They LOVE Foreigners Here. Exploring Medan, Indonesia. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ

Good morning from Medan, Indonesia. Well, I had actually a decent night sleep in this $8 a night hotel room. The mattress is horrible but somehow yer man managed to fall asleep. And it’s now almost midday, so the plan is, to get out into this city. This is the view from the window. The plan is to get out and explore this city, a wee bit, in the only day that I’m gonna be here. Okay, first things first. I’m gonna go to this Centre Point Mall and get myself a SIM card. Necessary so I can start using GoJek, which is like Uber here. And also there was a girl there, who ordered me a GoJek yesterday and the money came off her account rather than me paying cash. So, I’m gonna go there and give her the cash. I’ll find one of these wee, eh, I think, I don’t know what they call them. Like, Indonesian tuk-tuks, to take me up there. Hello. Go Centre Point Mall. How much? 25. Twenty?
Five. Normally I pay 10. 10. No? Okay, I go over here. Thank you. Ah, 20, 20. Huh?
20. 20? I pay 10 with GoJek for car. 10. No, okay, I take. Huh?
20. Nah, nah. 10. Can or no? No? Plus five. Huh? 1, 0. 1, 0. No? Okay, thank you. Hi. Centre Point. How much? No. [laughter] I pay GoJek, eh, 1. 10,000. 10,000. 10,000. No, I use a car, 10,000. No, too much. 10? Ah. Uh? 10,000. Okay, come. Thank you. Camera. Centre Point. This Centre Point? Okay, good. Okay. 10,000. Okay. I give you a little tip, okay? Thank you. Bye, bye. Okay. Made it, to Centre Point. Let’s get the SIM card. Let’s do this. Oh there’s this girl here. I’ll say hello to her. Hi. I owe you money. This money come off your GoJek account. I came to give you money. No, no, no, no. Yes, I have to. It’s okay, it’s okay.
No. Too generous. Okay. I’m gonna go now to get my SIM card. Okay, thank you. Bye. Okay. That’s me paying my debts. Now this is so bloody noisy. I’m gonna go this way. Wow. Okay. I dunno if you can hear me. That woman is quite noisy with her megaphone. I’m gonna go upstairs and try and get my SIM card now. Okay, SIM card acquired. And it’s been set up and now I have mobile internet. So that’s 109,000 Rupiahs, for a month’s worth of 12GB worth of data. Which is more than enough. Right, gonna find somewhere to eat in this gaff. Okay, back here at these hawker stands in the mall. Where I can sit and eat my local authentic food in air conditioned comfort. Right, I dunno what the system is here. I think it’s like in Thailand where you get a card and then you pay for everything on your card. I dunno. This is the system here, all written in the local language. Oh wait. It’s like an order sheet and then I think they bring the stuff to you. I have to tick what I want and then you bring to me, right? Ah, okay. This is the menu? Ah, okay. What is this one? Yeah, what is it? Ayam Bakar Sate. Number 4? This one? This is chicken or fish or what? Chicken.
It’s chicken? Okay, I will try this one. One?
Yes. Can I get this Medan Jelly? Medan Jelly?
Yeah, Medan Jelly. And for drinking, this watermelon. Watermelon?
Yeah. Whoops. Watermelon, yeah. I pay now or after? Pay now.
Pay now, okay. I repeat again order.
Yes. One Nasi Rujak Sate.
Yes. One Medan Jelly and then one watermelon juice. Yes. Correct. Okay. 93.
