The Word – Abe Nouk – Poem – Love Looks Like

(piano chord) (dreamy synth chord) – Only 10 years old, he wanted to refuse but had
nowhere to go in his mind this isn’t the life that
he was destined to be he just wanted to be free, my hopes for the world is constantly diminishing as we are constantly reminded of what we’ve become, I know what hatred looks like. it’s bullets loaded in a gun and pointed at infants in the name of revenge, I know what hatred looks like, it’s bombs dropping on innocent civilians and mothers trying to avoid them while protecting they children, I know what hatred looks like. It’s genocide justified a pair of bodies in a mass grave while the world turns a blind eye, I know what hatred looks like. It’s cultivated in the hearts of children who had to bury their parents with
no further explanation, I know what hatred looks like. It’s in the inheritance
of generational warfares rather than family values, I’m tired of what hatred looks like. If only my voice can be persuasive enough to paint a portrait of what
love looks like, I’ll try. Love is at the
extensiveness of a handshake as we become friends and not foes, we are what love looks like. How did they miss that, instead, I am the product of a society whose children have never felt loved for we were always looked
upon as toy soldiers. And we’re the lucky ones, having inherited a wall we did not create and warfares we do not know how to end. (dreamy synth chord) – [Narrator] If you wanna
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