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Noah : My name is Noah. I give coffee to teachers. Cha Ching!! *laughing* Sadie: As a special ed teacher you have on average kids in three different grade levels and within those grade levels depending on
what students you have you are planning for each of those students. “You are each going to have a cup” Noah: Hey! We’ve got a talker over here. Sadie: So there is the cirriculum aspect, but I’m also trying to think long range
and with the families looking at okay, where are these kids going like high school
and beyond the rest of their lives. My name is Sadie Guthrie
and I am a special ed teacher at Lawton Alternative School. (SoulPancake Presents) (Class Act) I think the advantage special ed teachers
have is that we get so close to the family and we work so hard with certain students
everyday. That you kind of… you can’t not have an emotional relationship with these families and kids. Sometimes it’s really difficult for special
ed, or in school settings to be like “Okay go talk to this person”. But if you don’t have like a common ground it’s pretty difficult. And I think when I thought to bring coffee
cart to Lawton. I just really thought there could be nothing better to like, improve our community
and give the kids in my class, like, more opportunity to become a part
of the greater school community. Wedad: My name is Wedad
My job in the coffee cart is to ask the teachers if they want coffee. Jacky: My name is Jacky.
I am the barista. Nathan: My name is Nathan.
I am the cashier. I take the money. David: My name is David.
I pour the coffee. Sadie: I think everyone was a little hesitant
to start. They like didn’t really… …get the purpose. But then once I kind of explained
we are learning job skills, and independence
and responsibility and all of these functional skills and you know we are being a part of the community! It kind of started to click
and then once we started doing it , it just, you know, rocketed! We go to Devil’s Teeth which is a local bakery and we get a baked good donation. We are like now out in the ACTUAL community showing people really what we are capabale
of. Then we have to learn transportation skills which are really important in big, urban cities. We then have to take the transportation to
get the baked goods. Where we do, kind of, social interactions
with strangers. Safe strangers, obviously. Noah: Hello. My name is Noah
and I’m from Lawton Middle School and we are here to pick up the baked goods. Baker: Awesome, we’re going to get those right
up for you Noah. Noah: YEAH!! Sadie: So coffee cart is kind of cool
because we are creating like community within our school. And it’s mobile so my students are getting
out of the classroom. They’re being seen as like very productive
contributing members of our school. Principal: Oh! You have my favorite scones. So I would like a scone to accompany my tea please. Any school in this country could take this
example to help transform their own school community. To make sure that every child feels accepted. That every child feels that they belong, that
they have a place. “Favorite time of day! Its coffee cart.” Jacky: Here you go. Principal : Beautiful thank you Jacky, Wedad,
Nathan. Sadie: Alright we have another customer Wadad. Jacky: Wedad, customer. Teacher #1: Well thank you. How are you doing
today Jacky? Jacky: Pretty good. Teacher #1 : Good. Nathan how are you? I love
your shirt Nathan. Nathan: Thanks. Sadie: So at the start of the year most of the other teachers, I mean they knew
of my students. But they didn’t know their names, or didn’t
really know their abilities or personalities. And so now at this point, now that we are
at the end of the year. Teachers know all of my students
names. They know what they like to do, they kind
of know how they are. Teacher #2: Oh yes! I’m the lemon bar girl. Do we have any lemon bars today Wedad ? Wedad: Yeah we do have lemon bars. Teacher #2: Not only will I see Wedad first,
but when I see her, and smile I can see her face just brighten
up automaticially. And then Jacky has a tremendous sense of
humor. He is very cynical which I love. And then two more brownies. Jacky: Two more brownies, two more. Teacher #2: Because it’s not for me, you know.
Who is it for Jacky? Who is it for? Jacky: For you! Teacher #2 : No! Who’s it for? Wedad: For your kids. Teacher #2: Yes! That’s it! Ding
Ding! You got it! Sadie: Yeah we know Jacky does’t believe
you. Teacher #2: Jacky knows the truth. Sadie: You know they are incredibly charasmatic.
There is something about each and every one of them
that, you know, makes you want to like talk to them more or see them more. Coffee cart is a special, unique thing that
no other students get to do. So they kind of
big man on campus kind of thing. They really like it and feel important when
they do it. I see so much in them and kids with disablities in general so when I hear people, kind of, you know what, even unintentionally kind of put them down or not expect the best, it um.. it’s hard. Even if you face challenges, those challenges
aren’t necessarily the important part it’s more like what are the skills that you
do have that you are going to use to move forward. So it’s less about what are you struggling
with, it’s more about like…. how awesome can you be?