93, okay. Okay, so my feast has arrived. Looks like we’ve got, that looks like deep fried haggis to be honest. Or a deep fried Mars Bar. I dunno what that is that’s deep fried but I’ll give it a try. Some chicken, rice and some sate, drowned in sauce. Then we’ve got the Medan Jelly. I guess that’s going to be a local speciality dessert. They’re calling it Medan Jelly. And then a fresh water melon juice. Let’s get stuck in. Okay, so I’m very interested to see what this deep fried Mars Bar looking thing is. So. I think it’s zucchini, eggplant. Give the sate a try. Oh. A nice spicy sauce. Can’t really describe the taste. It’s not like any other type of spicy sauce, but it’s nice. Give this rice a try. Dunno what kind of sauce this is either. Oh. That’s like Panaeng Curry. If you’ve ever had Panaeng Curry in Thailand, that’s what that tastes like. And, the chicken. Looks like the same sauce that’s on the sate. Give it a go. Big dollop. Mmm. That’s a very sweet sauce. All together that makes quite a nice meal. And then I’m gonna finish that off with the Medan Jelly for dessert. Lovely jubbly. Well yer man absolutely smashed all that lovely food. And now he’s onto his dessert. The Medan Jelly. Gonna give this a try. So this stuff basically is some kind of like Sugar Water, just mixed with all different flavours and colours of jelly. As you can see. It’s very nice. I can imagine, this would be lovely to eat outside, on like a boiling hot day and you’re roasting and you get that down, because it’s ice cold. It’s lovely. Yum, yum. Okay, I’ve just gotten out of that mall and it’s actually a really good mall. It’s huge and there’s loads of cool stuff in there. It’s just noisy as hell. There’s some live band playing music really loud. Almost distortion levels on the speakers. And then every shop is blasting out music to try and compete with that. It’s not a very nice experience. Getting a bit of a headache, so I’m outside of the noisy mall, onto the noisy streets. And I’ve started using my backup microphone to maybe give you guys some better sound from here on in the video. But where I’m gonna go now is some bloke’s mansion. Apparently this guy called Tjong A Fie, or something like that, in 1895, was some big business man here and has this huge 40 room mansion that’s been restored and is now somewhere that you can go and visit. And is like walking distance from this mall, so I’m gonna walk there and check it out. Well, it looks like in here there’s some kind of park, so I’m gonna go have a wee wander around there. If I can get across this road, without getting run over. Do I just walk out, or what? I mean, there’s no traffic lights. This looks like it’s for crossing. There’s the police there. Okay, thank you. Hopefully I don’t get arrested for jaywalking. But I don’t see any other way to cross the road other than just to walk out. So I’m gonna have a wee look in here. Doesn’t look like you have to pay to get in. And it just looks like a wee. Oh, that’s the ice cream noise. I recognise, that’s the exact same noise in Thailand that the wee ice cream vans have. You hear that noise, you know there’s a wee sweet treat coming your way. Might grab one of them on the way back out. Right, let’s have a look in here. See what’s up here. Well apparently this is a Cyber Park. I don’t see what’s cyber, really, about this. I don’t see any kind of technology actually. Just looks like, there’s not even any, much grass. Let’s have a wee look up here. It just looks like a big open space for people to hang out. That’s really all it is. Oh look, people dancing there. Some girls, doing a wee dance and one guy. Hello. Okay. I guess this is where people are coming to dance. And not much else. The grass looking a bit ragged and unkempt. And, yeah. Okay, so nothing much going on in this park. I’m gonna get out of here. Maybe go down there, grab a wee ice cream from the guy. The wee ice cream man. Hello. Hi. Okay, maybe, should I watch them dance? You going to dance? Okay, let’s see if we can watch them dance. You gonna dance? You dance?
Yeah. Okay, I watch you dance. Okay?
Okay. Okay, I watch. Sorry. It’s okay. They’re going to dance? Yeah, they are going to train to dance. They are training for dancing? They practice?
Yes. Ah, okay. This for competition or for? Something like that. Something like a competition? Oh. Good competition? Good competition. Oh, like the TV show? Ah, of course. Oh, that’s very interesting. Okay. They are good already? You watch? What’s your name?
Oh, my name is Dale. I’m Leon.
Hi Ian. Hi. Pleased to meet you. I’m from Scotland. Scotland? Yeah, you know? Welcome in Medan. Oh good, yeah, this is fun. Yes. Yeah, I want to watch you dance. My friend, eh. Your friend? Want take a picture with you. Take picture with me? Oh, okay. Okay. Okay, good. Okay, no problem, no problem. Okay. You are also here to dance. Yes, no, no, no, no. No? Just for watching? No, no, no. We are theatre. You are what? Theatre, theatre, theatre. Theatre? Ah, you’re doing like a play? Yeah.
Ah, really? Oh, that’s interesting. You are practicing here? Ah, we just. Training? Training.
Ah, oh cool. Oh, they are dancing now. I watch. Oh this very good. Good. Very good. They got the moves. The smooth moves. Oh, incorporating the fan into the dance. Very good. From here good? Okay. I’ll be like the judge. I’ll be like Simon Cowell. Okay. [laughter] Oh very good. Ah, another one’s joined in. Oh, and they’ve stepped it up a notch as well. I dunno. Should I send them through to the next round or not? Much more energetic. On you go. On you go. Very good. Okay. You’re through to the. You’re through to the next round. I give you the thumbs up. Good. They’ve stepped it up two notches this time. Woah. Those girls, wants you to, eh, to shoot. Shoot?
Their poem. Oh they’re doing a poem?
Yeah. They doing it in English? Um, in Bahasa Indonesia. Behasa, ah? They want you to shoot. They want me to shoot? Ah, okay, okay. If you don’t mind.
Okay, good. Okay. They are doing now? Just wait.
Okay, okay, okay. Where do you come from? Scotland.
