The Unfortunate Truth About Chickens Impact on Your Health – with Author Brian Clement

good morning everyone how are you doing here in the New York area it is Saturday wherever you are in the world we welcome you to the second day the real truth about health and this year 2018 so today we're going to talk about a subject that I've just spent the last couple of years working on and that's poultry this is part of the legacy of turning stones that I've actually done over the last several decades I started many years ago with the clothing industry to show you that clothing can drape you and disease-causing fabric that's made out of oil and deadly chemicals we went down to the supplement industry and exposed that over 90% of supplements on the market globally today are in fact highly dangerous to take and may promote and create disease and further your disease we're we're advocates of healthy full whole food base supplementation we went to the fish industry and the fish oil industry and showed you this is one of the biggest frauds precipitated in the history of man on supplements which are actually crazy but fish is even crazier fish oil actually we know for positive promotes cardiovascular arrest heart attacks and stroke we know that it creates cancer we went down to the dairy industry and we showed you that dairy is the number one cause of cancer and in fact creates coronary arrest diabetes and as a young person if you drink it your likelihood of contracting many forms of cancer as you get older go up two to four times isn't that interesting and today we're going to speak about poultry now when I was a little boy growing up here in the United States everyone's aspiration was to have enough money to eat steak so when a family could have steak on the table dad felt he had done his job and mom was happy because she was just in there frying that steak up and little boys and girls were happy smiling at the table and some were around the 1970s a handful of renegades started to question that paradigm they started to say wait a minute how come Uncle Joe died and dad died and marry across the street died and nobody was really willing to look at the truth but they knew that something was wrong as Shakespeare would have said something was stinky in this process so it almost organically governed by the poultry industry morphed into eat poultry because it's not steak and so the mindset globally has become that poultry is a much better choice than red meat and the fact is that poultry has more animal saturated fat then does red meat and that's only the beginning the tip of the iceberg and at one point people would have been embarrassed if they ate a chicken because that meant they didn't have any money I'm not interesting now most of you know how successful fast food industries have been globally and we here in the United States export a lot of things but probably the most notorious thing that we've exported is the fast food industry when I lived in Europe a long time ago I really didn't find that there now everywhere I go there is an American fast-food company smack in the middle of renowned historic sites all over the world and I didn't know that the industry had become so absolutely influential that the chicken selling part of the fast food industry is actually far more economically successful than is McDonald's isn't that interesting did you know that I was really surprised when I started a couple of years ago looking at this so as big a name as McDonald's is there's many many chicken pushing fast-food people that are actually more successful than that so this has been an incredibly successful ploy by the poultry industry that has actually captured the imagination of the mindset of humanity worldwide so that you justify eating these poor little birds because they happen not to be steak now what's really interesting I think part of this has to do with size and when you are an animal food consumer in a way you're a bully isn't it true and bullies don't like to pick on big guys like steers you ever go out and fight it steer how many of you if you had to go and fight a steer for your meal how many of you would do it probably nobody here I'm going to tell you steers are pretty tough but if you're a bully consuming the flesh of another creature chickens are easy to beat up turkeys are easy to beat up ducks are easy to beat up and so in a way they're little so they're not really neat and I think that there's a mindset that goes on like that and you have all of this folklore that goes on around things like chicken soup chicken soup is penicillin what kind of crazy stuff is that like who wants to take penicillin to begin with although penicillin was a great finding I'll tell you mold on a bread so let's explore this a little bit deeper now it's really really really weird when you start to think about how we come to these conclusions is poultry of food and this is what it actually looks like what you're seeing is a conveyor belt when little Chiclets are born and this brings back a whole lot of emotions to me because when I was a little guy right here in the New York City area every Easter every Easter we would get one of these chickling x' how many of you are old enough to remember that and we didn't think anything of it was like a toy for us so every family I knew would go out and get these little chick Ling's and play with him until they died just like the turtle or just like the fish and nobody thought much of it it was just sort of a playmate that you had temporarily and when Easter was over you were disenchanted you were waiting until another holiday came up and something else happened well the most of the poorest part of this is domesticated fowl collectively especially those valued for their meat and eggs as chickens turkeys ducks geese and guinea fowl is the description of what poultry is so look at this immediately when you look up what the name poultry means it's a product these are products they have no concept that these are little creatures that have mothers that have fathers that have a pecking order matter of fact where do you think the word pecking order came from so humans use that all the time why because there is an innate intelligent within poultry that we completely disregard because if we start to think that these little creatures love and they feel they have empathy they have compassion they have intelligence they actually have a hierarchical Society they actually work together then it would be a little bit harder for you as a bully to wring their neck and that's exactly what happens with little boy trickling x' because it's almost always better to be a boy in this male-dominated society how many of you women would agree with that raise your hand this is the one place you don't want to be a boy because if you're a little boy chicklet they kill you so they actually take them and they kill them they throw them in a big bin and they grind that up and they use it for feed to feed other animals and that's what happens to little boy chickens how many of you knew that until I just told that to you so at least two of you three of you in this room and you you're supposed to be the enlightened world why if you didn't know that shame on you because you could tell your family by the way you're ringing in the neck of little chick Lynx so it's really really weird this is what it looks like because when you disarm the entire process by thinking that these are products it's much easier to wring the necks and pull all the feathers out and how they do that by the way you think nobody sits there and picks it like you see in the old movies they put it in a big barrel of acid and that's on that conveyor about what they're doing so going down the row they dip it dip it in acid and all that poor little feathers fall off and sometimes by the way they're moving at that point you may have seen the pictures where when they chop a chicken's head off it still runs around a little bit well that's exactly what's happening on the conveyor belt we are lured into believing fowl is not meat but healthy food this is healthy food you'd have to be out of your mind to think this is food to begin with and healthy food you're really out of your mind that's the point you need to be walked into the insane asylum at that point but it seems like the mass population of the world think this is healthy food recently chick-fil-a one of the most successful fast-food restaurants more profitable listen to this more profitable new McDonald's and they are closed one day a week McDonald's is open seven days a week they're open six days a week they have more stores in this country and now spreading around the world than does McDonald's and they make more money than McDonald's why because there's this healthy food and they know that and they know the mindset of the public and they know what you feel and they know what your sentiment is because you really don't want to change and it's little and you're a bully and you'll kill the thing so here's what they proposed this restaurant promoted chicken as a health food and encourage consumers to eat pounds every day I will repeat what I said pounds for the people