The Witcher 3 Episode 16: A Poet Under Pressure

light up your mind willing to take part in the formula century unless you've already found where ashes not a balloon for a fight can't I just pay you now it always is with you plow in Northlands now finish up will ya we're gonna take in some high clouds yeah are never a great city shine for my scion purest wire mutants are in sin poised for maximum to take the place in a performance anomaly ground give us the coin now for fat sight finish the bugger already we're going we'll be there before any other dance that starts watch wait one sec truth is read all of it ah there you are managed to hire some ushers wonderful that's one matter result wanted to talk about the text itself hmm it's not at all badly written in fact I quite like it I was willing to relax my standards to help dudu but we may have something very interesting here I've very clear ideas who to cast as the servant The Witcher and the Queen but are not certain you should play the prince who is playing The Witcher an amateur it'll be my first time working with him but I'm confident he'll pull it off newcomer to the troupe in a sense all stop pretending you don't know I'm talking about you it's a good idea down standing ovations but due to will see me that's the key but you will make an effort would you learn your lines at least I'll give it a shot of course so about the princess small part but an important one any idea who could Claire Priscilla would be the obvious choice she's young and beautiful yet I do have more stage experience you hence better most people are assigned group ends to appearance than to talent I understand Asha later no I'm certain she'll be wonderful so hoody their option Maxim boliya outstanding actor and audiences loved him but sadly I can never be sure he'll show up sober or that he'll show up at all with a balloon I'll take a reliable artisan over an unpredictable artist any day Araki so the project is risky enough without our casting maximum these Thanks all right got the cast figured out it seems so prepared to plunge headlong into your career as a mama we can start now looked over the script out of curiosity we can start anytime even now well we've no time to lose come to the stage Zoltan what are you doing here they told me you are putting on a play we laid the lead I'm not the lead oh I thought I'd sort of shave my beard the best that tell me what you're gonna wear who's and a codpiece come Geralt you must focus your mind before you go most honorable citizens of the hallowed city of novigrad welcome Catarina as the Queen five as the humble servant appearing as the Prince a veteran woman [Applause] summons he's answered and stands at the gates show him in I must speak to the man lest that dread beast take my daughter's hand a queen shall reward your woes he swallowed the bait this fool of a Witcher the foul bow reveals his true figure the monster My dear long have we hid our loves tender fires stealth we to meet in deceit like liars tonight shall attend be my wife that's my plea if not a foul curse shall rend your lives woeful there's no prints but dopler impostor seeds arts can love for changelings foster behold Witcher the Beast of which I spoke unleash your sword let fly the killing stroke stop stop based on but a heart that is base such as in this knave aches witcher tis true this wretches foul suspicions tainted my mind with this plan so malicious the doppler must live my daughter he'll wed beast or man she loves him truly without dread tis our tales end good a folk and its moral is this but you foul page in chains you shall end god god remove the traitor at once hey you're the princess's command come up here don't be afraid in the end everyone will live happily ever after Joplin's to the steak panel oh he's right our mothers don't know they internalize come almonds blacks famous all dirty some respect for the fight who you all about fuck up and clap before telling you ourselves tear me a new one no still looking for masterful you did great um they laugh not hounded ages lads what believe it when I tell them explain one thing to me how do you and dandelion manage to displease Reuven whoreson and the temple guard all at the same time is different shape each time but I did not show myself fit I put them at risk then I got word of a new mumming so it is my chance to learn something anything about Syrian dandelion I know Syria went back to Horsens to get you heard he managed to escape I ran after wanting to keep up to trick a pursuers but lowdown marmalade Geralt when'd you last see Sevilla hmm been a while hasn't it a while yeah Amelia likewise what's their food warm last by no I feel strange both of you staring at me bug-eyed is that enough yeah plenty bad idea no angry you know I feel relieved and dandelion we were able to find him witch hunters nabbed him but there's good news too mangas dead ah a feigned good thing someone finally killed it though another just as bad or worse would likely take its place go and give the order for dandelion to be moved to oxenfurt while lying on booth non-root spring down the line from the convoy when it rolls by wait not so fast how am I to be mingi and I've no notion where dandelions being held you hey I slowly regret not seeing that dandelions on temple I'll imprisoned there you'll need to find out exactly where but what if they grow suspicious start asking questions I'll bet my best Ike's no one oh come on under of the temple guard okay of course it's that simple Thanks listen you'll manage everybody believes mangas me your middle name so we all clear dudu get your ass to table ale I'm off to assemble my crew and what we're waiting for you to get out yeah see you in the ravine whoa wait hold on what happens after I hope you don't expect me to continue as manga live like Chappelle not bad not bad at all for your first time out just a few minor trip ups the performance in general think I doubt the audience understood it all but that's to be expected and just please the puffins got the word out that was quite the crowd you arrived to cast Abelard as the prince it's likely maxim would have shown up drunk as official forgot take care now let's go like that where are you