There is God and there are the Peaky Blinders – BBC

MOTHER SUPERIOR: You wanted to speak
to us, Mr Shelby? Yeah. All of us? Yeah. At 6.30 in the morning? Yes. We don’t smoke in here.
Well, I fucking do. Nor do we use language. Nor do we find fault in the
innocent. Yet you do. You fucking do. May I ask what this meeting is
about? The Grace Shelby Foundation is the
biggest single source of funding for this charitable institution, devoted to the care of the orphaned
girls of south Birmingham, yeah? For which we give thanks. Uh-huh. I have a temper similar to the one
described in that report. Yet, unlike you,
I wait until I’m matched in size. Whose report? The testimony of children. Who have they spoken to? You’d have them only speak to God.
God be their witness. There is God,
and there are the Peaky Blinders. This is Sparkhill, we’re in Small
Heath. We are much, much closer at hand
than God. And we have heard terrible things. We have, in this place,
children of the worst sort. They lie as easily as breathe. You had a child half black. You made her wash with a different
soap. Mr Shelby, your own sins are legend. THOMAS: Our sins… Our sins against the beating of
children with bricks and hoses. Our sins. Our sins… ..against the black child
who hanged herself for fear of your temper. I do not see how… You do not see! Now put ’em on. Put ’em on your face, or it’ll be your eyes that are
broken. Please don’t imagine that I won’t
use this minute to do it, or that I am afraid of your prayers or your crosses. You see the world broken. Like those beaten children will. THOMAS: Now look at me. Look at me. HE EXHALES HE SHOUTS
Look at me! Funding withdrawn. All children to be taken
into our own institutions. You have no say in where the
children… If I come for you, and I still might yet decide
to come for you, I will wear high heels
so you can hear my approach on the cobblestones,
and have time to repent. BELL TOLLS You listen for my footsteps.

100 thoughts on “There is God and there are the Peaky Blinders – BBC

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  2. Best series on the planet the writing and acting is out of this world I thought power was good but I went back to watch it after peaky and I can barely sit through it without noticing awful writing and average acting

  3. Should have the ELIZABETH DEAR .AND FOOLS GOLD track in the peaķy blinders
    Taz scfc

  4. Looks like Tommy Shelby's becoming more like the boy, the man, the jew Alfie Solomons.

  5. AWWW, HOW CUTE! Two murderous psychopaths against racism! This totally redeems them!

  6. The Shelbys are fierce, crass and rough around the edges. But this shows they have hearts and detest the abuse of children.

  7. Good old BBC. Even in a programme set in the 1920s they find a way to wave their anti-racist credentials… and the Catholic Church is, of course, fair game for stereotyping. I doubt there's one person working for the BBC who'd pass a polygraph test if they were asked, "Do you believe black people are of equal merit to other races?"… including the black ones.

  8. Ex pat Brummie living in Australia…got all my Aussie nephews into Peaky's…they love it …no one understands my accent our here 🤣🤣

  9. First season was really great. It's all been downhill from there, like Doctor Who. Such a pity.

  10. I think what makes this scene is the way Cillian Murphy plays rage barely held in check so perfectly.

  11. Helen McCory is shear genuis( as is Cillian Murphy ) . The best two characters in the show .

  12. I wish the Peaky Blinders did that to the BBC executives who covered for monsters like Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris et al

  13. I did indeed enjoy this scene. It was over the top and contained the best kind of hammy acting.

  14. One thing I had to avoid when I wanted started staying off cigarette was "peaky blinders"
    They'd smoke on every second of that series😂😂

  15. I just don't watch series, too much time and fluff and not enough substance to hold my gnat-like attention and microscopic attention to detail…..Cillian was already on a short list for my favorite male actors, but him in a series of this enthralling nature and with more facets than a diamond, now dammit BBC thank you so very bloody much I can't stop. Now stop with the discrimination against us Yanks and I know Boris is infuriating but we need Season 5 yesterday!

  16. The nun was the women feeding the 9 year old boy milk in game of thrones if anyone wanted to know

  17. Dude, how great is this scene? Hands down, one of my favorite aspects of this show are the sheer brilliant scenes! Not controlled by plot or anything else, just excellently written scenes of spectacle. Steven Knight puts in these morsels of story goodness, massively compelling scenes that are so good they exist on their own as brilliantly produced moments of film narrative. Like, I would show this as scene to other people so they could see what I'm into and a as way to get people into my favorite show of all time (which I fookin will). I mean, Dude. HOW. GREAT. IS. THIS. SCENE?

  18. This scene is perfect, some tends to say it's very dark but I actually love that way it's more realistic and i hope it would get darker, this Thomas Shelby does a cold-blood acting plus being ruthless pragmatic with a brilliant mind to run his business while everyone acts as an alpha because of his efforts

  19. Dude really blew the ashes of the child who hung herself into that nuns face. God I love this show.

  20. To anyone who had to endure Christian/Catholic torment growing up (me)… this is especially potent

  21. Son of a!!! That is some great writing!! I do enjoy me some peakies!! Jealous y’all on the island get it first and I have to wait till October. Cheers mates!

  22. this was the deepest shit I've witnessed in a long while….the quick witted demands and consequences are loud af

  23. ofcourse, church bad, black children opressed by angry white man, and suddenlt in god-damned 1919 there are liberals believing in equality of races.
    Yeah, sounds like pretty much plot of every bbc serial.

  24. All of that cigarettes smoking, all the time in the series, was annoying. Especially at S3.
    Even at Tommy's wedding group photo he was holding a cigarette in it's mouth. Why was that so important? At moments it seemed like it's the most important thing in the whole story.
    And despite all of the smoking, he or any of it's gang never cough…..

  25. The acting it so bad. Could they be more aware of the cameras? What happened to the vulnerability they oozed in series 1 when they had a low budget. Then the BBC came in and it's all stylish fashionista acting, pans and zooms, lots of walking around to music in the streets. Even listen to that bad dialogue "Your sins are.." man the writing is of a poor quality.

  26. Cillian and Tom will go down in the history as two of the finest actors the industry has ever produced.

  27. That was killer!!!!….only other scene that could match up to it is the opening scene in godfather….🙌

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