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life it's full of many deep questions what's the meaning of life is the hokey-pokey really what it's all about and where do you go to find inspiration hi I'm Josh Hawkins that's right married at first sight season six fan while some find inspiration going for a long walk in nature or wrestling a cat over a chai latte there's only one place that I find inspiration the workshop but not just any workshop the most famous pool cleaning company to come out of northwestern Sydney a Rimmer tech for years ARIMA Tech has been inspiring us with professional people quality service but more important than any of all that is their inspirational jingle that has cemented ARIMA tech into our minds we've come down here to the headquarters of inspiration the ARIMA tech workshop oh look who it is the man that screams inspiration managing director John nice to see you again John John your successful businessman and okay husband and perhaps one day a good friend you have a lot on your plate excuse the pun where does a man like you find inspiration thanks Josh very good question here is a room attack we pride ourselves with quality service and professional of our inspiration so you big bad faith hmm truly inspirational John as much as we all want to hear more of that we're here to find out about the ARIMA tech jingle who wrote it and what inspired them so let's go back to a time for the flared pants and corrupt boy bands 2011 to find the man behind the music Jacques spindle toots g'day my name is Jacques spindle toots but uh everyone in the industry calls me jingles I hate it think of any song from any ad ever I write it I read all the hits dug all right this was the first jingle I ever made I was 10 months old I just gotten back from a world jingle tour massive we went everywhere US Asia India Rudy Hill RSL everywhere and I get this call from John and he says hi I'm looking for the best jingle ah in Australia I said May you've got the wrong number unless you're looking for the best jingle ER in the world my jingle writing process is very spiritual to create the jingle I must become the jingle when I wrote the chicken to my jingle I slept in a chicken coop for six months I became like a chicken a lay an egg I wrote the jingle when I wrote the weet-bix kins jingle I had to become like a child I went to primary school I paid my parents I wrote the jingle so with the rim attack I thought how do I become the pole industry how do I think like them so I went to the local pool for inspiration nothing I spent hours talking to John nothing I drank a whole bottle of chlorine nothing then one morning during my daily full body wax a slipped off the table hit my head BAM on the tiles I lost all senses I had no sense and at that moment I realized what it's like to be in the porn industry I went straight to my piano and in 30 seconds wrote the greatest jingle I've ever written well there you have it a Rimmer tech truly are a registered business why would you want to go with anyone else now to take us out is the man himself the shark's fin de tooths with a rendition of the ARIMA tech jingle typically they are friendly to your face before me Oh River take your way Yeah right pardon me boy is that Chattanooga choo-choo

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  1. Hahahaha!!!! 不不不不 you are such a legend!!! Seriously so funny!!! Lollll hahahahahhaaahhaha Rimatechhhhh

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