Scotland? You know Scotland? Yeah. You dunno? What you know about Scotland? Scotlandia. Cold, cold country. In Bahasa Indonesia we call Scotland, Scotlandia. Scotlandia? Ah, okay. Ah, Scotlandia. Ah, okay. So the average Indonesian person knows Scotland as Scotlandia. Scotlandia? Okay. Next time someone asks me, I will say Scotlandia. Yeah, okay. They will know, they will know. Okay, good. Ah, very good. Thank you. What was she talking about? Can you translate some? You can speak English, right? Yeah maybe you can tell me something about what she was saying. I can understand but I don’t have any words in my head. Ah, you don’t have any words in your head to translate? Ah. What was the subject? She. Something like she is angry, right? No, they so hurt. Ah, she’s so hurt? Ah.
Yes. So she is talking about she is hurt?
Yes. She has a very strong voice, right?
Right. Yeah, she can, yeah. This poem is just to to celebrate the freedom of Indonesia. Oh, the freedom, ah? Yeah, the 17th of August, we will celebrate the proclamation day. Ah, okay. When she is speaking she is sounding like she is angry about something, right? Yes, it is about the struggle of the hero, when the hero was struggling to reach the freedom of Indonesia at that time.
Ah, Okay. In 1945. Ah, so she is talking about the struggle, right? Yeah, the struggle.
Okay, okay. So, it expresses. Yeah. I can’t understand what she is saying, but I can feel the emotion. She has a very strong voice. She is good, right? She is good? Yeah. Thank you. Okay good. Very good. Okay. Okay. Okay, come. Okay, nice to meet you guys. Bye. Thank you so much. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. [laughter] Awesome. Okay. Okay, bye, bye. You’re handsome. Oh thank you very much. Thank you. Nice to see you all. See you. Okay, take care. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Okay. Can I take a picture? Ah, okay. You know BTS? BTS? Yeah. This Korea, Korea. Back to School, right? I know. This from Korea, right? Back to School. They’re enormous. They’re very famous. Mmm, very famous. We are army. Oh really?
Army BTS. Oh you show me how to do this. Good? Okay. Okay, see you. Thank you, thank you. Very nice to meet you. Bye, bye everyone. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Okay, that was fun. Okay, now I’m gonna go see the wee ice cream man over there and get a wee ice cream and go to that Tjong A Fie Mansion, which is somewhere, around, down this way. I think. That was fun, wasn’t it? Hello pigeons. Oh ice cream man. Walls ice cream man. I hear this music. This good music for me. It means there is ice cream nearby. Can you show me what you have? Ohh. Many ice creams. Oh, Magnum? No, I need something. Cornetto maybe? How much is the Cornetto? How much? No, he doesn’t have the prices. Why you not write? Have numbers? 5? 5,000? What, 15? I don’t understand. Do you have pen? Oh, he want 15,000 for one? Ah, okay, that’s like. How much is 15,000? Wait, I need to translate in my head. 15,000. 10,000 is like 60p. Oh, it’s like a quid. This expensive. This expensive. This big. Big price, right? 15,000. How much local price? Local price? Not understand? 5? 5? No. Uh? It’s like triple the price that he’s asking for there, so I dunno, like. I’d like to help the guy out and buy some ice cream from him. I was actually thinking about buying like 20 ice creams and giving them to the kids. But if he’s charging triple the price, I ain’t gonna do it. Oh, look. In this legit shop, he’s the correct price for all the frozen stuff, like 6,000, 5,000, so like I said that guy definitely was trying to charge me triple. Which is a bloody disgrace. Anyway. What do I want? 1, 2, 3. These look good. How many have I got? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. I guess I need to get like 20 of them. Get a couple of these. That’s 11. What else? Tropicana? I dunno. Big Time Bola. [laughter] Get that. What else we got in here? I’ve no idea what that is. I’ll get one. That’s the prices here. Some of them only like 2,500, 3,000. That one, 4 for 10,000. Right, what else? Get some more of these Cornettos. Some more Feasts. I guess that’s like 20. Okay. Okay, that’s what I’ve got. A bunch of everything. Gonna buy this and take it over to the kids. Okay, finish, 124. Okay. One. Okay. Thank you. See you. Bye. Okay. 124,000 Rupiahs worth of ice cream. Hopefully those kids are still there. I don’t wanna have to eat all this myself. Right, let’s see if I can cross the road. Let yer man through. Let yer man through. Okay, they’re good. They’re letting their man through. Brilliant, there’s our friend. Quickly, walk past him before he sees this big bag of goodies and gets angry at me. [laughter] Right. See if our friends are still up there. Oh, it looks like they are. Good. Couldn’t remember how many people were there. I reckon that’s between 20 and 30 pieces, that I got though. So should be enough I reckon. Oh, friends again. They are still here. Hey, I bought you ice cream. [laughter] Oh, thank you. No problem. Take. Everyone. For everyone. Take. Take what you want. Thank you. Yes, take one for you kid.
