The Writer's Garret: Rail Writers 2018

we wanted to use one of the valuable local resources that we have here in Dallas as a means to foster appreciation and involvement in language and literature and I'm talking about the Dallas light rail system that system allows people from underserved areas of the city to easily find their way to parts of the city like we're in now here in the arts district where they have free access to places like the Dallas Museum of Art and let them understand through the experience not only that they can come and appreciate these parts of their city because that's the important point here this is their city it's all of our city and the Dallas rail system is the the artery system if you will that we have to connect everybody to all of these great parts of the city bright colors of prayers beautiful shapes called hi they represents the wire love like the logo if I knew you could have locked up our love to solidify forever I would have been wrote our name on the last so that's a little bit of what we do you

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