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  1. thank you. sharing this video in my intro course exam for teachers! SO LOVELY! THANK YOU!

  2. school is doing really excellent job .All schools should take this example .

  3. This video is fantastic!ย  We host a special needs connection group and have an adopted daughter with multiple special needs.ย  I have a dream of doing something along this line for our community to help the special needs families learn skills and feel accepted just as they are!ย ย  You are such an inspiration!

  4. i was once put in special ed class cause the computer got mixed up but the special ed kids were kinda creative and nice i was friends with one he was autistic lets call him jake now this kid was the most friendly kid i met but one day he was getting bullied saying "whats 2 plus 2" cause he had trouble in mathamatics and when i was going to help he stood up get this and straight out roasted the kid saying you only bully me cause im smaller and (stutters and) im not intelligent really he said intelligent cause i was reading his problems autistic idk what the other thing was and couldn't pronounce intelligent or other words but when he finished roasting him (he gets personal so i cant say anything else)he just runs back to class i remebered his sentence cause im not going lie in middle school i was smaller and kinda dumb but i kept saying "life is unfair to nice people but things get better for them"but im getting off topic pretty cool video i kinda cried

  5. I had the pleasure of meeting Sadie this past summer. She mentioned she was a special education teacher, but I had no idea the amazing and inspiring work she was doing.
    This is a wonderful series, Soul Pancake!

  6. Dear Sadie, What an inspiration you are to your own community and the global community as well! Your coffee cart idea is so innovative and truly gives evidence of how expectation is everything! Please post more videos!

  7. I'm a normal person and why am I at a stupid special Ed class I need to be with a regular class.

  8. This video made my day. I have a brother with special needs and I have learned a lot from him and many other special kids. This is so inspiring. Wonderful job. I admire this teacher. All my love to her and this fantastic kids

  9. I have special educution. I asked my mom why am I in small classes all the time and she said I have learnning disability. I just wanted to share about myself!!!

  10. I was in special education for Borderline/Mild General Learning Disability (Also know as borderline/mild mental retardation as a child. I actually refer to using GLD in the place of intellectual disability or mental retardation because it is least offensive, inappropriate, or unsuitable for my circumstances.Mental retardation is a outdated, offensive, unacceptable labeling reference to certain people. In the past it was used in negative manner which lead some to believe the reference to be offence as well as inaccurate. MR is a unfavourable labeling and teachers need to respect that some people disapprove of the old terms once used.). I take Ritalin and Zoloft to treat my bipolar depression, PTSD, social anxiety, including ADD/ADHD. People would dare not to use MR as the labeling or elae: It might spell curiosity that killed the cat for using offensive terms. With all respects use the updated term.

  11. I'm in a special class because I'm autistic and because when I was younger before I started elementary school I had really BAD behavioral problems and I wouldn't really listen to the teachers I would just run all over the place and it's very hard for them to get my attention.

  12. Special Educators rock. I was in Special Education and I now have a B. A. In Hotel Management and that is thanks to the Special Educators in my elementary and high school.

  13. This is an awesome idea! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Great learning for the students, teachers and the community). And let's face it, teachers <3 coffee! (Need coffee).

  14. I don't think that special ed should exist. It's just horrible, it doesn't help anybody and it wastes the taxpayer's money. Only regular ed should exist. The general public thinks that special ed kids don't count.

  15. It's sad how all special education teachers I have ever seen look as if they belong in the class as a student.

  16. I was in special education for 1 year. When I realized "What education!?" It was pointless in there to try and catch up. I then decided to get a paper route to pay for the tutor and realized the class was for mentally retarded children. I was in need of special education as in a leg up not lied to and locked in a rubber room. Consequently I finally learned to read in 3rd grade better than any teacher I had.

  17. i cry like a baby. i have an aunt who has down syndrome and she is as happy as a seven year old, always talking that she has a new purse and a new comb. we say people like my aunt are disabled–yes we're right, they are disabled from doing evil things, they are incapable of doing evil things and speak hurtful words. truly, we are the true disable people.

  18. Thank You for the awesome real life idea that I'm excited to put to use when I start this fall in Teaching Special Education!! #CoffeeCart

  19. 28 people who disliked this video have no life and are heartless. i am really interested in this fulfilling profession. However, I hear a lot of bullshit stories that it is hard and many teachers leave the profession in a couple of years. I just cant think of anything else to do! This video inspires me.

  20. this is what im going to school for and im sitting at my computer crying bc i am so excited to be able to do what you are doing!

