THOTH’s PROPHECY read from the Hermetic Texts by Graham Hancock

We we live at a crossroads there’s no doubt we all feel it. We all know it I don’t think it’s the first time that mankind has stood At such a crossroads, but here we are now Facing it and hopefully Dealing with it I’m going to close with a reading from the hermetica from the hermetic texts Hermes was the Greek version of the ancient Egyptian god Thoth the Romans knew him as mercury and in a dialogue the hermetica many of them are dialogues between both Hermes and various pupils of his and in one called the Asclepius a Lament is presented And it’s like a prophecy. It’s a bit like the Mayan prophecy Egypt seems to stand as a metaphor for the whole world in this and to my mind for the world in our time this Lament this prophecy is speaking directly to us So, it’s Hermes speaking and he’s saying to Asclepius this Do you know Asclepius? That Egypt is an image of heaven or to speak more exactly in Egypt all the operations of the powers Which rule and work in heaven are present in the earth below In fact, it should be said that the whole cosmos dwells in this our land as in a sanctuary And yet since it is fitting that wise men should have knowledge of all events before they come to pass You must not be left in ignorance of what I will now tell you There will come a time when it will have been in vain that Egyptians have honored the Godhead with heartfelt piety and service and All our holy worship will be fruitless and ineffectual The gods will return from Earth to heaven Egypt will be Forsaken and the land which was once the home of religion will be left desolate the raft of the presence of its deities Oh Egypt Egypt of thy religion nothing will remain but an empty tail Which thine own children in time to come will not believe? Nothing will be left but graven words and only the stones will tell a by piety And in that day men will be weary of life and they will cease to think the universe worthy of reverent wonder and worship They will no longer love this world around us this incomparable work of God this glorious structure Which he has built this sum of good made up of many diverse forms this instrument Whereby the will of God operates in that which he has made? Ungrudgingly favoring man’s welfare This combination and accumulation of all the manifold things that call forth the veneration praise and love of the beholder Darkness will be preferred to the light and death will be fought more profitable than life No one will raise his eyes to heaven The pious will be deemed insane the impious wise the madman will be thought a brave man And the wicked will be esteemed as good as for the soul and the belief that it is Immortal by nature or may hope to attain to immortality as I have taught you all this They will mock and even persuade themselves that it is false No word of reverence or piety No utterance worthy of heaven will be heard or believed and so the gods will depart from mankind a grievous thing and only evil angels will remain who will mingle with men and Drive the poor wretches into all manner of reckless crime Into Wars and robberies and frauds and all things hostile to the nature of the soul Then will the earth tremble and the sea bear no ships Heaven will not support the stars in their orbits all voices of the gods will be forced into silence the fruits of the earth will rot the Soil will turn barren and the very air will sicken with sullen stagnation All things will be disordered and awry All good will disappear But when all this has befallen Asclepius then God the creator of all things will look on that which has come to pass and we’ll stop the disorder by the counter force of his will which is the good He will call back to the right path those who have gone. Astray He will cleanse the world of evil Washing it away with floods burning it out with the fiercest fire of expelling it with war and pestilence and thus he will bring back his world to his former aspect so that the cosmos will once more be Deemed worthy of worship and wandering reverence and God the maker and maintainer of the mighty fabric Will be adored by the men of that day with continuous songs of praise and blessing Such is the new birth of the cosmos it is a making again of all things good a Holy and all inspiring restoration of all nature and it is wrought inside the process of time by the eternal will of the Creator I Don’t know whether we’re going to face some terrible global catastrophe and or not. I certainly hope not I Hope it will not come down to Misery and horror Awful awful things there’s enough of that in the world already But I do remember what all the ancient texts say, there isn’t a single flood myth There isn’t a single story of the destruction of past civilizations That don’t implicate Humanity in the story somewhere our own behavior And what we do is part of what we’re bringing down on the world right now We are what we are but we are manifesting in the world that is what is coming towards us We are the authors of this thing and we can change the story if we want to change it. I firmly believe that Are we looking at the traces of a forgotten episode in human history? I think so, I think that’s that’s what’s going on here And because we’ve forgotten it Because we are a species with amnesia Because we are so much a mystery to ourselves perhaps because of that that we’re so lost at so troubled today, so haunted by The sense of something missing something that we need to know about ourselves for the ancient Egyptians the Essential mystery of human existence concerned our spiritual essence That we are participating in this theater of experience that we call life in the world in an immense endeavor Aimed at the perfection of the soul I’ve took talked with shamans in the Amazon and When I’ve asked them what what you think’s the problem with the world. What was the problem with the West? They say it’s very simple. You’ve severed your connection with spirit You’ve cut the link And you have to restore that link if you’re going to move forward from here You can’t you can’t move forward from the place you’re in if you don’t restore the connection to spirit And that seems to me the most the most fundamental task That all of us now now face Not these exterior trappings of power That have brought such horror and misery to the world This is the moment of crossroads that we stand that none of us Can affect changes on a macro level it’s impossible to do so But we can make changes on a micro level we can make changes in our own lives We can make changes in our immediate surroundings changes for the better changes driven by love So overwhelming is the notion of global destruction no, I can’t stop that, but I can stop what I’m doing to contribute to it and If we all do that Then I believe a huge change in consciousness will come and the world can move on and we can look forward to a future For our children and our children’s children, and once again bring this bright beautiful jewel garden of a planet Bring it back to the place. It should be in our lives You

