Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Office

It doesn’t get much better than reruns of
The Office, and sometimes you notice things you never caught before. From creepy clown paintings to Call of Duty
​screen names, here are some of the best Easter eggs to look out for the next time
you settle in to binge watch America’s favorite workplace in action. Even the most casual viewers of The Office
know that the American series didn’t begin with an original idea. It’s a remake inspired by a British show by
the same name. This original series ran from 2001 to 2003
and focused on the fictional paper company Wernham Hogg in the British town of Slough. The American show takes place in Scranton,
Pennsylvania, but it still has a connection to its British cousin’s hometown. In the season 5 episode “Blood Drive,” Michael
pulls together a depressing little Valentines Day shindig for all of his single coworkers,
harboring secret hopes that he will be able to reconnect with a woman he met earlier in
the day. As he shows off the flyer he’s created for
the event, the camera zooms in, revealing that the address for Dunder Mifflin is “1725
Slough Ave.” The address seems to be a nod to the location
of the original Wernham Hogg paper company. It’s not a one-time incident either, in the
last episode of season 6, Dwight refers to the street by name again. “Cancel it. I want you to make an offer at 1725 Slough
Avenue. Make ’em an offer they can’t refuse.” The story of Angela and Dwight’s secret love
is a long one, starting early on in the show and winding through several ups and downs
before they finally tie the knot, Schrute style, while standing in their own graves
in the series finale. Truly, they’re the show’s perfect match, to
the point where they even seem to have the same favorite song. It’s made clear from early on that Angela
is a huge fan of “The Little Drummer Boy.” Every time a karaoke machine is fired up,
that’s the song she looks for. She even asks Andy if they can use it for
their first dance when they’re planning their wedding. “Is there any way our first dance can be to
my favorite song? The Little Drummer Boy?” With that in mind, it’s interesting that,
in the pilot for the show, it’s none other than the Assistant to the Regional Manager
himself who is shown aggressively humming that particular carol as he sets up for work. “Mmm no gifts for you, parumpumpumpum.” Does this imply that the relationship between
the two goes back even further than the beginning of the show? Either way, the connection seems too clear
to be an accident. The whole teapot episode in season 2 is an
iconic moment in the Pam and Jim timeline. After Michael turns a simple Secret Santa
Christmas party into an impromptu white elephant gift swap, Jim is frustrated to find that
his romantically-intentioned teapot gift for Pam has fallen into the hands of his nemesis,
Dwight. “I get sinus infections and sinus infections
can be cured by making a tea from green tea leaves stems…” “Okay.” “…and pouring it into your nose like so.” Pam ultimately makes the right move, though,
by choosing to exchange her fancy new iPod for Jim’s thoughtful (if humble) gift instead. But that isn’t the only time that the gift
appears in the show. Almost two years later, in the season 4 episode
“Branch Wars,” Pam meets with the exquisitely refined “Finer Things Club.” As the club enjoys their fancy lunch, the
very same teapot Pam got from her soon-to-be beau shows up on the table. Here’s hoping it had been washed thoroughly,
hopefully several times, since Dwight shoved it up his nose. While the show focuses pretty tightly on a
small handful of characters, the rest of Dunder Mifflin’s employees usually have their own
lives going on in the background, complete with their own long-running plots. Take, for instance, Stanley’s troubled marriage,
which only gets worse as the series goes on. The issue even comes to a head in the season
6 opener, “Gossip,” in which Michael leaks the secret of Stanley having an affair to
the entire office. While that episode ends with Stanley getting
a small measure of cathartic revenge, it turns out that the struggling salesman actually
does want to improve his relationships…sort of. In the season 7 episode “Ultimatum,” Pam encourages
her coworkers to come up with New Year’s resolutions. Some of these are minor items, like Pam attempting
to drink less caffeine, but others get pretty ridiculous, like Creed trying to do the perfect
cartwheel or Dwight’s search for…well, let’s just call it romance. “My resolution is: meet a loose woman.” The resolution that has to take the cake,