scurrying to we can clean it of mages which is another scum that's cruel dear since the war began under catch every last one of them toss them on a flaming pyre like foxy livestock sorry don't have a pass you scurry no further D next hang on how do I get one stop you practice with shield and sword many a headless scarecrow around here heed my warning and stand and fight duly heeded now show me what you got add enough what do you want memes mugs Ross smash the portal of the finest dwarven spirit on the bugger scope for the robbery was still a partial success tell me what you want already and be brief C flat off with my documents very important document I need you to get it back for me it'll cost you I don't work for free and they take years if that's don't work let's go you hand over the documents thief may a faith r1m stray are dead in a game of cards not how mug sees it claims he was mugged lost demanded them papers back and when I refused he walloped me over the noggin with a bottle barely escaped with me life listen it's like this and there give me the papers take him here Hashem the eternal fire you could hold him while I take what's mine slow down see this man said he never attacked you said you lost to him at cards back and through enough I've been drinking but carried away I lost them in a game of cards then you whacked the winner on the head with a bottle he wasn't willing to give him back when the scoundrel threw a weapon ah I fled but whether then papers I have neither gumption to show me face at home here now pay up of course I will give you all come on go go you like a mug eager to crack some holy other health skulls but Cena Swift on a dollar wouldn't it have been easier to have him released and aligned and hadn't been done with what are you doing here some child brought a note from dude lady go back to town please I shan't be any trouble oh come on get out even go mental stay look happening just yet and there may be some time for it does well how about a game of wind don't really feel like it you to play dandelion Tim tracks slow now whoa come on prints are deep voice was Kari you oh yeah not so fast route Happy Trails greetings wouldn't mind a look at your stock farewell to anyone right through here you he one of them hunters barged into our Hut turned us over we could so much protest there are another man with him tall dark haired eye jabbering the whole time dandelion so hunters barricaded himself inside there another way Thanks this hot boy don't worry about this project on so that's a please you can't trust them you know I saw you very wise might not be more than sergeant debate but you yes hopefully yes anything what you see me impacts you it is good to see you friend been a while since you were last in novigrad what's come on dandelion yellow rascal got this last to thank for his reason after he is Shh avid and Chevys shame you arrived too late to see his hoodwinked that hunter and all set but then Geraldton dandelion I need to ask you something it's important so focus where's or some junior of all people no one else came to mind maybe given wartime I'd have done things differently but Siri said supposed to know manga was after due to heard enough about your plan need to know what happened to see now when'd you last see her we were on temple [Applause] [Applause] you grab the bitch leave your horse – annoyed the next we were praying a pack of hunters on our tail yeah a splendid story but I think of her my fill of this boasting come Zoltan we must convince the halflings they saw nothing at all gave me enough material for a volume of ballots and this one will sell like hotcakes that all you care about the ballot this will inspire eat that little box a trinket that started it all mean this you get it from whoreson whoa cereal be overjoyed deserved it as much as he deserved that awkward nickname what about our old friends Iggy Rufus been to see him yet he's fine oh that's too bad because there's a good chance he's furious with me see we ever tell you what this is why'd she go to him with it she went divorce him because I took her there could a guest that was your idea what her magic bauble was broken whoreson had access to the mages who could fit want to pry the one time when it might have been useful but I'm almost positive she been too lifted off who what was it about well I know the words you're kidding no they were elven ciri was constantly repeating them to herself probably not to forget went like this the file Alain key at mill Foley glad if dawn yep tonight boon bro is Nate raucous doesn't mean a thing to me even less to me you live but she's also stubborn and sulky Apple didn't fall far from the tree let me tell you right she slipped away again I was so close hmm she came here from belem somebody there helped her apparently maybe she went back yeah YouTube chatted enough now it's my turn to talk to Danny nice hug gladly Magoo and when you're done let's get back to those minion tighten well I've certainly had my share of excitement for one day a juicy roast in a soft bed with fluffy pillows I think that's the least I know we haven't seen each other talked in ages consider dropping by view in the air Master Rocha we've a gift for you Hey we are grateful we wanted to demonstrate that so we got this gift for you portrait of hierarch nice there's nothing no needles over man just didn't if you wouldn't mind not mentioning where you got it all right all right farewell you you you [Applause] destroyed this one [Applause] courses you you you the ones destroying shrines all over a felon what's that got to do with you what's it got to do with you we are the heralds of lightning heavy drops from leaden clouds unleashed the lightnings name shall be Overman the locals claim the gods are unhappy no fear of their wrath the wrath of the gods the gods are dead Joan is the opiate of the masses the gods are dead thus master Frederick of oxenfurt common folk fear religion and the priests not abuse and this fear enslaves us in fetters of ignorance we must for Oh what or I'll tell on you to the headmistress repression attacked the system's lacking you you you how you like that silver you you

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