listening around the world is for instance at least a half a kilo to aquila so a half a kilo to a kilo of chicken a day because it's going to make you stronger healthier and you live longer now completely the opposite of the facts completely the opposite of the truth but when you're busy and you're working and you're stressed you want to believe nonsense because everyone else believes nonsense and it's uncomfortable not to go along with the nonsense really uncomfortable I don't eat red meat so this is what I hear people say often when I'm lecturing I say you should be a plant-based eater and they raise their hand oh I eat fish how many of you know that fish is not a plant I eat chicken it's not a plant maybe I know that our educational system here and certainly probably in many places in the globe is not good but I didn't know it was that bad I mean you really had to miss the entire first second and third year of biology to think of chickens a plant somehow others forms of animal fares slipped under the radar in the public consciousness but we just completely think it's perfectly fine so words association listen to this one now this really reveals a truth so over in Norway where seemingly you know they have a little compassion they give the Nobel Prize as my wife's country is Sweden does they honor people for dignified things and moving humanity forward here we honor people in the United States for money the guy were the most money he's the toughest the biggest the smartest and always the most corrupt but we honor that we honor that so over the university there they experimented to judge how terminology describing meat would affect people's choices when the word beef and pork were placed on the menu with cow and pig both empathy and disgust were heightened so how about if you went to your local fine food restaurant all over the world where you live and by the way when you are about ready there with all of your family and friends to look at the menu it said by the way you're going to eat a cow what part of the cow do you want the real but x2 the cow then you have to pay more money or do you want the less expensive one around the anal opening of the cow or if you happen to be in the low income high and rest or maybe you want the leg of the cow but they'll give you a cow anyway you want and all at once people got disgusted the same people that walked in parked their Mercedes sipped their fine organic wine and they basically said oh I'm meeting a cow I never knew that I'm 68 years old and I'd never know and I Eve to Cal how about EV you said you're eating a pig that's even worse well when I was young that was called pork line I never knew what a pork line was I knew I loved the taste of it because it was pure fat that's all I knew I used to chew it and I chewed my I think my jaws became bigger because it's you and pork line and can you imagine what that is if you happen to be Jewish or Christian they've actually told you in the Bible not to eat that's not that was 2,000 years ago Gilliland but somehow you forgot that of course you don't eat pigs and you don't eat cows you eat steak and you eat pork line the world is really weird isn't it meet your meat look at that cute little meat we are taught that these highly social intelligent creatures have no feelings or thoughts hmm how come I was so close as a little boy before I was completely corrupted loving the little Chiclets that I was given every Easter that I fell in love with but somehow when he died and I cried and my mother and father said oh that's okay we'll get you another Chiclets so it slowly but surely the scars of callousness went over my heart and I no longer perceived this as a little living creature as I would a brother or a sister I perceived it as something that I played with and something that I consumed but in our house we didn't consume a lot of it because when I was young middle-class people actually had enough money to eat the meat they wanted to eat which was called red meat do you follow we didn't have to eat that low income stuff called chicken now it's completely flipped completely flipped on the contrary they are sensitive to touch these are facts these are not opinions I never give any opinions I give facts that I can back up with my opinion which is always stronger than the fact possess imagination these are tests that have been conducted globally on this I have shown numerical abilities probably they're better than most of you on counting think of that they have perception time perception so they actually know what time of the day it is most often you and I have to carry a watch they probably get it instinctually we've lost that instinct obviously they have memory practice self-control reasoning and logic they use 24 distinct vocalizations so now we know they have a language they communicate with one another not maybe not possibly this isn't Brian's opinion this is something we know for sure so we have scientists that literally have enough wisdom to say let's really look at the social order and the communication between these creatures they have unique personalities how would have you ever around animals how many of you recognize that they have unique personalities now this is one of the scariest things that I found out as an example today's average turkeys wait 29 pounds is 121 percent more than it was less than a century ago so when my granddad or a matter of fact that was a year my dad was born my granddad had gave birth to my father 1929 well it was my grandmother they did that by the way we don't have one of those families that's what a turkey looked like and it was you know a fairly healthy little creature and we didn't eat much turkey here in the United States back in those days the only time that people ate turkey was Thanksgiving and possibly during the holidays drink but very seldom during the holidays it's pretty much exclusive to the Holocaust called the turkey Holocaust that we have in November in this country Canada share is that holiday with us the rest of you don't know what we're talking about that's when we give thanks to slaughtering the Native Americans in this country and possessing their their country here called the United States by 1967 when I was having a lot of fun had long hair and was running around it was the time of Aquarius that's the size of turkeys but here are the babies today look at the size of that Turkey today isn't that amazing and that is really on scale what it looks like now the thing you don't know about it is that turkeys can no longer make love naturally turkeys are incapable and have been incapable for a long long time to make love naturally so all the turkeys that you eat and have eaten in your life pretty much have been artificially inseminated because their bodies are so contorted so out of shape that they can't mount one another so besides not having the pleasure of a long and healthy life in nature they don't have the pleasure of procreation because we choose to make them such a big product now so we can make more money if we're turkey growers I guess that literally they can't make love anymore how many of you knew that in this room how many of you knew that one person so we're we're doing better now we're going down in numbers here and you didn't know it this is really weird to me and how do they get the turkey to that size anyone know they feed them ground-up Chiclets they inject hormones into their body because these ranchers and farmers that grow these poor creatures for product and profit literally literally make more for the pound not what's in the turkey matter of fact they probably inject water into them until they take them to market sometimes I don't know that'd be a fact but I wouldn't doubt it they do all of the rest of the stuff this is an Organic poultry farm that's what you call your free-range that's actually a photograph of a free-range factory farm look free-range to you yeah this romantic idea that there on the hills of southern France or you know in Vermont and we're out in California you know here they are walking around you know kissing each other chicken by chicken and this is a free-range free-range fraud is rampant ramp it but you yuppies aren't gonna like what I say now you better shut down your cameras and computers because you yuppies are gonna say this guy's extreme yeah this guy is extremely correct and you're an extreme idiot if you buy into this that's what I can tell you you're an idiot if you buy into this stuff they call this stuff free-range because they know they can sell it higher amounts to people that are affluent and don't feel really good about the cramped conditions when we looked at this deeply I can assure you that there is no difference really in the overwhelming majority of raising poultry and the normal factory farm the difference is you're paying a lot more money for the same exact thing as you see the factory farm below allows a slight amount of flow through it so they open it up a little bit let the air come through it for this reason the organic poultry industry are self-regulated their way into hearts and minds of yuppies who justify their consumption of birds by thinking they