  21. I am in speacail ed classes too! ( only for Reading, Writing, And Math) And im going into 8th grade!!

  22. I am in speacail ed classes too! ( only for Reading, Writing, And Math) And im going into 8th grade!!

  23. I do fully understand that there are students who are either cognitively &/or physically challenged which is why a program like this would possibly be best suited for them, but respectfully,….when these students graduate from elementary schools & high schools within the same program, don't you think they are getting less education within that program? If you think about this, the kind of education which they may need within today's world,..the kind of education which is advanced beyond basic, don't you think those students would need that kind of education? After all, they do have that right. I do fully understand with your education degree, you are qualified to think on your own as to develop some kind of learning style, so you can successfully teach those kids the education they need & hope they do fully understand it. Teaching those kinds the basic kind of education is fine to a degree, but the basic education will only cover you of the very minimum of what you need to know to hold down a typical job & I'm sure that's it.

    The advanced type of education is also what the students do need & they have the right to learn about it. There are plenty of teachers who would say something along the lines of,"You can't learn this because it's too hard for you". My first thoughts on that is,"Well how would you know? You're a teacher, not a cognitive psychologist. Just because I have a learning disability, that doesn't mean my ability to learn is disabled & I can't learn new education at all. Yes I'm a slow learner,…but that doesn't mean I can't learn at all. How about you teach me this, and I'll show you that I can learn & understand this. I may even surprise you".

  24. The first thing every kid with a disabilty ( of any sort ) is a human being not a disability. They can achieve things it dose not matter how big as long as they are allowed to own the achievement.

  25. Sadie, I am a special ed. teacher near SF, and am familiar with your school. Great innovative idea and awesome teaching! I am inspired to try something similar with my students to teach them real world math skills!

  26. for those of you on special-education get out now before it's too late I was in special-education for 10 years I did no school or anything nothing my teachers were so racist to me teachers are only making money they treat the white kids respect but us Colors kids get treated very bad I also cannot stand how these teachers are saying that they care about the students of disable this is a lie they don't care they only care about the money once you join special ed you don't get a diploma you get an IEP Depalma back into thousand 15 I decided to reply to college they didn't except me because I didn't have a regular diploma I was so mad at the school and so mad at myself and I cannot find a job social workers are not doing nothing to help me in my opinion special ed is nothing but a A jail system if you want special that you have no future thank you for reading my comments

  27. Finally a positive influential video about the learning disabled. Thank you so much for making this!

  28. I am happy to hear that after watching this video that many people have been encouraged and are possibly thinking or are working towards their degree in special education. However, I want to remind people that this is a very tough job, and you don't get to pick and choose your special needs students. There are some difficult times. I am a mother of a severely autistic boy. Throughout his academic career, we have experienced an array of special educators. Many of whom had special education degrees that emphasized in autism. Even with all their education and degrees, many lacked what it took to become a great special education teacher. My son has severe behavior problems and at times can be difficult to manage. It takes someone with great patience, and love to be able to work with people with special needs. I don't want to discourage anyone, but I also want to be realistic. You don't get to pick and choose who becomes you student, and it won't always be pleasant. It may seem thankless at times, but if you're strong enough, you will see through all the difficult times and know that it is all worth it.

  29. Coffee ๐Ÿ˜› jk I've always wanted to be a special education teacher for years, sadly my physical disabilities are worsening again :/

  30. What a fantastic way to teach social skills and life skills along with letting the school see these kids are capable.

  31. I wanna be a special ed teacher but i can't remember what i did in school yesterday ;-;

  32. This video is spectacular thanks for sharing! I have my sister who has the inability to speak and my sister also has autism and my sister just graduated last year from high school for special needs! Beautiful video I can completely relate! Thanks for sharing thank you very much๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ˜‡๐ŸŽ†๐Ÿ˜Š

  33. My sister has low-functioning autism and I have a tremendous amount of respect for special ed teachers. It takes a very kind and wonderful person to pursue a career that requires so much patience. Every kid with special needs simply needs people to believe in them and Sadie is one of those amazing teachers who's out there doing that. Thank you!!

  34. Thank you for this video. As a special ed student i love the fact you are going above and beyond to give your students life and work skills and fostering acceptance.

  35. I am a special education teacher and I am going to ask my principal if I can implement this program! Thank you Sadie for this fabulous idea.

  36. Ever since I was 8, I've wanted to be a special ed. teacher. It seems like such an amazing job. I think I would really love the job, it seems like such an amazing thing to have such a close relationship with these kids.

