[those were scissors locked at the joint] – Poem

This is the fourth of six poems that appeared
in Archipelago.org in the summer of 2006. It is untitled, and like a previous poem it
has two voices that switch back and forth in the poem. It is in two parts. One Those were scissors locked at the joint the candles resting on upturned glasses I mean to be “Is this you from two angles?” No this is a man on fire with dog “How do we even exist such words crawling across our legs: attrition war lapse?” All is swimming and hunger flat into moderation Two Dominate by three lines and waiting Again there was the flood of morning mind still half stripped in green yellow and you always pushing the hair from your
face Are your hands out? Does that mean patience? I too willing to pose in front of beautiful things milk river red apples tower of the bride It goes as anything goes becoming nails half out of the wall stream of plastic and the wardrobe bending in on itself So early now No telling one voice from two They will not speak with each Not with me Have mercy on me Please have mercy on me

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