are humanely treated before they are slaughtered to be consumed as clean food how can you call the flesh of a dead animal the carcass of a dead animal clean food how many of you if you saw a dead animal on the side of the road that was freshly killed would ever jump out of the car grab it and eat it raise your hand well good we've gone right down in the number now to zero so we started it to the enlightened and we went to one now we have none none of you really want to eat the carcasses of a dead animal but you do it every day because you got it at the house or when the hell are you gonna wake up yeah more than one little part of your brain that says me me me me me it could be oh oh it's hard you can crack it open oh and you start to see and sometimes you see more than you want to see so here was a colleague and a friend of mine she was scrutinized there's all the great scientists I've ever know have been yet science is a pecking order also not of chickens of something with less intelligent than chickens I think that they establish false truce and basically hold with force truths as academic wisdom and they teach it and perpetuate the false truths and regurgitate it and you're all impressed because they're scientists and the system continues to be the same broken system that we've always had and even becomes more broken well this woman was there screaming 65 75 years ago about chicken causing cancer and she proved it there was no question if you're really interested in the deep science of this most of you were going to have an opinion on what I say and say I'm wrong or maybe he's right but the real scientist out there that are not arrogant that maybe is one fraction of 1% of all of you on the planet Earth the non arrogant scientist maybe really want to see 65 years of research from dr. Virginia Livingstone because when you read her research man you're gonna get on your knees and either cry for being goofy in the past or are you gonna praise her you're gonna say how was it that we missed this incredible fact that she had been teaching us and spent her entire life over 60 years telling us that chickens and turkeys and ducks cause more cancer than any other meat out there so Livingstone spent 60 years researching the health hazards derived from the consumption of chicken ducks turkeys her landmark findings of viruses in the flesh of these creatures that precipitated a wide variety of cancer was ignored by mainstream science and their mega food company allies now who do you think hires food scientist anyone no it's called food industries you think would you ever have a time and even if you have a very successful business how many of you on the planet earth would ever hire a food scientist nobody it's only food scientists go to universities that are funded by the very food companies that they're now going to work for so it's a big cycle a 360 degree cycle and when they get out basically the food companies now have the ponds there they send them out to do bogus research and tell you how wonderful this is and we don't ever use the words hormone rich chicken hormone rich turkeys contort it absurd 120 times larger than they should be turkeys we say they're plump they're plump and we actually have certain companies and I won't name their names that have the plumpest turkeys which by the way have the most hormones in them and they've made laws now so they can pump hormones into these turkeys and then take the first growth generation which is not going to take a year by the way to grow growth generation of the turkeys they're still plump and put organic on the side because they self-regulate they self-regulate nobody's watching this stuff and you're not watching it because you're too busy out spending your money and eating all this wonderful organic food I don't know where the word organic and meat come together that's like north and south east and west it doesn't come together now here's the biggest problem about this if you don't like anything else I said you're certainly acting like this here's what we do know and there is references there to just a few of my choice research studies I probably read something like 3,000 research studies on poultry when I was putting this book together and I make it easy this is not a heady book I make this for the average person because the heady people aren't going to read this anyway they're gonna sit around with their own opinion because they're part of the system but for you the lay public I make this interesting so you may want to look we know the direct link to breast cancer not maybe not possibly we know that if you eat turkey you eat chicken if you eat duck which is really disgusting I liked all meat I never liked duck for some reason I don't know why we know that it causes breast cancer that was only April in 2016 the latest study that I happen to think was one of the better studies in their colon cancer we know that for sure that you want more colon cancer eat chicken great way to get colon you how many of you like colon cancer here oh good we got a real zero on that one we got minus zero on that one if anyone said yes I like colon cancer we'd ask security to take you right out the door that boy leukemia you want leukemia leukemia great that's not so bad nobody wants to leukemia here come on this is like an auction nobody wants to bid at what's wrong with you come on bit a little bit some of you are suicidal you've been eating chicken so why not die of leukemia have a diabetes diabeetus isn't cancer at least you have a shot you may not die you'll suffer before you die with this one your eyes may go bad your limbs may fall off you may get gangrene they may have to exhume your leg that's not such a bad disease as cancer is it and I've had heart attacks that's an easy one come on I must have at least one taker for a heart attack now half of you're going to die in Europe and North America about 50% of us will die in the Western developed world from a heart attack or stroke so you're going to die anyway come on at least one person don't I have one person that wants to have a heart of it and most of you don't suffer from heart the younger you are the better chances you're going to die on the spot now you know why you don't die on the spot when you're older because the body is smarter than you listen to this this is amazing how smart the body your brain is not smart your body is as you get older and you've clogged your body up with chicken fat and turkey and all of this other nonsense in eggs which we're going to get to in a minute by the way your body produces other veins because it says this idiots just clogged up all the veins I can't have blood go anywhere so it actually produces your own body produces without the brain well thank God the brain would say oh you don't need to do that chickens healthy so now it is extra extra veins so when by the way you have a heart attack in your older you have a release valve when you're young and you only have certain veins and blood doesn't get to the brain it's called a stroke when blood doesn't get to the heart it's called a heart attack and could put one of you come on just one of you come on eat chicken you can have a heart attack you die quick at least a young no young people want to have a heart attack here come on raise your hand okay how about obesity some of you look too skinny to me here obesity is not a bad thing I was obese at one point and you know I I didn't die I almost died I couldn't breathe I couldn't walk up stairs and boy oh boy did I like to eat all of this stuff we're talking about today and eggs oh my god every time I had a chance to eat eggs I ate 12 because they were really cheap when I was a kid eggs were like a dozen for 38 cents and so I couldn't afford much of anything so what I did is got a whole dozen an 18-hole dozen of eggs so my grandmother my grandfather bought on both sides my parents they told me how healthy eggs are meant every single morning you had to have a fried eggs wasn't bad enough they were little faecal of chicken in that it wasn't bad enough that they were in fact the fetus of a chicken but now I had to fry them in butter and remember how what happened when you fry them in butter and they touched your mercury fillings oh it was weird yeah this weird feeling in there come on don't any of you want to be at least obese this is not a nut this is not a friendly audience I have here today I was hoping for a friendly audience you know you're really the diehards up here early in the morning to listen to this about brain cancer come on a lot of you really need to replace your brain anyway so you've been eating chicken and turkey and all that come on brain cancer all right the last one prostate cancer this is horrible I don't know if I'll ever come back and lecture the real truth about health to you because none of you want to have one of these is from eating chicken that is really sad to me the next time I come back here I hope now eggs evil health destruction offering comes from the rampant ecoli how many of you know about the and salmonella that have been discovered in ninety percent of the eggs you're saying O'Brien's exaggerating here no Brian