100 thoughts on “Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb

  1. This is command to bomb squad 9 do you copy
    Bomb squad 9: WHAT!?
    Command: drop the bomb
    Bomb squad 9: which bomb?
    Command:THE THOMAS BOMB!!!
    bomb squad 9: AW SHIT HERE WE GO AGAIN:)

  2. Thomas had never seen this type of bullshit before He decided to kill off the city.

  3. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/362248954307674124/623236899242377267/image0.jpg

  4. Play this at 1.5x speed

    It almost sounds like the original Thomas theme song but with a piano (or whatever instrument is playing)

  5. The nostalgic embrace of getting your face melted off, i cant stop replaying this…this is quality stuff

  6. This is a night mare I went to sleep and I was outside my house I the dark no lie 😢

  7. I was time for thomas to die, he had lost the will to live and took it out on his former colleagues.

  8. ive watched this over a dozen times now and i cant believe i hadnt checked out this dudes other stuff until now

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