Thank you very much. No problem. My pleasure. I take one for myself. I’m gonna try this one. No problem. Okay, enjoy. Tell your friends to take some. I brought you ice cream. You can take if you want. Okay. Okay, see you. Bye. Okay, bye, bye. Bye, bye. Okay. Hopefully that made their day. I dunno, I know if somebody just came and gave me ice cream, that would make my day, so I’m gonna make my day and eat this ice cream and go for a wee wander. Lovely. Oh that’s delicious. It’s like a chocolate version of a Japanese mochi. That, chewy kinda dough, like vanilla ice cream in the middle. Fantastic. Mmm. Lovely. There’s my friend. Hi. Mmm. Eating sweet stuff. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Just what you need on a *hot* day. Something sweet and cold like chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Mmm. Lovely. See if I can cross this bloody road again. Photo, photo. Oh, I’m sweating, sweating. You have somewhere I can put this? You have garbage? Ah, okay. Photo, yes? Photo, ah okay. You on your phone? Ah, okay. You from sir? Scotlandia.
Oh, Scotlandia. You know Scotlandia? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Good. 1, 2, 3. Okay, good. Nice to meet you. See you. Bye. Okay. Good. Okay. Just random people, wanting selfies with you. I guess not many tourists are staying here in Medan. In fact I haven’t seen any other white faces the whole day. And the whole of yesterday either, so, I dunno, I dunno why tourists would come to Medan airport and then just go straight to the jungle or other places in Sumatra, like the touristy places, when I dunno, a city is always very interesting for me. Just seeing how ordinary people are getting on about their daily lives. Just how people do things. You know, like those kids, playing in the park. That kind of thing. All that’s interesting to me. But if you read the guide books. If you read the Lonely Planets and all that garbage, they’re like “No, just skip Medan. There’s nothing to see there.” And that’s good. If you read that, that means you SHOULD go there, because there’s not going to be loads of other tourists there and you’re gonna have a better, more authentic experience. Right, let’s see if I can find this bloke’s mansion that I’ve been talking about going to all day, before it closes. Think it’s like 3 pm by now. Hi, good afternoon. Okay so here we are. This bloke’s mansion. Tjong A Fie. And this is some information about the guy there. That must be his missus. 1860 – 1921, so Tjong A Fie, alias Tjong Fung Nam, was born in 1860, some village in China, a spirited young man, he left mainland China and come to Sumatra, started some kind of grocery business and just built up an empire from there. And this is the guy’s mansion, with like 40 rooms. So, I wonder if we can go in. I wonder how much it is to get in. That’s always the question, isn’t it? See these guys here. Guess they’re dealing with the tickets. Hi. How are you? Good. I can go inside? Yes but we have a ticket. You have tickets? How much are the tickets? 35,000. 35,000. Okay. I pay this lady, or pay you? Yes. This lady. Okay. Okay, so it says guided tour. Yes. It means I have a guide? Oh, you are the guide? You’re gonna show me around the mansion? Oh very good. Where are you from? I’m from Scotlandia. Oh, Scotlandia. You know Scotlandia? Yes, I know.
Yes. More cold than Indonesia. Yeah.
[laughter] That’s why now, very, very, hot. Okay. Okay, good. Okay. Welcome to Tjong A Fie Mansion. Okay. Thank you. This is house of Tjong A Fie.
Yes. Tjong A Fie was the richest guy in Medan. He was the richest one?
Yes. The very richest?
Yes. Number 1. In this city, before, at this time. He came to Indonesia at 1878. Uh huh. With his brothers over there. This is Tjong A Fie. This is Tjong A Fie? Ah, okay. And this all his family? Yes. Oh wow, he has a big family. He was an immigrant banker and planter in Medan. Oh, good. So he was the first Chinese planter in Medan. I read he started from the grocery. He came here, he made a grocery shop.
Yes. And he started everything from there. Then he made the plantations, right? Ah, good. He have four plantation. Four plantations, yeah? Tobacco.
Tobacco. Rubber, coffee.
Rubber, coffee. Palm oil.
Palm oil? Ah, good. Oh, very good. And this is his 3rd wife. His 3rd wife? Yes. The first wife was in Qingdao, China. Uh huh. Don’t have children. Don’t have children, yeah? Divorced.
