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Inga portaloo is not TV channel you recession recession not basing it to
connect in the video later met recession important enough wonderful are the new
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will recharge dope manufacture progress let’s go man
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sakti korean humble I wrote I don’t know how mr. Medina ketchup on whatever a
parcel of if they have a lemon I’ll click open Avila so either the in
recession I’ve been so longer another GDP other in the audio with you this co-
Bobo in the recession since the recession
temblor Nina in Allah or Nagarajan in the video in the session temblor mother
learning avoid favoritism this shall market let you miss front of it if I
shall market of Athena prices luck or negative or old company ABC more company
into coming here Allah knows the shuttle if you lose I get sober attempt for know
are not in the same not avoid further than all of it
Warren Buffet know what are the three on very investor I would wanna buy low sell
high whatever boom will honeycomb that I
think about boomer this with in La Jolla uh-huh
it wasn’t hungry giving it are the heroes in the decision yeah what or not
continue upward into the urge stuff would evolve oh-ah oh-ah oh-ah oh-ah
oh-ah Braga in the recession continued I didn’t know
is the delay economic depression Sudama 1929 like Great Depression watching us
tailor our stock market crash I see a poor company we are gonna like it push
on an image format are they a rule over the key use the notion seen on a 1929
look for engineer other will be are the would you well
19:54 look imagine runner so other than Allah better shall praise job market
investment of that ah – does it mean whatever I do not not Ipoh Nino
whatsoever so would a company learning in general about the treating our
company life but the person taking more performances are not use the person like
a beacon to Dona Ana one of whatever shop in America they will see reason for
cutting a ruiner Sombra ha ha ha so even a legitimate personal ego was
hurt pretty cutting it you know what the furrows are home on the nail a little
cuckoo this automatic are already la boqueria poses all their index sadly
increase Prasanna quiet Bunga so other energy the over an MMO value Tala a
banana car yeah in a in the column unemployment nothing one of this in the
temblor yellow MELAS along on girl print will get me another lesson to get to
come back on uh-oh what’s the phenomena that occur at now Mortimer in a way for
me to look at is a take it as USA lopatina I think I’m up print mlstrm to
the airport not in the 1929 Great Depression top row he is only a yellow
your life therefore must not turn on it you love to boy cause you put your
Monica de la voce fala see a lot of each other
so really you cry Maria taco chick you know who and whom will kill somebody
where we love a somber you and all other parties coming up what a crybaby
now how this mean enough I don’t know not savings if we make when you Vanya
more yeah bro moody more as I say Freddie Taylor but no you’re not yes or
no I know no better point law so a well of course you know at least what what
Tomaso what know that I will creep in the recession Lilith therapy and a boom
I’ve been through longer recovery okey then we move our economic I do guru is
ready threatened oh shit o’clock I don’t let your pyramid wanna take your
booty more in the template as I say for not a nigga if I say for nobody
you have teleport Adama you have teleporter the topic rather Roomba self
or no you feel Amina repository link I go yo Paula RB
operator Corey you have a little interest rate in
against they are not percent acid containing a unique a 5.3 pay reported
much cover and the 5.35 4.3 player China are AMD interests are a question put the
line generator so yep another poke when I grab rough but I am doing this for you
put it in the corner of month Anil 11 will reveal a pond or in the car that
I’ll be a continuous or a power-cut Panola are they expected her on the
Scylla body wasn’t yet now we have a pocket energy in an area rapport a
farmer so you mean crystal who are you other unless being and the saving point
of the band to our pending not either michael koblan EMP interest when you an
apology to go holder in order us Presidium different now where is it in
verse 4 not good in the Pantanal young golden upon a golden shower room enigma
inverse anko yep a lot industries now perform on a non share market and even
our we go up on the char market career career career or stable is enough gold
I don’t let go down an array of the investment are my power so in the shell
for a for a go to your place increase I can gold a little precious metal so
gotta let something go make number go to the universe front of it would not let
me show other thing in the recession time raining upon you came on of the few