though, is Stanley’s double commitment to, quote, “be a better husband and boyfriend.” Each of those on their own is an admirable
goal, but it might be pretty difficult to pull off both at the same time. As the last two seasons of The Office unfold,
Dwight slowly but surely sees his life fall into place in virtually every way. He finds love, unwittingly has a son, gets
his black belt, inherits a 1,600 acre beet farm, and finally, at long last, becomes the
regional manager of the Scranton Branch of Dunder Mifflin. It’s not just the big stuff, though. Dwight’s life is so perfect at this point
that even his smallest, most obscure wishes start to come true. Case in point: the rocking chair. When Dwight accompanies Michael to a cocktail
party at David Wallace’s house way back in Season 3, he spends time admiring a wooden
rocking chair in Wallace’s son’s bedroom, and declares that he wants one for himself. “Oh, good, you’re up. Hey, who makes this chair?” Cut to Season 9, more than half a decade later. In the episode “The Farm,” Dwight is interviewed
as he sits in a gorgeous wooden rocking chair that just so happens to look exactly like
the one he was wishing for six seasons earlier. Michael Scott is proud of his possessions,
and nowhere is this made more clear than in the season 4 episode “Dinner Party,” in which
Michael exhibits his pathetically small plasma screen television. “I will just stand here and watch television
for hours. I love it. I love this TV.” Later in the episode, Jan throws one of Michael’s
many Dundee Awards at it, cracking the screen and infuriating Michael in the process. That isn’t the last time we see Michael’s
beloved and broken miniature TV, though. The wall-mounted wonder made a cameo a year
later, tucked behind another TV, in the fifth season episode “Dream Team.” If that wasn’t enough, it shows up yet again
nearly two whole seasons later in the episode “Garage Sale,” sitting plain as day on Michael
and Holly’s table. It looks like the much more grounded influence
of Holly may have finally convinced Michael to let go of his prized entertainment possession
once and for all. As an interesting little side note, the garage
sale also shows the creepy clown painting first seen when Jim buys Pam a house in season
5. Hopefully whoever bought it was able to keep
it out of the hands of the notorious Scranton art thieves. “I tried to move it, but he is really nailed
in there. Worried about art theft, I guess. Lots of art thieves in this neighborhood.” In the season 2 episode “The Injury,” Michael
Scott wakes up and steps on his George Foreman grill, cooking his foot in the process. While the injury is minor, he ends up milking
it all day long. When asked why he had a George Foreman grill
by his bedside in the first place, he explains that every night before he goes to sleep he
lays out six pieces of bacon on a grill in his bedroom. When he wakes up, he pops on the grill, goes
back to sleep, and then wakes up a second time to the delicious smell of sizzling bacon. “It is delicious, it’s good for me, it’s the
perfect way to start the day.” It appears that Michael’s morning bacon habits
die hard. The grill shows up yet again two seasons later,
in the season 4 episode “Dinner Party” as Michael and Jan give Jim and Pam a rather
uncomfortable tour of their bedroom. For all of her quirky, erratic behavior, Jan’s
apparently okay with the smell of bacon each morning…after it’s been sitting out all
night. A good portion of season 3 follows Jim as
he tries to get away from his crush on Pam and attempts to begin a new life at the Dunder
Mifflin branch in Stamford. One episode, “The Coup,” follows the Stamford
squad as they practice team-building exercises by playing Call of Duty against each other. The group is highly skilled at playing the
video game at this point, but the Scranton newcomer spectacularly fails to get on the
bandwagon. “Saboteur! Saboteur!” “Andy, it’s not-” “I’m gonna kill you for real.” In order to give her new coworker a hand,
Karen shows Jim how to navigate out of a corner, only to shoot him a moment later. That’s when we get to see her screen name
for these inter-office deathmatches: “Karen the Jim Slayer.” Pretty specific, but also pretty appropriate. Michael Scott has been known to bend the truth
from time to time, and that’s to be expected from a guy who was Dunder Mifflin’s top salesman
for two years running back in the day. When it comes to his management skills, though,