doesn't exaggerate Brian happens to read science seemingly alternative doctors don't read science seemingly research scientists don't read their own scientists and that uh science I know that to be a fact when I go out in our lecture to them I quiz them on their own science they all are against what I say but they don't read the science they're against I can tell you that for sure they test it over 1 million eggs around the globe this is not an America khana phenomena this is not only in the United States you know we're so mano focused in America you're gonna hear a lot of the lectures here say AMERICA AMERICA AMERICA I'm happened to be interested in global population yes I'm an American but I'm a human I'm part of the human global population and globally they looked at country after country half of these eggs were so-called organic varieties in some of your countries around the world they're called ecological in Germany they're called bio land in France they're called Bo you know they have all these fancy words for organic and when they test it ninety percent of the eggs over a million eggs ninety percent of them had either a coli or Salmonella or both on it how many of you thought eggs were the real food before I told you that raise your hand at least one of you two of these three of you they're the real food there's a real food if you want to have as pointed out yesterday and my wife Anna Maria's program more breast cancer now that's one study we can point to because when they exhumed the tissue from breast cancer they found Salmonella and almost every single specimen tation that most likely came from you eating organic chicken one consumed egg gives you 230 grams of cholesterol you don't need one grandma cholesterol have a twenty-eight clinic studies were reviewed by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition they said dietary fats from birds play a role in development of obesity and you're being told eat chicken you'll get skinny matter of fact why chick-fil-a try to convince you to eat one or two pounds of chicken daily seven days a week daily seven days a week is so you could lose weight whoa and you say well that sounds better than steak by fattening up the birds and injecting them with antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals they bloat and you buy you ever hear bloating by that's what you do and they're bloating in your by and you're bloating anybody look at that plump succulent tasty moist remember the word moist its moist not dry well mama knew how to cook that well horrible stuff here's what happens you know little tiny girls are no longer little tiny girls at four years old five years old they want to put makeup on they start to grow bosoms now commonly six seven eight years old I had a family in my office about 15 20 years ago the mom and grandmom were there crying and oh my god our little three-year-old must have cancer she's bleeding vaginally and we went to the doctors and they don't say they say she doesn't have cancer and what could it be and and then I talked to the mother and the mother said oh Jess she loves chicken nuggets she loves chicken nuggets well when you put hormones into a boy or a girl basically what happens is they start to mature at an unnatural state a rapid unnatural state so why we now have menstruation that dropped from when I was young from 15 or 16 years old young lady started to have menstruation at 15 or 16 to about 10 years old is because of chickens population isn't that interesting now is this Brian's opinion no I have very strong opinions but I also happen to read science and the science tells us the number one reason for antibiotic resistance the number one reason little girls have menstruation at seven and eight years old the number one reason women have meta pause now 10 years sooner than their mom's is because people are consuming more and more hormones that come from animals and the animal of choice today for you yuppie hippie natural eaters happen to be chicken and I don't eat hamburgers anymore I eat turkey burgers because I'm so smart I'm an enlightened yuppie white person who has money well congratulations for being conned again highly educated cons are even better than the cons for the average person because they really have to go through a whole veneer of arrogance to get to your heart and soul and pocketbook and they've done it let's give them a hand the industry has done a brilliant job bringing you down bringing you down hormones antibiotics and other drugs how about other drugs pumped into these manifests antibiotic resistance premature puberty and early menopause so you want less meta pause you don't want your little girls to have menstruation and like boys at 8 years old then you better stop feeding them stuff that's going to make that happen so advanced glycation end-products did anyone know what that means rage it's called plays a role in pathogenic of renal disorder this is often related the consumption of fel so I may have mentioned and if not I will mention to you now that what we do know is that we anticipate by the middle to end of this century that 50% of the world global population in the affluent nations of the world will have kidney dysfunction all right once again we'll repeat to you what I've just said that very soon 50% of you listening out there if you don't radically shift the way you live think act eat etc will end up with kidney disorder now kidney disorders I hate all diseases but the one I really probably hate right at the top of the list happens to be kidney disorder because when you have kidney disorder you go into a hospital three days a week you get very familiar with the hospital this is if you have good insurance you don't have good insurance this doesn't happen you go into the hospital three days a week you spend 3-4 hours at the hospital on a machine because you no longer have a kidney the functions and we're telling you that what we have is overwhelming evidence overwhelming evidence that one of the major causes of that is not only all meat consumption all animal fat consumption all a consumption but also foul consumption now seemingly nobody wants to acknowledge this because poultry consumption goes up and when I used to go to a health store years ago all health stores were plant-based but now they want to put under the umbrella of health organic animal food so many places I go when I travel the globe to go to a health store and they have the salad bar it's no longer a salad bar it's a carcass of animal bar and an egg bar and because those of you who are non thinkers which is a majority of the population of the world basically because it's under the umbrella of a health store you say it must be healthy so there you go chomp right down on the eggs but of course you're smart enough not to eat the yellow part of the egg you eat the white part of the egg right silly people silly people so we talked a couple of times about acrylamide x' but you'll hear us speak more about that tonight in our panel because yesterday showed you and you may want to if you didn't tune in yesterday or you weren't here you may want to look at that it's already up on the real truth about health I talked about the three things we know for sure when you cook a food not maybe not possibly once leukocytosis one is heating fats and the other are acrylamide so beyond the fact that we're eating chicken I never ate a raw chicken even though I ate lots of meat in my life I never heard of raw chicken I've heard of raw fish I've heard of raw steak but I haven't heard of raw chicken have you okay nobody eats raw chicken so you always cook it right so besides the chicken having antibiotics having chemicals giving you the weird hormones that they have in it etc now you're gonna cook it and you're gonna give yourself more cancer with it isn't that great this is like one-stop shopping you can have kidney disorder you can have obesity you can have breast cancer you could have brain cancer diabeetus you can write you don't even have to do anything else wrong just eat chicken acrylamide is a well-established carcinogen presents itself when frying chicken and other meats this krill amides introduce oxidative stress also degradation and effects conception so I'm working all of the time with young married couples from around the world that are saying I've tried for five years I've tried for ten years can't have babies now the only good part of that story is they keep trying and that part's fun but they don't have babies at the end of it and we now estimate that one third of the young married couples who were attempting our babies can't and we came up with a new whole sub set of medicine called what fertility medicine so now they're experimenting with hormones on humans because humans can't have babies because they've eaten hormones and animals and let me repeat what I just said to you so the overwhelming number one reason why young people can no longer have babies and it's getting worse and worse and worse and worse and we're the number one reason there's many reasons I don't have the time to speak about cell phones in here and all of it but you know everything but the truth