Divorced, yeah? Then came to Malaysia for business. There with 2nd wife. Have 2 children and 2nd wife pass away and married in Indonesia with this. Ah, this Indonesian lady he married? Ah, very nice. And 7 children. 7 children. 1st brother, and this 2nd. Oh he’s big. 3rd.
3rd, yeah. 4, 5, 6 and 7.
Oh, wow. Even when he was old he was still having babies? Good. It’s taken in 1920 on Tjong A Fie’s 60th birthday. His family, they still own this building? Yes. They own this building. To the right side of this building. But they don’t live here, right? Now they just keep it for showing everyone about the?
Yeah. For the museum we use the centre and the left side. Centre and left side? And on the right side, what? Ah, for the family. Oh, the family are still living there? Oh really? The right side of the building.
Yeah. But we cannot go there, right?
Yeah, okay. For their privacy. Okay, good. He become confidant with Sultan Deli. Ah, Sultan of Deli, yeah. Yeah, powerful, yeah. And he become Major. Ah, okay. Major for Chinese community. Uh huh.
In Medan. Ah, so the Sultan of Deli, he gave him this title? Yes.
Ah, okay, good. He have a very, very important plantation. So he can become rich and build this building in 1895. Finish after 5 years. Then he designed 3 living rooms. Ah, 3 living rooms, yeah? First living room. Oh, nice. It’s for Malay guests. Yeah. And for Sultan Deli. Uh huh. This scribe, Sultan Deli. This Sultan Deli. Ah, okay. This the king of Medan? Yes.
Uh huh. And he’s designed colour yellow and green. Green meaning for Muslim and yellow for Delhi. Kingdom. Very nice, and he have the big doors for letting the air in, so this yeah very nice. Good design. And he also donate one third of construction Mosque Raya. Uh huh. Ah, the biggest mosque in Medan. Oh really? So he paid for one third of the mosque to be built? Ah, okay. Have you ever visit? Ah I’ve seen it. I’ve not been inside but I have seen, from outside I have seen. It’s very big. Yeah, very big. And then, next to the 2nd living room. 2nd living room. And this living room. This the 2nd living room, uh? Yes. Okay. It’s for international and Europe guests. Yes. Also for government general Dutch in Indonesia. During colonialism. It’s made by marble and Iron Wood. Oh, these are the original furniture? Yes, original furniture. Decorate with shells. Yes. Oh, decorated with shells? Oh, very nice. And he imagined. Oops, I’m breaking.
Never mind. Never mind? Okay. Okay, good. Then he designed courtyard. Courtyard. Oh, it’s beautiful. Yes.
Oh wow. Very nice. You can also see in Penang. Yeah. And the bottom stone if from Penang too. This from Penang, yeah? So if it’s a rainy day, the water will absorb to the stones. Ah, really? So it doesn’t flood the place. It just, the stone absorbs the rain. Ah, that’s good. Wow, this bed is incredible. It’s huge. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Very nice. And they also have vacuum cleaner, in 1902. They had a vacuum cleaner in 1902? This is it? The original one? Wow! Yeah. This for what? For weight?
Weight. This also from 1902, or around this? Wow! Incredible. Dutch government general give award for him. Golden star because fix problem in plantation.
Yeah. Oh, good. Oh, traditional kitchen. This, this one. Yeah. Ah, so it’s made like this. Like half outside so that you know, there’s no ventilation back in those days, right? So this is the ventilation. Oh really. For making powder. Making powder, yeah? Put inside it and grind. Powder will come. You can still do like this? Yes. Yeah, good. Powder will come out here. And this one is for cooking rice. Yeah. And this for alkohol. Akohol? Yes. Huh, good. And next we have oven. Yep, but this oven’s newer than 1902, right? This made in 1960’s or something? Yeah. And this, the meat. Yeah, grinding. Yeah, okay. For deign, half western and half Chinese. That’s good, yeah, good mix of cultures. So how many staff would he have, for the kitchen and everything? 7 until 10 servants. Between 7 and 10 servants? Just for the family? Oh, good. Oh, wow. The board room, Oh wow. of this house. Yeah, it’s huge. It’s so big. This have three Europe designs. Yeah. This lamp is from England. An English lamp? And the roof, design, Yeah? is from Italy. An Italian roof, English lampshade. And that lamp from Austria. Austrian lamp. Very nice. This one, 7th son bedroom. Wow. Sometimes the 7th son families came to this house and they sleep at this house. Oh really, ah? in this room. Just for the 7th son family. Yeah. Wow. Their the 7th son. The 7th son there. Tjong Soeng Liong. Youngest son. Over there, it’s guest bedroom. It’s a new one. Oh, this the guest bedroom. It’s still used for granddaughter room.
