The Writer's Series 5: Outlines Matter in Authors Writing Novels

okay true confession I was once not real big on doing outlines but I learned that putting together a solid outline is going to help your writing immensely in terms of making sure that you don't stall at some point because you haven't thought it through we'll talk about that in this writing series video I used to hate outlines I'm not gonna lie I didn't like doing them I thought they were a waste of time I had the story in my head it was right there I knew I was gonna see it through to the end and a lot of times I did but it ended up being fool's gold because as I kept doing it that way I was having some successes but then I started to realize that you know I had two failures there too I had a graveyard of stories that maybe got 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 words maybe five six maybe close to ten but then I stalled and I would always wonder why did I stall to the point that I would have to go back and read the story to remember what I even started to begin with and I realized that part of the reason that I was stalling is because I hadn't thought the story through thoroughly enough and part of my process of thinking the story through is to develop a solid outline that really lays up the story from start to finish that includes the peaks and valleys that includes the descriptions that I need that includes the background information and the research that I need to get started and put me on solid ground now over the course of the story things might change you might make some adjustments you might go in a different direction but you really want to start with that outline that's gonna give you the fundamentals that are gonna help you to be successful over the long haul of the story even if you make changes while you're in the first draft or you make changes in the second draft while you're revising and ending you want to start with that solid foundation and that's what a good outline can do you

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