number one reason is because we eat animals with hormones our hormones go wacky when our hormones go wacky sperm and eggs don't produce the way they should can't have babies and what do we do when that doesn't happen we now give you hormones really smart idea let's give them a hand for that brilliance come on what's wrong you don't go along with this program I don't know what's wrong with you guys I thought New Yorkers were smart I really thought you guys were the smart people here in the United States huh maybe not maybe I gotta go to California they probably to a standing ovation when I did that one meet science studies yes they actually study meat and every once in a while we actually capture truth out of that because usually they suppress this information they don't want you to know what inside of the culture of a poultry industry does so in their studies they show that pan-fry duck isn't that sounding like something you've heard at an Asian restaurant come in have pan-fried duck not at one point I would have thought gee that sounds delicious pan-fried duck they're actually telling you what it is and you don't regurgitate the breast of the duck create a type of cancer that's unique to duck only this is like duck cancer you know so if you want you could be the only one on your block that gets this kind of cancer wouldn't that be nice you could say hey you know what do you have oh I have breast cancer well I have a CH a a and the public wouldn't know it because you ate duck that you got that which is a serious cancer-causing element how many of you knew that I didn't until I wrote this book it's so funny I always think I know a lot about a subject until I start to study it then I realize I should have studied it a lot longer a lot before look at that little duckling there egg consumption more eggs produce more breast cancer I look at that one headline where is it the Journal of breast cancer this isn't like the hippie Journal of let's do alternative medicine and go against the medical profession this is the breast cancer Journal the number one journal worldwide on breast cancer if you're a breast cancer guy you basically read that journal every day and they say more eggs produce more breast cancer this is in 2014 the analysis of 13 separate studies this is called a mate a meta-study remember last night we those of you that listen I said Anna and I don't like to read studies unless they're meta studies several people did studies and then you see the one strain of truth because every studies pretty much bias and paid for by some industry but if you read thirteen studies and they all say this one particular thing bingo that's real at that point this is what the studies wrote results show that egg consumption was associated with increased breast cancer risk for those consuming five eggs or more a week a week you eat one cake it has ten eggs in it one cake you don't even know cakes have eggs in it how come you have to get vegan cake how come eggs were moist and puffed up you know they puff up because you put eggs in there they puff up and become moist because of that and even when they make the donuts for you vegans who don't give up junk food your junk food vegans you're basically putting a substitute for eggs in their puff it up because you're so used to muffins being puffy with eggs in them you don't even get it five eggs a week you increase the breast cancer now I don't know how many of you listening around the world but I never stopped at five eggs a week again I was eating 10 and 12 eggs in the city sometimes how many of you here in the auditorium we relate to that well that's it most people consume five eggs in a meal now immunity is compromised when birds are consumed with a virus Micra see and when you start to look at all these vassilis the fungi that resist in the cell and tissue of these creatures that people choose to consume so what we know is every single creature that's in the flesh of the animal is now transmitted into your body so many many many many people in fact end up with not only the bacteria that comes from this and the viruses that my good friend dr. livingstone proved cause cancer but you end up with amoebas you end up with parasites and even after cooking it many of these things are still present it's not amazing and why do you think the big thing is when you're making chicken you've got to clean your cutting board how many of you haven't heard that you don't know that yeah even if you're a vegan you've heard that before why because all of these little bugs and these are actually what they look like so take a look at what you're ingesting there and touching and remember the Salmonella and e-coli we spoke about 90% of the eggs tested over a million eggs globally that's their you don't even have to eat the things just touch them and rub your nose you won't worry about the flu at that point believe me you won't be around to have a flu keep doing that enough that's what they look like they're how about campi bacteria bacteria is found in over 90% of the birds very very very common 90% of birds by the way have this campi bacteria in it it's in their egg this not only creates food poisoning but can lead to reactive arthritis the bloodstream infection bacterium as well as nerve disorder how many of you know about that syndrome have you ever seen anyone with that syndrome you get paralysis so people walk around they can't talk part of their lip is hanging down part of the it's like a paralysis of the face and where does it come from we know where it comes from it comes from campi bacteria that's in 90% of all the birds tested globally consistently by the way that testings been going on for his long back as they've done it before I was born before anyone of this room was born and by the way they always find 90% of this campi bacterium and when you go to the doctor what's the doctor do well we don't know why you got sick you must pick something up what did you pick up you picked up a chicken wing you picked up the leg of a chicken hmm picked up the breast of the chicken wealthy people you got only eat the breast of the chicken yeah get over it people get over this so we're gonna move on to the next slide presentation but in fact allow birds to be birds and your body to be without burdens there's no need to consume the flesh of a flying creature those of you that still think that you you bullies that still think you have to go out as men and capture the necks of a bird and crack it and bring home the fowl to your family become men bring your cell phone bring love bring harmony bring peace bring food bring love don't bring insecurity we continue to perpetuate insecurity guess what we're going to have perpetual insecurity and that's all I can say you know when people start to love themself enough they're actually going to love themself enough to eat the right food they're going to love themself to harmonize with nature they're going to love themselves to do the right thing and until you're willing and ready to love yourself you're always going to find yourself in this merry-go-round of craziness that we call modern humanity is this what you really want to be part of people although everyone else is going along in that merry-go-round and riding their different horse I want the horse I want the elephant I want the zebra I'll jump on top of that you don't have to do that you're gonna actually jump off the Maricopa merry-go-round when you jump off the merry-go-round you can actually watch what goes around in circles when you watch what goes around in circles pretty much you have control of your life and until you have control of your life I can assure you you'll make bad decisions for instance when I go to gyms around the world I always listen to what the so-called fitness instructor tells people now what they do is they say well you know you want to have muscle you have to eat an entire chicken a day and that weird an entire chicken a day you have to you know why do people who eat lots of meat look like they have muscles anyone no because you're not digesting the animal the animal goes in it remains in the body for a few days three days to be exact doesn't really digest you're not eating a carbohydrate you're filling yourself up with the flesh of an animal and in fact it starts to deposit acidity that he roads both the bones as well as every cell every organ that you have in the body and in fact it leaves now behind everything that we've just talked about over the last few minutes together and combined you're getting sick from that and when your body starts to emaciate it starts to starve your muscles pop out there's nothing to do with that we have a program at Epocrates by the way that we do about once a year now one of the most impressive competitive bodybuilders in the world a very very very muscular large man comes in who's a vegan and basically teaches people they fly in from around the world how to be large and muscular if that's what turns you on no I'm not sure that turns you on or not maybe you want to be like the turkey of today large and muscular but we all want muscles that attract every sexy person you've ever admired has muscles