] Okay. – Do you understand? – [Taylor] No, I do. Yeah. – You’re just completely
in the wrong game and I’m holding you
onto this because you and 99% of the people that are watching
are playing the same game. – [Taylor] I know which is why I wanted to ask the question. – But you’re look–
– [Taylor] I can’t– – But you’re–
– [Taylor] I’m obviously not the only one. – No, you’re the majority
and the massive majority. The question is, you just need
to understand the following. You can trick losers,
you’re not tricking me. – [Taylor] Good ’cause
I want honest answers. – You don’t need
my honest answer. You know you’re not
tricking yourself either. None of us are
tricking ourselves. – [Taylor] No.
– I just wanna remind you that you might be able to trick your Uncle Hal, and
you might be able to trick your girlfriend that was in
your fucking college with you. But you’re not tricking the
winner when you’re bullshitting. Got it?
– [Taylor] Got it. – So even if you’re
posturing, and pandering, and PR-ing yourself, no
winner thinks you’re winning. – [Taylor] Yeah, ’cause I’m not.
– I know. Work. That’s the answer
to all these questions. – [Taylor] Got it.
– Work, learn things, do stuff, try to sell shit,
learn how to make money. Work. – [Taylor] Alright, I will. – Was this good? – [Taylor] Awesome.
Thank you so much. – Can you do me a huge favor?
– [Taylor] Yeah. – Can you email me in 30 days,
and don’t bullshit me, what’s your Twitter
handle or Instagram? – [Taylor] I don’t–
– What’s your Instagram handle?
– That’s fine. – [Taylor] Instagram,
it’s @TheFabulousJourney. – @TheFabulousJourney. – [Taylor] Yeah. – Me, and my whole
team, and the entire VaynerNation is watching. – [Taylor] Oh shit, okay. Got it. – I’m gonna smoke
you out of your bullshit. – [Taylor] (laughs) Okay. – Everybody’s watching. – [Taylor] Okay, I got it. – Do you understand? – [Taylor] Yeah. – I like your blue dress. – [Taylor] (laughs) Thank you,
I got it on sale. – I like that answer. That’s the best thing
you said all fuckin’ day. That’s the best thing
you said this whole time. Listen, slow and
steady wins the race. You’re only
competing with yourself. – [Taylor] Okay. – Got it? – [Taylor] Got it. – Nobody else defines you. Not me, not everybody watching, not your mom, not the
fucking Kardashians, you. – [Taylor] Got it. – You can grind and
be patient for 10 years every day and still be
nine years younger than me and I would trade
places with you. That’s how amazing
having time on your side is. – [Taylor] Yeah,
time’s everything. – So use it. – [Taylor] I will. – Good, see ya. – [Taylor] Thank you
– You’re welcome. (sighs) You keep asking questions, I’ll keep answering them. (rap music)

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