35 thoughts on “The unexpected story in Tamil/Robert Lynd is the author

  1. The prisoners,Epilogue to a human drama,The express writen by stephen spender explain pls sir

  2. Sir….i want the summary of ..on running after ones hat ….plss sir

  3. Brother The Waste land by T.S. Eliot short ah explain painnunga plzz

  4. The moon and six pence…
    And …
    Heart of darkness sollunga brother

  5. Tqqq bro….. Iam having this topic in my syllabus……

  6. The moon and sixpence written by Somerset Maugham…… I need quickly bro

  7. Sir please upload the novel why the novel matters by dh .lawrence in tamil it will be very useful for my exam.plzzzz acccept my request thank you sir ur doing a good job sir.

  8. Bro
    1 fusion music by Ravi Shanker
    2 a speech by nr.narayana Murthy
    3 I love you mom by Joanna Fuchs
    4 digging by Seamus Justin heaney
    5 ozymandias of Egypt by Percy bysshe Shelly
    6 engine trouble by k.narayan
    7 after twenty years by William Sydney porter
    8 two gentlemen of Verona by Archibald Joseph Cronin
    9 the Avengers by Anton pavlovich Chekhov
    10 subramanyan Chandrasekhar by same name
    Nalaikki 3 manikkulla sollunga bro padika kastama irukku so neenga solluratha vechi tha ezhutha poren bro

  9. The time of the ancient marine by s.t Coleridge ,Andrea del Sarto by robert browning , the vision of judgement by lord Byron ennaku exam na please explain anna

  10. very nice bro Wuthering heights_ Emily vronte & Belinda_Maria edgeworth

  11. An old and new school master by charles lamb and sesame and lilies by john Ruskin please explain anna

  12. Bro tq very much naa kekalama venama nu nenacha neengale podutinga

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