This 101-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Is the Last of Her Kind

– [Narrator] High up in the Cordillera mountains in the Philippines, in the village of Buscalan, lives a woman who is the last of her kind. (foreign language) (bustling village) – Mambabatok is the name
given to the traditional tattoo artist of the Kalinga ethnic group. The artists are masters of
their thousand-year-old trade. Originally giving tattoos to
warriors who won in battle. (foreign language) (tapping) – Every year thousands of
tourists make the journey to see Whang-Od and get
one of her famous tattoos. (foreign language) – Whang-Od is now the last
mambabatok, but she’s teaching her grand niece to carry
on the family tradition. (foreign language)

100 thoughts on “This 101-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Is the Last of Her Kind

  1. She is last of her kind with all of her tooth intact…

  2. A thorn…..ahem….maybe not?….MY…..I’VE BEEN POKED BY A ROSE THORN BEFORE

  3. Bruh I wanna live that long and she looks more 60 than 101yearsold

  4. goes to get tattoo

    accidentally goes to this place

    wait what are you doing- aa stop wait n- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  5. I can tell u shes not the last. My brother got tattoed like this 2 years ago in India from a 54 year old.

  6. FYI sa mga magpapa tatoo kay lola na lalake hahawakan nya muna mga itlog at etits nyo bilang orasyon.

  7. It's so sad to watch these traditions die because no one wanted to carry them on
    I seriously hope there is atleast a handful of people who could learn it before it's gone forever

  8. I live in the Philippines 🇵🇭. I have pure Philippine blood. Mabuhay!

  9. I'm Filipino but I don't understand this because it's not Tagalog I mean filipino's have different languages like me I don't know tagalog that much, I know a lot of english more than tagalog and I'm bisaya and good thing there are subtitles! Also maayong buntag mga bisaya!

  10. It may sound rude but ¿who cares? Normal tattoos are faster and I think they don’t hurt as much as those because they look painful 😖

  11. She doesn’t even look that old at all I wouldn’t be supposed if she lasted 70 more year for real though

  12. the fact that she looks better than me even though I’m wayyyy younger than her makes me happy


  14. This looks more painful than normal tattoos, but what she does is beautiful

  15. Sayang siya nalang isa 🙁 (in Filipino)
    Sad its the last of her kind 🙁

  16. The translation is good but most of the gender specific words werent translated properly like the word balasang which means female teenager and others

  17. Theres been some debates among us Filipinos (!) on whether "ordinary" people should be deserving to be tattooed by Whang-od. The culture of her craft is meant to honor her people only. I also kind of find it as a disgrace that this age-old tradition is now being capitalized on and actually being recognized by locals because of international interest.

  18. Someone brings her an electric tattoo machine, “Oh thanks, I’ve always wanted one of these” Gives up the entire tradition

  19. She said to make tatto you need charcoal and spike(mangara ka as using an sait)

  20. I watch this may times
    1.i love asmr (hear the time she puts tattoos)
    2.this is very sad she is old and her dad passed 3.SHE WONT DIE SHE DID A BROFIST
    PewDiePie:not bad kid
    Edit:omg thanks for the likes!!!
    like it u agree with the stuff I wrote

  21. Im a filipino and I dont understand her cuz I speak tagalog only ;_;

  22. I like tattoos, but only on other people's bodies. You would have to pay me a million bucks for me to get a tattoo or a piercing!

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