the man seems a bit more insecure…and determined to prove a point. There’s the famous World’s Best Boss mug that
he bought himself, one of the first things we see in the show’s pilot, but that’s not
Michael’s only dubious claim to fame. A plaque holding a certification can frequently
be seen on the wall of his office. Sharp-eyed viewers may note that it’s not
a diploma, it’s a “Certificate of Authenticity” for his watch. Even better? Judging by the slightly misspelled brand name,
it identifies Michael as the proud owner of a knockoff. While the writing on the certificate can be
difficult to make out, there’s one episode where it’s clearly visible, and it makes for
an often overlooked second layer to a gag. You can see it in the season 4 finale “Goodbye
Toby,” which also happens to be the same episode in which Michael is forced to give his watch
to Toby as a goodbye present after being an awful boss for so many years. “I am going to give Toby… ” “Your watch?” If that’s not poetic justice, we don’t know
what is. There’s a good portion of the series devoted
to the ongoing duel between Assistant Regional Managers. In one corner of the ring, we have the obvious
candidate Dwight Schrute. “That’s why you have an Assistant Regional
Manager.” “Yes, it is. Assistant to the Regional Manager.” “Same thing.” “No, it’s not. It’s lower, so.” “It’s close.” His endless pursuit to escape being the “Assistant
to the Regional Manager” doesn’t quite end until he leapfrogs the issue entirely by being
made the full-blown manager in season 9, at which time he appoints himself as his own
assistant to the assistant to the regional manager. In the other corner, we have Jim Halpert. While he does spend some time as “co-manager”
in season 6, Jim actually climbs the corporate ladder to the Assistant Regional Manager position
much faster than that. In the season 3 episode “Diwali”, Jim, Karen,
and Andy have to work late and end up drinking a bit too much while they’re at it. At one point, the camera shows Jim, passed
out on his desk with his name placard in front of him. It reads, “Jim Halpert Asst. Regional Manager.” Not a single “to the” in sight. Seems we have a winner. Most of the time, Creed is the one in the
office who isn’t quite what he seems. “I run a small, fake ID company from my car
with a laminating machine that I swiped from the sheriff’s station.” However, in one episode it’s none other than
Jim Halpert who seems to have a secret identity. As all truly devoted fans will recall, season
4 kicks off with Meredith Palmer being struck by Michael Scott’s car. It’s a banner incident in the show that kicks
off a running joke and even makes it into the montage of incidents referenced in the
“Seasons of Love” parody that the crew sings to Michael at his very last Dundies ceremony,
right before he exits the show in season 7. When Meredith returns to work after the accident
in the season 4 episode “Launch Party,” she asks Jim to sign her cast. He agrees before realizing that Meredith’s
injured pelvis has presented him with a pretty unusual place sign a cast. Needless to say, it’s a little uncomfortable,
even without Meredith’s awkward flirting. So uncomfortable, in fact, that it might just
have broken Jim’s character. As he awkwardly signs his name, fans might
notice that it looks an awful lot like it says “John Krasinski” rather than “Jim Halpert.” He even dots two i’s when he’s finished, his
character’s name only has one. The Schrute family is well known for its sense
of tradition, longevity, and attention to detail. While this can be seen in everything from
the venerable Schrute Farms family home to Dwight’s impeccable work performance, there’s
one thing that sums it all up perfectly: the American flag. Not just any American flag, though. We’re talking about the one flying from the
porch of Schrute Farms. When some of the group visits Dwight on his
family farm in the episode “Doomsday” in season 8, they pass a flag on their way out. If you look closely, it’s missing some stars,
35, to be precise. The 15-star flag was used between 1795 and
1818, which also happens to be the period during which Schrute farms was founded. The accuracy isn’t just fun to spot, it’s
also appropriately located on the home of the most likely person in the entire office
who would care about a detail like that in the first place. The season 5 episode “The Surplus” follows
the office as they struggle to decide how to spend a budgetary surplus before it reverts
back to corporate. The decision splits the group into two factions:
one in favor of getting new chairs, the other for getting a new copier. Critically, Pam and Jim find themselves on