don't they every actress every actor and in fact we had an actress recently that came through the Institute one of the I won't name her name but very famous one and she also was a model a very famous model and she said you know my whole life she said to me is working out and eating well and she said you know until I started to eat this way I didn't feel well I exercised and ate well but I didn't feel well and so we've got to start to change our whole attitude about all of this we've got a really radically shift the way we think about all of this so now we move on to some things we know about cancer because the number one thing that I got out of writing the poultry book is that if you want to get cancer it's a better way to get cancer than any other disease and I can tell you something I don't know anyone that actually seeks out cancer although it's becoming more more and more prominent now i wrote a series of books for the eggheads for the scientist you know the scientists when i would be out over the last forty some years lecturing that universities and medical groups holistic medical groups they'd always say well you don't have science on this and you know you're gonna hear a lot of the guys here regurgitate science because that's what they do they don't do the work they read other people's science and regurgitate it and so i got a little angry about that and so i sat down a number of years ago and i wrote a three volume academic series that all it is a science and by the way most of you sitting here and most of you listening you'd hate these books because all it is is pure sign i hate it writing them but i needed to do it and because it's just one study after another study after another study after another study another study by the study after study but it's what these people do so they sit around and they say well look at how much we know because we know everyone else's research and that's all we need to do and this series is called food is medicine and what i do is i focus very much on phytonutrients anyone know what a phytonutrient is well i can tell you one thing you don't find it in chicken you don't find it in ducks you don't find it in turkeys you don't find it an eggs you find it in plants so where the healthy little chicken that was out in the wild would get disease resisting nutrients it's from eating raw plants and you can get the same thing you don't have to eat the chicken and think you're going to get that you basically go to the raw plant and you sow phytochemicals play a role and well-documented role in protecting human health as revealed by the results of test-tube and animal experiments human studies and clinical trials that's what we've been doing by the way since the doors of Hippocrates open we didn't know that but we didn't know that probably till the mid 1990s we didn't know why what we did worked was because of what now I'm talking about phytochemicals and how many of you understand how profoundly impressive this scientific discovery was well let me go back and give you a little history because I've repeated this in the past but I think it's so important that you know this I'm gonna repeat it again that in 1948 by mere chance by mistake a scientist was looking at his microscope he saw when he was looking at vegetables and fruits elements coming from them and attacking the bacteria that was naturally on the petri dish and killing the bacteria and he thought I must be seeing something so he brought his friends and colleagues and they looked at it they said no this is all real and they called it phytochemicals or later phytonutrients nobody did anything with it because we were in the time of chemistry you know we had the time of Aquarius in the 60s well now we were in the 70s and the 70s were the time of chemistry chemistry was going to save the world now what chemistry has done has destroyed the world so you know that and don't worry be optimistic now we're in the time of quantum biology and quantum physics but the scientific community has to figure that out most of them don't agree with that because they make their money on old school nonsense chemistry etc but with this said they started to look at ways that disease may be affected your NIH believe it or not put great money and great effort in the 1980s in this country doing good work on plant medicine because they realize the future of humanity and our health and our survival dependent upon not creating chemistry anymore so quietly started to fund major studies on biology and discovered that each edible plant uniquely has a different chemistry in it and that nice now this is profound those new agers out here listen very closely you're going to love this part so these plants go back millions hundreds and millions of years and encoded into those plants were medicines that would help your species that's only been in our form for ten thousand years I'll repeat it again so plant chemistry called phytochemicals we're encoded by the universe God whatever you want to call it into plants to heal your homo sapien species that has only been around for this last ten thousand years now that's not cosmic I don't know what is that's a real Omer mm and that one interesting stuff isn't it so now people always say well you know major universities aren't interested in this no scientists are not interested this nutritionists are not interested in medical doctors are not interested but major major universities where I get most of my data from by the way they do great studies I'll never forget a few years ago it was in a in a medical group speaking and this doctor started to almost booming criticized oh you're not talking about real science and so anyway I quoted a study that was done not only had his University but on the same floor of his University and I said gentlemen I think what you need to do is pick up off your chair get off your fat ass walk down the hallway and talk to the doctor who published his study two years ago that's what close-mindedness does under the auspices of the brightest I've learned or the most closed-minded the worst people I lecture to our alternative doctors they really think they have it down Corvallis Oregon never here Linus Pauling pretty impressive guy so impressive the only man in history that won Nobel Prizes forty-two totally unique subjects I had the privilege to meet him twice never knew him he was a really interesting personality because not only was he incredibly bright but he was incredibly kind and down to earth you know usually really bright guys like that they're interesting but that's it he was interesting and nice interesting and nice is better than just interesting well here's what the Linus Pauling Institute said they used to be at Stanford off the campus of Stanford in Palo Alto out of respect after Linus Pauling passed on they moved it back to his alma mater Oregon State University and they discovered yet another reason why so for fame compounds in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables is so medicinal it provides not just one but two ways to prevent cancer through the complex mechanism of epigenetics so in the United States very rarely do do we do epigenetic studies lifestyle and chemistry studies out of food they have done it matter of fact I am so impressed with them I brought the number one Authority in the world on phytochemicals the Epocrates and if you do our online program he's part of our faculty the top scientists in the world are part of the faculty on our online program and whenever we can get them to come in to Hippocrates in Florida we bring them in and his name is dr. David Williams and dr. Williams when he came had tears in his eyes and he said I didn't think anyone read my science I said let me tell you dr. Williams you're the man that validates everything we've done here for over 60 years you're our hero because he's basically telling the truth and what he says is once you cook a food these medicines are gone the world's leading authority out of the most impressive organization on the planet called the Linus Pauling Institute on this epigenetic an increased focus of research around the world refers not just to our genetic code but also the way that diet toxins and other environmental factors change gene expression now we used to think genes took generations to change now we know in quantum biology I write about this in an upcoming book quantum human biology that literally your attitude changes genes less than a second like oh ha your genes just changed fact not fiction it appears that DNA methylation and HDAC inhibitor of Witt inhibitors which both of which can be influenced by so for fame when working in concert with each other maintain proper cell function isn't that interesting they they sort of work as partners and talk to each other so now we know that these complex chemistry's that came hundreds of millions of years before your species literally know how to prevent diseases that didn't exist 200 years ago boy that's good stuff isn't it at least to me this is interesting another pretty impressive place Ann Arbor Michigan how many of you from Michigan here how many very listening in Michigan you're probably