There’s A Man In The Woods | Poem Explained (Review)

“There’s a man in the woods” is a poem animation created by Jacob Streilen and voiced by Micheal Ho, following the story of an elementary school teacher, who’s life is ruined when a kid by the name of Sid, makes up the story that “there’s a man in the woods!” After multiple kids hear the story, rumors start to form, resulting in parents confronting the teacher and the teacher being fired. The ending of this animation ends in a twist, as the teacher deals with moving to a new place, drinking, and doing drugs, he decides to teach Sid a lesson, that small lies become bigger problems down the road. “You either die a hero or see yourself become a villain” is a quote that can be given to this awesome animation. “Your actions have consequences” is another quote that can be given to this poem. “Kids lie” is the third quote that can be given to this entire animation. That is it on this poem explained, I rate this poem an 8.6/10 and goodbye! T H E R E ‘ S A M A N
I N T H E W O O D S ! *Outro* Subscribe to Daily Clickbait! The End

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