There are Birds Here – Interpretation of a Poem by Jamaal May

there are birds here so many birds here is what I was trying
to say when they said those birds were metaphors for what is trapped between
buildings and buildings no the birds are here to root around for bread the girl’s
hands tear and toss like confetti no I don’t mean the bread is torn like
cotton I said confetti and no not the confetti a tank can make of a building I mean the confetti a boy can’t stop
smiling about and no, his smile isn’t much like a skeleton at all and know his neighborhood is not like a
war zone what I’m trying to say is his neighborhood is as tattered and feathered as anything else as shadow pierce by Sun and light parted
by shadow dance as anything else but they won’t stop saying how lovely
the ruins how ruined the lovely children must be in that birdless-city [email protected]

3 thoughts on “There are Birds Here – Interpretation of a Poem by Jamaal May

  1. wow spence i had no idea you were such a great actor…when you getting your oscar?

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