in front of a fire with five blankets on top of you this time of year a compound derived from broccoli could also help to prevent and treat cancers by targeting cancer stem cells the small number of cells at fuel a tumors growth according to a new study from researchers at the University comprehensive Kel Cancer Program the study tested so for feign a compound in broccoli and broccoli sprouts in both mice and cell cultures cell cultures or human cultures so you know that researchers found so for Fang target and killed the cancer stem cell and prevent it new tumors from growth so now what we're saying not only does it prevent cancer and help reverse normal cancer it stops new cancer cells from growing so that means the metastasize of cancer so how come I'm telling you here at the real truth about health you should be eating broccoli sprouts every single day and your doctor doesn't tell you that even if you have the greatest doctor in Lourdes they don't know this and they don't bother to read this because it's not mainstream literature it's from the best scientific organization the best scientist organization and best scientists and best scientific organizations are never read bundling after they die they say isn't that brilliant what they discover 20 years ago that's what always happens but nothing to do with reality so fervent has been study previously for its effect on cancer but this study shows that it benefits in inhibiting breast cancer stem cells the new insight suggests the potential it's a for phantom broccoli extract to prevent or treat cancer by targeting critical cancer cell studies how about sugar how many of you saw my presentation at the real truth about health on sugar in the past you think chicken was bad get the sugar numerous important findings show that cancer cells can readily metabolize fructose to increase proliferation it is well-established among the best scientist in the world today the number one way to create cancer is from fruit sugar I will repeat what I said to you the number one research scientist in the world happens to be on cancer he wrote the definitive book on cancer dr. Thomas sigh free you can see him on the Hippocrates website every once in a while I get the top minds I bring them together I do scientific conferences and hippocrates so I get to know these people shake them down see if they're real and he's real he's a Boston guy and if you think I talk against things he makes me look like a boy scout I always say tone it down tone it down he rails against what they do with cancer patients like I've never heard anyone real Thomas cipher II this has major significance for cancer patients given dietary fructose consumption which indicates that efforts to reduce refined fructose intake or inhibit fructose mediation actions will disturb cancer growth now where most of you get fructose is high fructose corn syrup but you get it in mangoes and get it in bananas organic by the way get it in cherries get it in grapes yet and all that so that's why nearly 40 years ago at Hippocrates we took fruit out of the diet for anyone with cancer and then we realize it's not only cancer its viruses its bacteria its mold it's yeast its fungus it is low blood sugar called hypoglycemia it's a high blood sugar and we were considered the nuts now we are not the nuts anymore because there's lots of nuts like Stanford University of California German Cancer Institute you want me to keep going that everyone is in the same course saying in the whole same thing Wow fruit feeds all these diseases fruit sugar feeds these disease well but I heard doctor holistic Joe or Mary or Sally and they said eat fruits and vegetables and eat five servings a day I know you can't get your head around it you're still mourning the loss of chicken consumption wake up people are you real are you pretending that's my question are you real are you really trying to get healthy or you really or is this a hobby for you you sit your ass here listening to all of us as a hobby and think this is unique and nice and then you go out and eat crap well don't watch us we're not interested in losers we're interested in winners we're interested in people standing up if we don't stand up and change if you can't do it for yourself and your family how do you think we're going to survive as a human race it's an impossibility if those of you who perceive yourself is not eligible and perceive yourself as enlightened and perceive yourself as conscious are totally sleeping and you just want to do moderate things well then you're part of the problem fruit its juices and all other forms of sugar caused inflammation throughout the body leading to the development ass disease for every form of cancer these findings were published in October 2011 Journal of nutrition and metabolism researchers Clement look at that he robbed my name and put a K in front of a camera further stated cancers are so sensitive to sugar supply the cutting the supply will suppress the disease now doctors are saying Brian's wrong Brian's wrong I hear you out there I listen closely you're wrong what do you think a PET scan is the most impressive scan we've ever used on cancer in the history of humanity we inject sugar in and a colleague of mine did it at Stanford with fruit sugar and by the way when the cancer eats it it lights up and the PET scan can now see not only where the epicenter the cancer is but where the cancer is going to move to metastasize – this is a done deal people I know I'm taking away your lollipop emerging evidence indicates that impaired cellular energy metabolism is a defining characteristic of nearly all cancers regardless of cellular or tissue origin so what we mean is that yes we have nice neat things in oncology they talk about you have this cancer sarcoma melanoma carcinoma buppa buppa buppa but the reality is it's all the same show just manifest in different parts of the body and at different rates different ratios and you have melanomas which sort of weird guys you know melanomas are like the crazy guy in the cancer family that's the one that runs around like am Ashok going completely nuts so here he is so you want to know how to spell somebody's name there it is on the board for you Thomas SCI free that try to get rid of this guy all of the time used to be at Yale he's Boston College gives its tenure up there any doctor on the planet Earth that deals with patients is going to see cancer patients you're going to see cancer patients if you haven't read cancer is a metabolic disease you are not a good doctor this is the definitive book in the history of cancer on cancer written by Thomas cipher II we go back once again to what we all love but again in this group and around the world you would not just eat normal potato chip you would get organic potato chips so now you're spending more money to give yourself cancer right well at least you can die with class on the tombstone they can say spend a lot to die Swedish renowned car olinska we love car lenska they do great studies over there right in Stockholm where we'll be next month speaking discovered and published the initial findings on how cooking morphs the chemistry of plants making a cancer-causing compounds you know when the Swedes came out with this the entire course of the scientific community condemned them oh ye they must have made a mistake they must have made a mistake then other people started to do the study said no no it's not a mistake by the way they're right and here's the other things we can tell you researchers at Harvard School of Public Health where I lectured five years ago have found an increased risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer among non-smoking postmenopausal women who consumed food and beverage containing high levels of acrylamide a natural occurring chemical found in grains potato chips pretzels and other compound baked and snack foods krill amides are produced during the heating of these foods so now when you go down to the big health food markets you go down the aisle with nothing but pretzels and potato chips and organic corn chips you better walk fast because you're in the health store to prevent cancer and you're in the aisle that will give you cancer isn't that something now how come the health store doesn't know that health stores in the business of selling you health food not selling you health remember that I never went to a store I bought health ever you ever find a story that can feed give you health I want health I can't do it I want health come on I'm paying a lot of money can't do it nobody can give you health except to ah you now you got it you're the only one that can give you health how about this one a Dutch study I love the Dutch I go over there they're riding bikes and it's raining it's cold or riding bikes we're having a hard time walking they're riding bikes they look at 120,000 people half of whom were women how do you like that just like the population yeah one tenth to say and you're half the population matter of fact you're more than half there's more girls being born today than men the first time you know in history cuts are hormones with that said they found that