Oh, nice. Granddaughter still comes here to sleep. Now she was live in Lombok. She lives in Lombok. But is she comes back she can stay in this house? Stay in this room? Yes.
Ah, okay. Hello. Hi. Friendly people. [laughter] See you. Bye. I’m from Scotlandia. You know Scotlandia? Yeah, good. Cool. Okay, yeah, it is cool and cold. It’s a cold country. Not hot like Indonesia. This is too hot for me. Okay, see you. See you. Bye.
Bye. Go through one of this guy’s living rooms and find my way out of this mansion. As lovely as it is. Beautiful place. Really pretty cool that the entrance fee includes a guided tour as well. Right, is this the way out? Looks like this is closed. This is not the way I came in, is it? Okay, thank you. Very nice. See you. Bye. Okay, good. Okay. So there’s some grand palace near here that was open in the 1800’s, which is closing in about an hour. I want to see if I can use GoJek to make my way there. That’s what I’m gonna try and do from here. Is this the guy here? 3567 is the man. Hello, GoJek. This is my man. Okay. Mr Dale?
Yes, Mr Dale. Okay. This for me, helmet? Okay. 6,000 okay. Okay, keep the change. Thank you. Okay, no problem. See you. Bye. Welcome in Medan. Oh, great. Thank you very much. Okay, people here so friendly. It’s nice. And with the GoJek you don’t even have to worry about bargaining for the price and stuff like that, that you do with these guys. I dunno if these guys are even on GoJek, but that one earlier trying to charge me 30,000 just to go to the mall, which was a longer distance than that motorbike driver 6,000 on GoJek, so like 5 times the price, you know? Anyway, gonna go check this place out. I reckon over there somewhere is the, is the big Grand Mosque. I’m not gonna go and visit that. I’m just gonna go and visit this royal palace place here. Maybe get a wee bite to eat there when I’m finished. Looks like people just chillin’ out. Just coming down to sunset. Everyone just hanging around, relaxing. Very nice. Maybe go in here. Hi. One of these places, you have to take your shoes off. Unfortunately. Right, let’s see if these $170 shoes will still be here when I come back. Hopefully. What’s this for? Ticket yeah, ticket? Museum? Okay. 1 person? 1 person, yes. 10,000. 10,000? Okay. Okay, thank you.
Thank you. My shoes are safe there, yes? Okay, good. So this place is really busy and no information anywhere, so I don’t know anything about this place. I’m just wandering around. Oh, wow. These two look amazing. Photobombed. Okay. Thank you for letting me photobomb you. [laughter] Okay. Do you know anything about this place? There’s no information in English so I don’t know anything about this. I don’t have much knowledge about this. Em, only what has been written on the pictures. So other than that, I don’t have information. Well, it looks nice. Yes, yes. It’s just, the royal family, yeah? Malay, Malayo. It’s a Malay royal palace? Yeah, palace. It’s very nice. Do you know why these people are dressed like this? This is Malays traditional dress. Ah. Maybe they are getting photos because they are getting married, or something like that, no? They’re just having fun? They pretend to be like Malay couple. A Malay couple or like royal couple? Because this is gold. The royal colours. Yeah, this gold. Yeah. Okay. You can rent for like 20 dollars. 20, not 20. 20…. thousand rupees? Yeah, I can rent it where? I’m from New York, so.
You’re from New York? Oh. But I’m originally from here. Oh really, so you come back to visit your family and everything? Ah okay, good. Yeah. Thank you for visiting. How are you managing the weather compared to New York? It’s hot. I’m feeling hot right now. For me it’s impossible. [laughter] Yeah. I’m trying. I’m trying my best. It’s very humid in here. Yes, the humidity is the most thing, right? Because it feels wet everywhere. Yeah.
It feel muggy. Yeah. [laughter] Thank you for coming here. Oh, my pleasure. Okay, nice to meet you. Okay, bye, bye. Hello. Oh hi. How are you? Hi. Good.
Where do you come from? Scotlandia. Oh. You know Scotlandia? Oh nice to meet you too. By the way, you look like Shawn Mendes. Who? Shawn Mendes. I don’t know who this is. It’s my favourite artist. Oh really? This is someone good? Yes.
Okay, good. I’m flattered. What is your name? My name is Dale. What is your name? My name is Nadra. Nadra? Najua.
Najua? Yes.
And you are from Medan? Oh good. This your brother? It’s my cousin. Your cousin? This, mother? Mum, oh you’re mum for the cousin. Ah, okay. And you come here to visit this, ah. Do you anything about this royal palace? Nobody, there’s not much information, right? We’re for the first time for here. The first time here, yeah? I’m trying to find some information. [laughter] Okay. Okay, nice to see. Oh, you want take photo? Hah.
