This phenomenon only happens in Hawaii . . . and Cuba & Nigeria & Indonesia & Peru & Sudan & Laos &…

[Music] this episode is supported by Squarespace hi I’m Diana you’re watching physics girl and I am relieved to have gotten you this footage courtesy of my mama this rare solar phenomenon was filmed on Kauai in Hawaii where my childhood home is this phenomenon happens twice a year in Hawaii if it’s not cloudy during solar noon which is of course when the Sun is highest in the sky but does it usually fall at noon photos and videos taken during this time seem eerie almost photoshopped because there are no shadows this is called the subsolar point or Lahaina noon in hawaii and it happens when the Sun is directly overhead but here’s the sad thing it doesn’t happen for any of the other 49 states in the u.s. sorry and yet it happens at some point for 80% of the continent of Africa because Africa is hot is because 80% of Africa is between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn ever notice how the degrees of the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn match the tilt angle of the earth it’s almost like they were defined that way yeah the Tropic of Cancer is where the sun-earth line meets earth during the summer solstice which is when the Sun is directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer directly overhead means that line makes exactly a right angle with that spot so in this setup the Sun would not be directly overhead for the north or south pole in fact the Sun can never be directly overhead for anything north of the Tropic of Cancer or anything south of the Tropic of Capricorn because the Solstice is already when you get the maximum tilt of the northern hemisphere toward the Sun and it has this weird property the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn are the only places on the planet where this can happen when it’s the longest day of the year and you can have the Sun directly overhead here’s a fun aside to think about why doesn’t the longest day of the year match the hottest day of the year thanks to Alex in Hawaii who nail mailed me that question and why doesn’t Lahaina noon match the longest day of the year in most places carry on okay so twenty three point four degrees north gets Mahina noon during the summer solstice and twenty three point four degrees south gets Lahaina noon exactly six months later on the winter solstice on the dates exactly between the solstices Mahina noon happens at the equator so the equator gets Lahaina noon twice a year and between those dates Lahaina noon happens somewhere between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn and it happens twice a year so if you’re planning your Hawaii research trip try to do it sometime near the end of May or the middle of July and you can maybe see Lahaina noon if it’s not cloudy of course you could also go to Mexico parts of Central America South America Southeast Asia Africa Yemen Philippines Australia but hey thanks for watching happy physics thing and if you ever see Lahaina noon tweet me photos of it at the physics girl thanks to Squarespace for supporting this episode whether you need a domain a website or an online store Squarespace can help you make your next move Squarespace provides an all-in-one platform with templates that allow you to easily set up a website there’s nothing to install patch or upgrade ever need a site to memorialize your subsolar point vacation well start your free trial with Squarespace at and enter offer code physics to get 10% off your first purchase [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “This phenomenon only happens in Hawaii . . . and Cuba & Nigeria & Indonesia & Peru & Sudan & Laos &…

  1. Shouldn't this only happen once a year and not twice, exactly on the tropics of cancer and capricorn, since this is where it turns?

  2. Greetings from Ecuador… here we have that phenomenon in a much larger scale during the year it's pretty cool.

  3. with that said are days in the summer {we the north}nothern canada.are much longer than your at the equator 40 days of day light .lol top that!

  4. Does this mean that the sun is North of the meridian on June 21 at these locations?

  5. So cool! I did not know much about this as a phenomenon, but oh dear God have I suffered from it, being in a hot summer day with nowhere to take cover. Thank you! I now know what it is and when to hide from it. Cheers.

  6. You are wrong, it does not happen twice a year. It is a continuum, spiraling around the globe from one tropic to the other and back, never stopping (well, except for clouds and eclipses).

  7. Did you know the Pyramids and the Serapeum say the following?. Our other star was ejected some 66000 years ago and took up an orbit that rotates around Jupiter, we call this Nibiru. Since that event, the single Sun has a very narrow vertical plane of magnetism 200kms wide. This drives worldwide Tsunamis every day everywhere, and the planets cycles around the Sun have been managed ever since by those that rescued us. We are about to come back in plane with the Sun and we need Atlantis installed to steady the tides. That's what Atlantis is, a harmonic device that calms the seas, Sus my channel if ur interested,

  8. Thank you, Beauty!
    I can tell you about a phenomenon that happens globally and concerns everybody, but abt. 99,9 % of the adults of the civilized society cannot perceive it, because they are affected by it: the – invisible – Disease of Society. It "hides" in the subconsciousness and thebiggest part of the symptoms "hide" in the normality of the modern society.
    Good luck!

  9. yaaa, the title, just say between -23.44 to 23.44 degree latitude

  10. I'm walking into the house with my shadow but guess what I'm inside the house and there's no shadow I guess my house eat it

  11. It always intrigues me that wanna be physicists who , usually from Northern America, always refer to the Summer and Winter Solstices as though they are the only ones. These are completely opposite to what I experience.

