things writers get asked (that we hate, btw) 🌻 anika walkes

what is that um it's me obviously if you are here you know that it's me um and obviously from the title you know that I'm a writer so I'm going to be doing or telling you five sides it's my fingers yes five things that most writers get asked at one point or another I'm a fiction writer and I have get gotten asked most of these questions I think one of them I haven't but I know a lot of people who have so I'm adding it it yep so questions that writers get asked that by the way we do not like so can I read you a book I mean if you're someone I know really well and someone I trust and if I am actually looking for people to read it then yes yes you may but a lot of the time probably not unless it's until it's published I mean not to be rude but it's still a work in progress and so what's you pick about like what's it about that's a hard that's one of the hardest questions because I don't even know to be completely and utterly honest with you I am not even completely sure what it's about why isn't caramel moving so much um yeah so I either normally I'll either like tell you like oh it's about it's a young adult fantasy about two people who team up to save an empire you know but a lot of the time like it's okay to ask this question just expect the person to freak out a little bit most likely yeah are you ever going to publish your book I mean you've been working on for a long time so just just wondering hopefully um that's kind of a like saying are you ever going to publish here that's kind of offensive because we work really hard on what we do and even if it's taking us a long time it's still where we're still doing our best you know and trying to get it like we're trying to move in that direction it just may not be going as fast as we and other people want it to be so sorry yeah so do you plan on having another job or something like that like other than ready I mean not honesty probably but at least until I'm married but I can't you know make money off of being writers so it's not like yeah like when people ask our I was writing gonna be your career or is like writing gonna be a hobby and you'll have another career no no writing is gonna be my career I just yeah cuz you can actually make money off of that it may seem unbelievable but it's true so can you write me a book I mean like if you're really close to me maybe but I don't know writing a book is a lot I could dedicate a book to you um not sure if I could write you one unless you wanted wait few years unless you're like my family or my best friend in the entire world you know then I'd probably write you a book without you even asking but okay so this last one technically isn't something that people say to writers it's something they do specifically a lot of people that I know unfortunately it just oh my goodness um it's not something that I like very much so when people do like this when people look over my shoulder while I'm writing I just immediately stop and I can't like like uh it's not it's not that I don't like that you're interested in what I'm doing it's just that I probably don't want you reading the very messy draft of when I'm writing and it also just makes me uncomfortable when someone's chain is resting basically on my shoulder as they're watching what I type as I'm typing it it definitely gives you anxiety having someone do that so maybe may be asked to read over my shoulder first I'll probably say no but but ask please and thank you that is all I had and I know there are definitely plenty of other things that people do that writers don't like but that's all I came up with for now and um hopefully hopefully I'll make another video I promised last time that I would make one before I died again and I haven't died yet and here this is if it ever gets uploaded so yeah I guess this is it um the end goodbye Bonjour no way I haven't done my duolingo in how long so he's out

5 thoughts on “things writers get asked (that we hate, btw) 🌻 anika walkes

  1. Thank you for this video! <3 It’s SO TRUE, and now I have motivation to write for some reason. πŸ˜‰

  2. You're doing something right when your views are more than your subscribers nods

  3. "wHaT aRe YoU wRiTiNg ThEre"
    "Nothing, now that you're watching me…"

    well done!!! applause XD <3

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