Okay. Okay. Thank you so much. Okay, see you. Have fun. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Okay. Well. Well the New York lady said you could rent the clothes which may be fun, but I’m a bit sweaty. I think that’s what they’re doing now. I don’t want to ruin their clothes with my Scottish sweat, that’s the only thing. What’s this? This the clothes is it? Oh, very nice. Oh, yeah. Ah. It’s costume Malay. Ah. Where the gold one? You just kicked her ass? Ah, no, no. This is my friend. Why you kick, why you kick your friend’s ass? It’s not good. I very love she. I just kids. Just playing, yeah? Ah, okay. You vlogger?
Eh? You vlogger? Frogger? What is Frogger? YouTuber? Yes, I’m YouTuber, yeah. This is woman crazy. Okay. Crazy? Ah, okay, I understand, I understand. Okay, maybe you can subscribe to me? I get one more subscriber. YouTube, okay, good. Thank you. What’s your name? What’s your channel? Dale Philip. [laughter] What’s your channels? Oh, you have internet? I can put in for you. Yeah, I help you for subscribe your channel. Oh good. One new subscriber. This is good. Oh yeah.
Good. Me hate she. I hate she. [laughter] You hate? No, no, this is [inaudbile]. She says you’re her friend. Friend. No.
No friends? What name your channel? Dale Philip. D A L E space P.
Where do you come from? Scotlandia. Oh, Scotlandia. You know? This, Dale Philip. Yes, I always seen. This me. Oh it’s you.
Yes. Where do you come from?
Scotlandia, Scotlandia. Yes. Yes. Yeah, what is this? This is a costume Malay. Costume Malay. But I am very sweaty. I don’t want to waste your clothes. Yeah. You only have this one, blue? I see some man, he have a gold colour one. Colour gold. Yes, you have? You have gold? Yes, I have. Oh, show me. Follow me. What? [laughter] This is gold. This is gold? Yeah, this is gold. Oh yeah, I want to try this one. This. This is for king, king. King? Yes, I want to be the king. Today I can be the king. Yeah.
Oh very good. Okay, today I will be the king. How much this cost for wearing this? 20,000 Rupiahs.
20,000? Okay, good. Do you want try?
Yes, I will try. Okay, I go in here? Okay. Oh wow. Beautiful, beautiful. Beautiful?
Yes. So nice. Like mother, like daughter. Yes, same same. Okay. Black? I want gold, gold. King. King, yeah. I want to be the king. Yeah, king. King or prince? I don’t know. Okay, I will be the prince. This makes me sound. Yeah. You’re single or? Yeah, I’m single, I’m single. Single will be prince, not the king. Prince? Okay, I will be the prince. Okay, so I just put over this? Okay. Can you hold for me? Okay, now you are YouTuber. Same? Oh they are the same on both sides? Same.
Same on both sides? Okay. I think my butt is too big. [laughter] My butt is too big. He needs the, more bigger. Yeah, I need one for the men with big butts. Hello my beautiful, girl? This is the English man. Scottish man. Scottish man? Okay, I’m sorry, sorry, sorry. Oh you offend me. Calling me English. [laughter] Okay. Now I feel even more hot. My daughter said to me “Mum, he is speak English, English.” Speak English? Yes, yes. She’s learning in the school English? Yes.
Good. Right now just learn the primary. Primary 1. From Primary 1 everyone is learning English? Yes.
Oh, that’s good. Since primary 1, everyone learn English in Indonesia. Yeah, I dunno. Maybe English is international language. Yes, it’s important for business and everything. We hope the Indonesia will learn in. Do I pay now? No, no, no. It’s dark. Yeah, it’s still on, yes. The screen.
Yeah, just to save battery it turns off. Yeah, because many people they attach to here or something, or a helmet. But this is two daughters? This is my husband. Oh, your husband. Ah, okay. You have a beautiful family. Thank you so much. Thank you.
Where you come from? Scotlandia. Oh yeah?
Yeah. Glasgow Rangers, okay? Glasgow Rangers my team. Glasgow Rangers. Hello, Glasgow Rangers! Yes! Oh, good.
Yes. Most people when I say Scotland, they are saying Celtic, Glasgow Celtic. And then I’m like “oh.” But you are saying Glasgow Rangers. Yes, the good team. The good team. That’s good. What is your name? Angel. Angel? Oh wow, that’s a beautiful name. Nice to meet you angel. My name is Dale. Nice too meet you too sir. Nice to meet you. Ah, good. This is the big sister. Hi big sister. What is your name? You? What’s your name?
Yes. My name. My name is Dale. April. Her name? Her name is April. Afirl?
