The Vampire in Literature and Film

I've never taught anything quite like this I've always had an interest in this subject and particularly because the 19th century which I teach was also very interested in subjects like this having to do with the paranormal having to do with things that the imagination conjures and doesn't understand I also confess that I have always been a lifelong fan of vampire films I doubt that there are many of them that I've missed I have always found them fascinating I found them fascinating for a lot of reasons they bring together at least the vampire creature let me say brings together an interesting combination that you don't find in any other movie monsters and that's the combination of the erotic and the terrifying one has to chuckle when one thinks about the difference between Bela Lugosi as a filmic vampire and Robert Pattinson and Stephen Moyer they are very different types of vampire figures but when something becomes a global phenomenon and when people all over the world begin to get excited about a group of books it's always interesting to ask why that's so that one time last year six of the ten novels on the New York Times bestseller trade paperback list were vampire themed novels so I think when people take the course they're going to be surprised by the many ways in which it's possible to look at these stories the many ways in which these stories have been interpreted and I think they'll be very surprised at the menu of films and the ways that filmmakers have tried to capture a new visual vocabulary for telling these stories

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  1. There's not a lot of people who have tried to interpret Vampires as a Being of existence opposed to an Monsterous Creature. I intend to change that with my novel series, The Heir Rising Saga. Y'all should look it up on Kindle.

  2. I stopped the video when I saw her desktop. Oh the horror, the horror!

  3. You have to read the fine print for the truth. 6 of the 10 best-sellers on the NYT "children/young adult series best-seller list on November 29, 2009." Kiddie books and series books list. Not the real NYT best-seller list!

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