opposite sides of the discussion, making this one of the few times that the newly engaged
couple are pitted against one another. At one point, Oscar and Jim take Michael out
to lunch in order to schmooze him about the benefits of getting a new copier. When they return, Jim brings Pam some tiramisu
from the restaurant. Pam jokingly takes the gift with a smile,
only to then throw it into the garbage can in defiance. Clearly, Pam will not be bought off with fancy
cake. The back and forth is comical, but it turns
out that the delicious dessert hasn’t hit the end of the line quite yet. A bit later in the episode, Michael is seen
eating tiramisu as he talks to David Wallace on the phone. Then, to bring it all home, during a big speech
designed to cover the fact that he’s shooting for a bonus by returning the surplus to corporate,
Michael reveals where he got his snack from as he berates the office for being spoiled. “We are spoiled because we throw out perfectly
good tiramisu because it has a little, tiny hair on it.” The most surprising thing? That’s not even the weirdest food choice Michael
makes in this one episode. Every show has its list of slip-ups and continuity
mistakes. The Office, for instance, will occasionally
show an exterior shot with a suspiciously Californian palm tree on what’s supposed to
be a chilly morning in Scranton, Pennsylvania, something that’s especially noticeable in
Season 3’s “Traveling Salesman.” There are a few others that slipped through
the cracks, though, and you can spot one in season 8’s “Pool Party.” In the episode, the staff heads over to Robert
California’s house after hours in order to throw one last party before he sells the home
off to the highest bidder. While most of the crew spends time taking
advantage of their boss’ luxurious indoor pool, another group is taken on a long, boozy
tour of the mansion led by Mr. California himself. As they go along, observing each room and
sucking up to California as he endlessly monologues, each member of the tour is gifted with their
own bottle of wine, recklessly taken from the soon-to-be-sold wine cellar. At one point, as they observe a “king size”
bear rug made from two bears sewn together, Oscar takes a swig from his bottle, only to
reveal a note on the bottom that reads “Oscar” that wasn’t there earlier. Either the accountant is extremely particular
about labeling his things, or somebody forgot to remove the prop label before the cameras
started rolling. The Office is known for having some of the
best cold opens in sitcom history. Michael and Dwight’s attempt at making a parkour
video? Michael’s truly incredible, wildly gif-worthy
reaction to Toby’s return? Randall Park’s appearance as “Asian Jim” for
one of the most elaborate entries in Jim and Dwight’s ongoing prank war? They’re all classics, but one of the best
cold opens for the show takes place in the season 3 episode “Product Recall.” In it, Jim arrives for work decked out in
an outfit that makes him look just like Dwight. From the dorky haircut to the glasses, short
sleeved shirt, and beeper, the entire ensemble is on point. “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.” After his initial arrival, Jim explains that
he got the outfit on the cheap, spending just four bucks on the glasses and pulling the
rest of the pieces together for a mere seven extra dollars. According to the total that he adds up on
his Dwight-esque calculator watch, the grand total for the prank was the very affordable
sum of eleven dollars. It’s a memorable joke and one of the highlights
of the series, but what really puts it over the top is a subtle moment that we’re treated
to at the end of the episode. Angela, frustrated by a day of filling in
on customer service calls, rips into Kevin for failing to add up the numbers on a payroll
form correctly. The numbers in question? The same ones added up on the calculator watch
back in the cold open: Four plus seven. That’s a little too specific to be a coincidence,
so we’re left with one amazing fact: not only did Jim pull off an A-plus prank, but he also
managed to get reimbursed for it as a business expense. Hey, if Michael can spend company money hand
over fist for all those big dinners at the local Chili’s, then Jim should be able to
expense costs incurred while boosting office morale. The only question left is whether Dwight thought
to file those same forms when he dressed up as Jim. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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