who already cut it they’ll see the to you putting that in the credit card in a
no would be able to put your Chitra yes Kennedy gotta wait for no credit
category could number swipe one more Pama world along with it up yourself is
the others all those one area for Lloyd for now but then another idea till
prequel to more than the painter go better credit card white finita number
one of the core to a imposes are they mean the money goes you put the condom
on it you know no Monica no motivation enough loaded in the time not avoid
front of it other good pot are now she would cultivate vehicle sitting who said
no delay quantumatic Rena omitting avoid for dinner
Lowell High Point of it yeah no no no Janna very cool air pollution agenda
recession continued ie under demand : g number
Valley with the to 300 up or put in here my MD kW so Khurana now see Amana low
overnight I will put this melon you know we show who a friend or you
like to know what today’s no no no progress
I suppose normal charming tale to put us all drunk in the timeless they say
they’re either avoid putting my Jana Carew room in the economic system too
long Alice indicator but it already a relic one of the kumite will get over
how done approach in our Negroes in adequate whether it’s already door so
Nina in the tangler or the Thor no longer ninja Kyle’s support that’s how
it Pentagon answer this in the recession temblor ninja uber family cook Google
health insurance irritant partner ruining Lena good idea health insurance
internet you’re not in a recession continue to go this video will develop
way another time lower medical emergency would look over family members covered
bridge Cena up or Nene upon Authority for custom Idol so better in make it
wouldn’t idea insurance it cuz of this none of it other this ninja knife a
malefactor left when a theory doesn’t get another you look very very much go
man let us tell you who this man a particular not is Anubha self-confidence
outrunning her either you got a feelin economic gentle recession and caboodle
you will hear when I left I overcame relic or a composer
eddakath weihai book or you are wrong so an energy once the procedure where I
continues are taking up going on and the recession little bit didn’t be like
aurilla no know who had a critical well if I continue photograph Carissa – all
right now in the timeless or now see you wanna sell overlay that would be a part
the most of our if the students he said okay do you wanna know what of course
you do know I love funding that but as a Sam is Allah what is you know ya branded
shirt is 900 partnered with no values in the know so yeah Allah avoid penumbra en
los perros a curriculum or a now quality technologic a non-jew move or a new move
arena I Roy you know long allocable it under
political ethnic adele you are jogging or walking or putting enough
are they hill to conscious order the club at least on the part of that semi
cup would enjoy you know and uh but are they sniff left here alone avoid promote
evo – it is either love saving an increased wedding day hearing a unique
no no use of law city in the recession little bit yep Indian economy recover
ordinary break a finger other over country or the economy of work to do
sailor country’s life promises what Annie record I know what silicium
analytical woods Allah this an hour does not go ready to go so how do we go now
anomaly ninja who Gloria family economy but time apart to Congress totally in
their channel Rama my current issues of earthy discuss for no don’t you throw
all that welcome : and the comments low word out there yet not only in our
borough Rico eradicate contrast totally in the channel Mohamed sandy
poem memory or I come

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  1. Sir.. Why is the increase in population a threat to India economy?… If population increase… Demand will increase.. Which increases production.. Which in turn increases job… Ans plz

  2. sir super….. thanks for the crystal clear explanation…. I HV subscribed ur channel n eagerly waiting for ur next vd…..

  3. Thank you very much Sir, for your very very valuable information……God bless you.

  4. No investment no hike no FD no loan restricted household expenditure…. how do economy recover without capital, without demand and rise in consumption expenditure..

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  6. Sir I have a doubt , for writing UPSC the age 21 is mandatory but 21 should start or 21 should end? Please sir do answer.

  7. Sir I always watch your videos it's very much informative please do share important topics like this

  8. Sir, is what all you said only to Pvt sector and employees? What is the recession impact on govt employees..
    And secondly I don't understand how reducing repo rate reduces FD interest rate.
    Thank you so much for the video Sir, helping us a lot!!!!

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