41 thoughts on “This 10-year-old knows how to use a gun

  1. When her dad not home and someone bust down a window or the door, she know to pull out the strap and get to work 😂

  2. Idk what's so cool about this every one ik began shooting super Young not competition cause we work on farms and need to shoot to survive

  3. Hell yes kids should learn. Take the mystery out of it. Let’s be logical.

  4. shooters: I am going to shot up a school


  5. I've never shot a gun but know how to operate one from video games, is that bad?

  6. I already knew how to use a gun I was obsess with gun at the age of 5 and I think I have something in common

  7. Dude are you kidding me I started at late 4 And was ready to shoot high powers rifles but my dad to precaution so I had to wait till 6 but that's not even impressive 10 really

  8. president excellent awesome this child expert this shooting wow hunter perfect shooter good luck have a nice day"

  9. I want she to wife.she's prety and became big wife fire.good luck my sister nice

  10. I remember I shot my fist gun when I was 6 and when I told kids at school they didn’t believe me

  11. tbis is bullshit cuz im 11 and my mum wont even let me use a airsoft gun

  12. Outstanding skills and maturity for her age..No doubt she has been taught the right way..

  13. Ok….she’s not the best shot ,but she is very responsible with her weapon,her dad did a good job parenting

  14. I have so much respect for this father. If I ever met him I would want to shake his hand. This is the best thing a father can do, teach their child gun safety

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