Yeah. Because her month is April too. April or Afril? April. April. April, ah. Her month is. Oh, like the same month. Ah, she was born in April. Ah, okay. That’s interesting. Ah, okay. She is shy, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. She’s more shy than her little sister. Oh, handsome. Hi. Yes, I am the king. [laughter] You are the king of Malay. Yeah. Okay, I got a sword as well? And a badge. Very good. And a hat. Okay.
Okay. Oh, handsome. Handsome, huh? Handsome. It’s handsome? Oh, thank you, thank you. I don’t know how I’m looking. Maybe there’s a mirror here? Oh, very good. So sweaty. I wish I was not. I wish I wasn’t as sweaty. Yeah it would feel so much better. Okay, yes. Oh. [laughter] Okay.
Okay, good. Oh there’s an actual sword in here? Oh, wow. Photo. Angel. This is April and this is Mr Handsome from Scotland.
Dale. My name is Dale. [laughter] Yes. And what is your name? My name is Ferra. Ferra? Pleased to meet you. Okay. Okay, over to the big chair? Yeah.
Ah, okay. It says the king’s throne. We are going to the throne room. The royal family. Mister please, can I take a photo. Oh, you want to take photo together? Ah, okay. Okay. Good? Okay. Aw, they’re adorable. They’re so nice. Yes.
So cute. Yeah. Beautiful. Here mister. Ah, okay. Take another. Ah, okay. Okay, good. Again? It’s very. Yeah, it’s a good one. Okay, and now straight to your chair. I think the lense is wide. Wide lense. White lense? Wide? Yes, wide lense, yeah. It’s like a fish eye. Yeah, like this. Yeah. Okay, nice to see you. It was fun. Take care. I’ll go pay this woman for the costume. Glasgow Rangers, go, go, go.
Glasgow Rangers, yes. Okay, oh, shake hands. Okay, nice to see you. Bye, bye. Nice to see you. Bye, bye. Bye. Okay. Hi. Oh yeah, okay, sure. Okay. This for you. 20,000. Okay, nice to see you. It was very fun. Okay, see you. Bye. Okay. Finished. Time to get out of here and back to the hotel for a shower. My hotel isn’t that far away from here either. Right, let’s go. Okay, sir. Okay, thank you for looking after my shoes. Okay, thank you. Bye. Okay. Sir. Hi.
Your bag. Huh?
Your bag. Yeah I pay. Your bag in my store. Oh, my bag. Oh, yeah. You wait here, I’ll take. Oh really?
Yeah. Okay, thank you. I forgot my bag. Oh, so stupid. Forget my bag. Forget my bag. Yeah. Yeah. Whoops. Okay, my bag is here. Ah, no thank you. Okay, so, I left my bag, haha, and the girl had to come and chase me with my bag, which is nice. As I walk back to my hotel, there’s all these little eateries outside the grand mosque there. I’m not gonna go inside there, although it does look very nice from the outside, but yeah, that’s me for today. For my wee adventure in Medan. Unless I find something interesting to do later on, this will be the video guys. So, thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Certainly fun, isn’t it? Hi.
Hi. She says she wants to practise her English with me, right? Okay, what is your name? My name is Cindy. Cindy? Hi, my name is Dale. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Okay. I’m from Scotland. I’m from Indonesia. Oh good. Indonesia is a very nice country. Oh, thank you sir. These are all your friends? Yes. Okay. You are students? Friends. We are friends.
Friends, friends? What are you doing today? Hang out and. Oh, just hang out? This a place for hanging out? There’s some nice food and things here, yeah? There’s a cinema? Oh, very good. Yeah. Okay, very nice. So handsome. Oh, thank you, thank you. You’re very nice. Okay. [laughter] I’m going to my hotel now because very hot. Can we take picture? Oh, you want what?
Take a pic. Take photo, yeah you can take photo. Take photo. Hold. Hold, hold. 1,2, 3. Okay.
Once more. Okay, nice. Okay. Okay, good. Okay, nice to meet you. Very cool. Nice to meet you all. It was very nice. Nice to see you. nice to see you. Okay. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Nice to see you. Uh? What this? Can, excuse me sir. Huh? What you need? Hi, your name? Oh, no I have to go now for shower. I’m very hot. You know? I need to take shower now. Nice to see you guys. Okay, this, you are praying here? You are sallah, sallah here? Okay, no problem. Okay, nice to see you. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Okay, well that’s me from Medan, Indonesia. Maybe took 100 selfies today. I dunno. But it was certainly fun. Hope you guys enjoyed the video, as much as I enjoyed this city today. Tomorrow going to Bukit Lawang to go into the jungle and maybe see some Orangutans. so stay tuned to the video series guys. See you.

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