women absorb more acrylamide were twice as likely to develop ovarian and womb cancer as those ingesting a small amount so you want two times more womb two times more ovarian cancer eat all of these organic cooked foods the higher amount eaten by a woman involved was the equivalent to a single pack of crisp I never ate a single pack of anything did you how about I used to get the Emily sighs and sometimes eat two a day because I was the size of two families at that point half a pack of biscuits or a portion of chips a day you know what a Porsche you ever look at the side of these they like a joke the size of a chip thing you know the chip bag is this big they said this is enough for five people what five people small people elves nobody does that you know you tire thing and say oh that's not enough I'm not filled up no I have to add more organic plant food is equal subject to the acrylamide effect don't say it's organic it doesn't the same thing you're paying more for the same disease here's what I really want to get to so the remedy you know the I've been sort of giving you a stroll through the park of craziness now we're gonna give you the remedy when a seed is planted it grows into a variable living food now look at that alone if you don't have faith in God in nature look at sprouting that is unbelievable you have this little seed it can sit around for decades better bacteria preservative gets it around for 2,000 years yes it's there come on come on when you gonna give me life and bingo you give it oxygen you give it water and it grows into what you see this by the way took six days to do what you see in front of you now anyone have a little concept listening around the world or in this room that maybe the one at the right or the your left over there is more nutritious than the one over there how many of you think the one that's green is more nutritious than the one much much more nutritious because when the little tiny baby adolescent girl is given birth she now becomes a mother and now she can produce many many many offspring in the case of a sunflower several thousand offsprings so if I put that little seed into the ground and let it grow for about six or seven weeks that plant is beautiful around and has about 3,000 seeds on it that by the way is so powerful in the morning it faces the east and at night it moves to the west now by the way I don't eat one sunflower seed in my diet on a daily basis I consume between two and 2,500 sunflower seeds grown into greens that by the way as the Iranians taught us yes the Iranians America taught us at the University of Tehran has another anti-cancer agent phytochemical that's not a Sephora thing it also has essential fats and it's a complete protein you want to build muscle eat that you want to get 2,500 like I do juice that it's been part of our green drinks at Hippocrates for 40 years now what happens when you cook the seed well here we're going to talk about that cooking destroys the potential for growth in life so how many of you if I took a seed and I in front of you cooked it and now in May here in the North said let's go out and plant it in our garden would sit there waiting for it to grow raise your hand now why would you not wait with me to see if a seed would grow in your garden if it had been cooked anyone know why cuz it's dead now anyone here not know that when you cook a seed is dead raise your hand I see you out there in the world raise your hand oh one person over there you didn't understand it was a language thing so you all do agree you all do agree it's dead so now if it's dead why are you eating it do dead things make you grow do dead things give you energy do dead things give you nutrients I know some of you really want to raise your hand because you like organic potato chips you like chicken wings Organic of course I would not plant that seed in the ground because I know it would be a waste of time and I would not plant that seed in my body and expect it to give me anything but carbohydrates that break down to sugar that feed every disease known a man and feed Aging I will repeat what I said again I would not plant that seed in the ground Chris I know it's dead I would not put that in my body and anticipate it's going to give me life because death does not give you life but what it will give me when I breaks down as a carbohydrate that is not nutritive is sugar one does not have to be a scientist to know that planting a cook seed will not reap a plant nutritions missing link in the gaping absence of life force necessary to spark and maintain all life including ours science doesn't talk about life it talks about elements it talks about chemistry it is so abstract the top scientists at the top colleges and universities in the world are abstract thinkers they don't talk about what matters to you and I they talk about elemental science they talk about the periodic table they don't talk about life you're alive did you notice that most of you don't act like you're alive others just going to show you in the back of my highly highly intellectual books for the eggheads out there you want to challenge what I said read the highly intellectual books that's what pacifies you boys I have study after study after study after study after study from around the world that shows you how bad cooking food is from who the very people and the very universities that criticize what we say so that's what I'd like to say to you today god bless thanks for listening and hope you wake the hell up take care you

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  20. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I have been studying health for over 20 years. The sad fact is that our food is not what it used to be and has been hybridized and polluted all for greed. We do need to be careful of what we eat because of this. Eating a plant based diet predominantly is just common sense! I know that a diet high in meat and dairy leads to constipation and cancers. I know that high nutrition comes from vegetables and fruit. The problem in America is that we are gluttonous, we want what we want when we want it. We want to feed our flesh crap because it taste good. Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. ( I Corinthians 10:23) Brian is arrogant for sure and not someone I would care to be friends with. That being said I do believe that there is enough scientific facts to back up what he is saying and just look at the Health Crisis we are in today…that speaks for itself!!

  21. parasites feed off meat and sugar. I call it Lyme disease (Borellia)

  22. This guy s is a complete jack ass. His onslaught of insults, accusations, and shaming to everyone he speaks to is appalling. "You are a bully", "you yuppies", " you idiots", "when the hell are you going to wake up," he says. "OH, ha ha ha we don't have one of those families", (17:20), what a dick! He talks down to everyone which gives himself the illusion that he is actually intelligent, he must be "one of the heady people". Truth is his tactic of insults shows his complete lack of intelligence. At 17:50 he states that the meaning of Thanksgiving is "giving thanks for slaughtering Native Americans". Last I checked, Thanksgiving was to give thanks for the bounty of the harvest and to give gratitude to God. By the way, WTF is a Marcedes, wtf is a pork line? wtf is a chicklet, (a piece of gum, actually), turkeys make love!? WTF is he talking about? AT 29:21 he says, "obesity is not a bad thing", say what!? At 6:26 his chicklet was a toy he thought nothing of, and at 14:43 he supposedly fell in love with that same chicklet. At 15:34 he states, " I never give my opinion" at 26:40 he says, "duck is disgusting". His fat skull vomits opinions perpetually. This idiot must be talking about himself when he refers to idiots. I especially wanted to punch him in the throat when he tried so hard to get his audience to bid on a disease. He says when you get diabetes from eating chicklets, "they may have to exhume your leg" what a complete fucking moron. This was almost an hour and a half barrage of misused of words, made up words, and opinionated lies. I guess my obsession with hating on this asshole shows where I'm at on the scale of evolution. Do your research, Brian Clement is regarded as a disgrace to the medical establishment. If this fool can get a Ph.D. anyone can.

  23. Well we don't live in an idealist world , everything is toxic ,
    So we are all fucked .
    Its alright for these vegan type evangelists to go around preaching whats right and wrong but the majority of the population cannot escape the situation of toxic food that our glorious rulers hoist apon us .
    And by the way its the american way of life thats the cancer that has engulfed the world .

  24. Ive been eating nothing but veg, salad, nuts for ages. Lastnight I had some chicken my son left on his plate and immediately my belly bloated so big! it is right now still. That is what has made me look to see why the hell overtime I eat chicken I swell up. Never ever again. My son too. Nasty hormones they fill the chickens with poor things. Great talk

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