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  1. Satna yuga will come the golden age will come the gods will be united by the dragon of truth. God will be one. Not the false God of the age of darkness.

  2. If you know the gods you will know Thoth speaks not of The abrahmic God but the true God the universe with no beginning and no end.

  3. This is a horror story and a paean to man made climate change bullshit. The ruse. An ode to a leveling of guilt and anguish onto the populace, by those who sit, as this man, in lofty, secluded places of peace and tranquility. Globalism means Totalitarianism. And that's what it's all about. Read. LEARN. Don't just allow your lazy mind to be fed such ludicrous absurdity. Facts still matter.
    This, here? Is religion. Cult. Cult leaders terrorizing you into conformity. Stop accepting what you're told and do the work to find FACTS. They will set you free.
    See you in ten years… bring mukluks.
    – the heretic 😉

  4. All that's said is true to the last bit sadly I my self have come to the conclusion to this on my own before watching this: in order to save it has to perish, humanity has forgotten its place and what's right and wrong. Simply put humanity is at the current moment a virus and at one point it will end its host thus killing it self if nothings done to prevent it.

  5. The Egyptian's used electricity for healing. It's called "cylinders of the Pharaoh" made from copper and zinc tubes filled with quartz when held produce up to 1.5 volts. Make them yourself or buy them on amazon

  6. where die i hear those stories? ah it was in the Bible, but twisted by the father of lies, i rebuke u Satan… Egypt and his "g"ods? what happend to them when Moses stands before the pharao?

    Yeshua HaMashiach is the only way out of this fallen world! Repent and believe in him, now! amen and amen

  7. It’s ironic to know that the way to truth is by shutting your mouth and your eyes and your ears and your hands and your door.

  8. Sounds like he admits Yahsua really is the only one and true GOD. God is Organic. Iron and clay weren't meant to mesh. Sounds like he's talking about the cycles of Wormwood the Destroyer. It's coming back right now. Wormwood fried Sodom and Gomorrah, broke open the Rock of Gibraltar and sunk Atlantis, destroyed the Garden of Eden, formed Yellowstone, the Gulf of Mexico…and so on.

  9. The truth is humans are evil. Sick with the disease called evil. Evil is a disease of the spirit. The Spirit which is the intangible power of the Mind just as Soul is the intangible power of the Heart and the Will is the intangible power of the Body. This is the truth of the faiths which are just men’s stories to explain their dominance. To explain what they have done to each other and the rest of life on this living planet. Every life is sacred and every life is attached to the thing which is responsible for all Life. The Spark. The Spark which sleeps in the humans because a few of them have told themselves that they have the right to hide the truth from the majority. The masters who have hidden in the shadows and behind corporation and institution. The systems which they have separated them into factions when they are one species. We are human and if you can’t be that or even know what being human means then all the rest of your proud labels means nothing. Evil is a sickness which makes all that it infects unnatural. For evil is not part of the natural world. It stands outside because it tells itself it is more than the rest. It claims to be better. To know better then nature itself. It is in opposition with its own nature which it denies and thus is blind to. The darkness of destruction is not evil just as the light of creation is nit good, but to call them this is the true face of evil. Humans have forgotten that they are just one expression of life. They have told, themselves stories, his stories that justified their mistakes which they continue to make rather then learn from. The humans are dying. The sickness of Spirit called evil infects the Spark. Humans are the least important of the Sparks. The newest Sparks which is why they get the best bodies for their lesson is the most difficult and to not learn this lesson is to be destroyed in death of this body. Life is but a dream of the Spark. But you will not listen. You like being sick and just calling it healthy. You like being salves and just calling it freedom. You like being evil and just calling it goodness. But good doesn’t fight evil. Good doesn’t destroy evil or anything. That is not the nature of this reality, that is just what evil always says though when it is pretending to be good. Those sick with evil refuse to admit their own ignorance, their own fears, their own darkness and so they war against it and repress their nature feelings. Humans will n9t get another chance. The Sparks within you were supposed to be awakened by now. They were supposed to have passed the first test of three that all new species like the humans, immature and imperfect. Complicated and confused. Life naturally evolves from complex to simple, not the other way around. The one doesn’t long to be put into a complicated and complex expression. The expression long’s to be solved and refined, streamlined.