  37. I helped Special ED students everyday at my school and helped them work and get them from buses and cars and watch them and help and I love it and itโ€™s so inspiring and I want to be a Special ED teacher and work with these unique kids and help the community with them

  38. I went to special ED I been same job 29 years all those kids are very smart

  39. So beautiful, to acknowledge the skills possessed and build the child from thereโ™ฅ๏ธ

  40. This is awesome! It empowers your students to become hard working despite their disability.

  41. You just made the special in the special ed teacher, a lot more special. Thank you.

  42. Lol I'm a Special Ed student and I have no Mental Disabilities and nothing wrong with me. The only reason why I'm in Special Ed. It's because I'm not social. I'm very Asocial (Not Anti-social, Big difference). I'm not comfortable talking to random people in real life but I am Comfortable texting online. Lol I would have just search on youtube and type "How to be social" and stuff, I would left the special Ed Class by now

  43. Oh wow! I can totally relate to this video. I was in special ed classes for most of my life. All the test and evaluation meetings and the extra time while taking test. The list goes on and on. I was bullied in middle school and high school but as I got older the bullying slowly subsided.

    While in high school I was diagnosed learning disabled and always feeling like I had to explain myself and always trying to find a way to make my mark on the world.

    Now I'm in my early 30's and I'm grateful for the teachers I had. We learned alot of life skills and skills to not only get a job but keep one. I'm working my job as a deli clerk. I've been with the company for 4 years now.

  44. We introduced a coffee cart program for the kids in my spec ed class in Orangeville Ontario. Sadie is absolutely right. It was briliant for them and a strong message to the school about integration and ability. We used it as a way to open doors to understanding what these kids are capable of, and that lead to all sorts of cooperative projects: films, art shows, concerts, etc.

  45. Thay are so cute when the kid and the teacher walk togetherโค

  46. I am 13 and I have a HUGE passion for working with special needs. Considering on being an occupational therapist one day. I work at my churches special needs program with the 17 and under age division.

  47. Wow! How amazing Sadie- You enlightened me and touched my heart. I felt there infectious personalities 3>

  48. Iโ€™m a paraeducator and one of the classes that I work in does a coffee cart. Two years after I started as a para I actually had something from the coffee cart. OMG! The lemon bars were simply divine, and a little hot chocolate goes a long way on those cold winter mornings in my neck of the woods.
    Making food for the coffee cart is so valuable because itโ€™s something they can do that makes them feel like a part of the school! (And some teachers have come to us in the halls to buy some real coffee before we make it anywhere near their classes, and they are very grateful for it!)

  49. I admire the Teacher.๐Ÿ˜Š She makes her students feel they belong like any other child or student. Looking forward for more improvement both in Social, mental, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.๐Ÿ˜

  50. My high school did this exact thing! It was really great for the students not just because of learning social and job skills, but also because both students and teachers could buy coffee so the special education students got to know all the other teachers as well as neurotypical students that weren't always in their general classroom settings. It also got me thinking about being as special education teacher ๐Ÿ˜€

  51. This is a wonderful idea. I hope one day I'm able to work in a school that offers this much freedom

  52. There are a few high schools near me that do coffee carts as part of the special ed program. I was in one the other day and they have a full kitchen in their classroom so the kids actually make the baked goods! They had lemon bars too and they were amaaaazing

  53. I would love to be a teachers aide right now I'm in GED class I love it I want finish my college EDUATION These kids do anything they want when they adults

  54. Teachers in this video you doing great job with the kids

  55. That was really good I was a special ed student myself when I was in school that I had some teachers I was close with back in middle School.

  56. When I drop off Iโ€™m going to work in a special Ed class for good ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  57. โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’• I am special ed class I love it too we go on field trip watch movie all kind fun stuff I love my class but not my teacher she mean to me and donโ€™t believe am always sick am 17 year old now everything is fun because am disabled with 1 lung disease and feedingtube

  58. I'm in my late 30s I went to special classes from Elementary to Junior High & High school I dropped out of school in my teens and I got my high school diploma in my in early 30s have a learning disability. All of my special ed teachers were really cool I miss them. ""This is for all of my special ed people with disabilities don't quit man you will make it through"".

  59. What a great work..!
    All of you have inspired our school … Wish you all the best..

    Please send our love for children โคโคโค

  60. Amazing.I am in a kindergarten and meet many special kids ,but There is no special teacher here. I like this job very much.I wanna help these children. How should I apply for special education university to study? could you give me some advice?

  61. For some reason I was put in a special needs school because I had behavioral problems when I was younger, I'm perfectly functional and I should be going to a normal high school, I'm tired of my school yelling at kids and being complete assholes to them because they can't help what they're doing, I feel like I'm completely stupid, I shouldn't be in a Special Needs school at all.

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