    Hey people, the Southern Hemisphere is 50% of the land (and water) surface of this rotating chunk of rock. YOUR Summer Solstice is my Winter Solstice. Please stop referring to your Summer Solstice as though it is the only one. Your Summer Solstice is the Northern Summer Solstice. While we in the Southern Hemisphere we enjoy our Southern Winter Solstice.
    And Google is erasing the term from history. A salute to American Corporate ownership of historical data.

  12. Being from New Mexico, I have dreamed of Hawaii from time to time. You are the best Hawaiian, I know of.

  13. An Ancient Greek in Alexandria Egypt recognized this fact thousands of years ago. He discovered that this happened in a town south of him but not in Alexandria. He hired someone to literally physically pace of the distance between the two cities and with that info and the angle of the shadow he saw in Alexandria he concluded two things. First that the earth must be a sphere and was, without computers, able to calculate the earths circumference to with like 2%. Not bad.

  14. Africa is the center of human civilization, that’s why. But certain people treated it like their personal Walmart.

  15. Woah, that's something I actually never knew about it. Thank you so much ❤️

  16. Summer solstice in Hawaii is in June. So why are your dates in July?

  17. HAHAHAAH!! A blonde white girl goes to yemen to observe "subsolar point"…. thats funny!… You know what happens when blonde white girl goes to yemen, one week later, blonde white girl is being sold in the open air markets of libya.

  18. Did u put hawaii for clickbait? And then put blah and blah and then later in the video you say it's practice half of the earth? Dislike…

  19. Also happens on some cloudy days when the suns light is highly refracted. Makes the outside seem really unnatural and like a video game

  20. Wow, you did this video in 2017? Where have you been since the cosmic event that caused the Indonesian Tsunami and the obvious change in earth and moon orbit? You physics peeps need to get out more…

    Anyone can watch the sun rise and set in the extreme north in summer since 2005, thousands of miles north of the tropic of cancer. Or watch the moon move through dozens of degrees of latitude per MONTH, instead of the old limit of 5 degrees above and below the ecliptic plane per YEAR. Read your Bible, girl. Luke 21:25-28 covers these changes exactly. The signs in sun, moon and stars, heavenly bodies being shaken, tsunami….even tells you the best course of action to take…

    Good Journeys All

  21. Screw the shadows…. I want that Kama Aina rate on dat plate lunch brah!
    Hhmmmm… Mac salad! Shoyu chicken and sticky rice… I miss Hawaii !

  22. I experienced this in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. My dad was stationed there when I was a teen.

  23. We can Glue these objects on a sheet of plywood and tilt it in order to get no shadow at any time or place

  24. You got me with just the title lol XD But then you lost me cause you made me feel too hyperactive, my poor brain trying to follow you through 🙁

  25. lets see… at 93 million miles away,as we are TOLD, the suns rays should be completely parallel. They are not. Look at Crepuscular rays on days where its partly cloudy and you can clearly see the rays coming through the clouds at a severe angle. Our sun is much closer than we are TOLD. Its FLAT. Weve been TOLD a LIE. The greatest Lie ever TOLD.. Wake up Sheeple

  26. You're so hot! ….Smart, funny, sciencey, nerdy, and incredibly good looking! your boyfriend won the lottery with you

  27. Here's a "funner" side…

    What? You call yourself 'knowledgeable'?

  28. On another note, why did the ancients devide the day into 12 hours? ( I know it 24) but for the sake of sun dials, etc…

  29. Learned something new ! Now if trump could learn Hawaii is a US state and that Guam is not a foreign nation but a US territory, he doesn't know the territories.

  30. Thank to square space for supporting 6th grade science.
    Or I mean U.S.A. college science.

  31. I've seen this phenomena once. It so strange looking I call my friends and we get to see this kind of phenomenon. It was a year ago I didn't note the exact day.

  32. Set only happens in about a thousand different countries or states or islands just about everywhere

  33. 2:23 why is Globe mirrored or backwards inside out…? Weird flex but ok

  34. Why did you not do this earlier? 🙁 I am in Hawaii and will be deployed next year during the solstice.

  35. You should talk about the green flash aka gods wink next. I get asked that question from every tourist that sits on my bar

  36. That is interesting amd pretty darn cool. Thanks for showing me something new.

  37. You can slightly tilt the object and get the "no shadow" effect anywhere.

  38. I've lived on Maui for literally my entire life and I have somehow never noticed this.

  39. 2:30 I think you meant December solstice. Since it's summer in the Southern Hemisphere at that time, it really shouldn't be called "winter solstice"

  40. What about in this magnetic pole reversal 😂 wait LAHAINA IS H😳T , even wise not @ noon but mid day

  41. The sun has been moving along and around the earth on the same lines forever, it's not the earth that moves.

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