There’s Excitement in the Neighborhood!

well we have some excitement in the
neighborhood I don’t know if you can tell but we got
generators running right now that’s because part of the neighborhood
got up out out of power including us take a look what’s going on over here you know let’s get a look at his out
listen this is just people that I know they’re running on generator my house over here my grandparents is an old house they’re
out these people here they’re out another may not look like it but this
house here about Kim look generator thumb the South here is not out because they
are ran on this Paul I guess Oh um you just hole here’s our did you want to
eat our house there I guess this poll that meant power
because of a pool that’s over there we’re out of power here but we got us a
nice uh let me see your meter here this is how I could judge if the house has
power or not or if the house does the city power let’s see here this is our
meter this display will be on if we had city power instead of Akira like my mother had to cook at a
neighbor’s house but she was in the middle of cooking whenever
you’re a generator here he’s behind a fence there two thousand four generators she’s
falling apart but she still runs but my mother had to come over here this house
with her good friend Joe had plugged into the potty I guess the it took me a while to get
the power come on because I have to wait cheap hours it’s gonna come back on but
it’s not then I have to go your army but anyway so what once I establish that
okay we’re gonna be out of power for a little while then
like over carb main panel and I turn off the main breaker because of how old our
generator is I’m not sure if the transfer switch to our extract
so what’s supposed to happen is it’s supposed to turn off city power and turn
on generator power so that way we’re not trying to feed the grid and back for you
so what I’ll do is all taped and turn off the main breaker this way I know
that we’re not feeding that we were not back feeding the power another thing that I do on my rounds is
you can serve power because of how old our generator is everything sucked up
but generator will have hard time running now fixin to go in there and turn off
the second thing I also pull this disconnect here because the speeds are
pool pump and stuff and a few thousands we don’t need
but anyway that’s our power meter and over here on the east side of the
house if y’all just follow me this way I’m over here this way that break come on without power
they were working on that hole over there there’s a bowl over there they
were working on this poem it’s peace my house Jacobi has now not for still out that was really I was
really confusing because whenever I want to go turn this 200 amp breaker off in
here which feeds the house in the city power I seriously flop that we have
power because these people have an air-conditioning unit right here and it
was running so here this air can you feed it right and I hear the generator
for this house running so I checked the meter we don’t have power so it’s
weirdest so it’s like in our neighborhood we have some of the houses
we’re fitting in some of them are County so that means the power grant so he’s here that way on
let’s math Lord what here next to me so everything on
the show the alarm grand
in the air but then on this way after my house everything is ran underground all the
power going on the route the I’m gonna even see what roles now see
all the lights to be on right now and we see over there
that late on that’s via
there and then that lights on but that’s another transformer the thing you see
the hard tub reflective at the pull what has transformers on it and what
kind of light but it that late it’s not on and the same thing for a look you can
see see here these people here that power and this is
across the street from my house so this weird is it’s like whenever my
house has power the wrestling ever had done but then whenever the rest of the
neighbor has power my house done you can hear all the different generators run
and we got three generators on you right now let’s take a look over here once we go
over here you can see
with all power truck over here all right so I just spoke with the Gulf
power technician and he says we should have power in about 15 minutes or so
like I don’t I don’t really need to worry about it but Frank’s getting dark
over here we’re getting into the part of the neighborhood that doesn’t have power it’s really dark over here because they
don’t have the light from the Gulf power truck but yeah I was in the middle of
working on my driver’s education stuff and that’s on the computer and you know
my mom was cooking and basically basically the power went off on off on
and off for a while it’s been fun and my reaction is like mother what did
you do she was unaware of what what happens I
mean she knew that we were out of power but she thought I did something she
thought I had something new that was funny
but it seemed a girl by my neater but that’s what I was
hearing whatever once you turn this meter off
alright we’re about ready to bowl here not like there
and Rocco power then we will have power what’s a
sake quick look panel hope fully my phone ran out of storage let me just uh
getting a couple of uses cuz these poles are used but uh yeah I think
they are on the bucket it was mmm take a quick peek of our meter here yeah we had a power well guys the time
has come any power here generator right now all right so right now our houses
without power so now we go to the west side of the house where are me and Hannah lives right is break it off turn it on all right so I just turn the breaker on and now
come over here I thought I ever hear to set
alright guys I have my key I thought that one prevent Doki all
before just give you an idea of how long you
out over that power this timer said 6:30 it land clop accelerator drivers power you can hear my dog I think that but if yelled it if y’all hear me last
night on this generator I turned this 50 amp breaker off
which kills power to the house and then I wait little bit before turning the
generator off and the generator kind of cool down which is actually how generators work
automatically like you dog songs and my dogs will always
have to be out here with me all right well thanks for watching guys
getting some coffee!

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