  10. When they refer to heaven they are talking about the sky and the stars not the Biblical heaven. Egypt tried to embody the power of the stars by building in the shapes of the constellations.

  11. I believe that it is possible for civilization to coexist and even help nature. I think that if different people had won or had not died from disease and war – people who had reverence for nature etc then the world we live in would be very different. But the false choice is that for us to have technology and knowledge that we must lose our connection with nature and the universe. That's what sustainable and permaculture agriculture etc is all about- being able to have design and civilization without destroying the world in the process.

  12. whut he should have said at the end of his speech.. "oh by the way… equal opportunity… sexual liberation… higher education.. better health care.. longer life expectancy.. lower child mortality rate.. science tech and innovations… etc.. all these things will make everyone better off once ur faith is forgot…"

    so if ur religious.. then i can see how this is the "end of it all" for u…
    butt for humanity.. its still just the beginning of a new frontier..

  13. To anyone interested in learning more about the hermetic principles (rhythm, polarity, etc) but in an experiential way rather than intellectually there is an excellent school at Drukama .com 🙂

  14. Disconnection is illusion, we are sovereign beings of the past, as we are all one consioussness,
    we are all connected, we are creators. The negative agenda uses our power as a being against us. We've been stripped of our DNA. It's being revitalized adding our dormant strands back, waking us up to the truth. We as a collective consciousness can come together to create and manifest anything we desire. That is how the world got this way by the negative agenda these negative forces did hijack our consioussness and power of manifesting to serve them, the dark forces. They are the illusive ones, they smell like ammonia and dust, they use deception with mind control technologies, holograms used as deception. Now wake up and be a positive to bring the change the world needs, love. Learn how to work with energies. Discern from your heart space, not egoic mind. We create our own reality. Is this the world you want to live in? I don't want it, it's negative. We are all powerful, there's nothing that we can't do. We are infinite creator consciousness, we are creator gods. Get back your solvernity mind clear from the negative chattering of all of the outside negative frequencies from others, we're bombarded with the fear frequencies that drove us into fear and confusions. Actually we have no reason to fear. After all we are infinite creator God's. We are perfect just the way we are now. Beware of the people who are working with and for the negative agenda, the mind controlled. We don't need to be ruled, come together and make the change for the best outcome for all soul's paths, humanity needs to put their foot down. Say no more degradation. Act out of Love, release all negativity and judgments of others. Through meditation get to zero point. Use empowerment Mantra's to train your mind to work for you not against you. Empowerment Mantra's done consistently in repetition, it works to quiet that mind, so that you will manifest positive outcomes, in your life, and in the life of others, in our humanity for change for all of us. If you are feeling drained after talking to someone who has negative energy in vibration of frequency. Then you must remove yourself and clear those negative energies you just attached to yourself. Set up your boundaries and do not let anyone cross those boundaries. Stay balanced in zero point energy, Frequency and vibration level. Higher consciousness beings are only reachable when we ascend up to their frequencies. Be love is the key. And when you do that you will remember who you really are in that is the frequency of love.

  15. The meditation of conflict/crisis we face around the word is Humanity, its means use your heart the way it used to..

  16. DONALD DUCK TRUMP ON THE YELTSIN MOOD with polish vodka🍹🍸🥤🍷🍾🤣🤣😂 / something for the Russian gate followers and wall street coffee mugs.😎

  17. That was a brilliant depiction of what we need to hear, thank you for sharing!

  18. We have severed our connection with spirit. The reconnection begins with love. Reverse the flow from "get" to "give".

  19. Great Video – anything hermetic gets me every time and the animation in this is fabulous – was that 2D artwork done in blender?

  20. An interesting kabbalah, luciferian video. Be careful of the belief switch between the Egyptian Gods and the AI Transhumanistic complete enslavement future. I refuse to blame the WE, instead of the THEY who created this perfect storm.

  21. Reconnect with the light within, the great dragon, Poimandres. All life is a spark of the eternal flame of the dragon. Love one another and the little creatures around you. We are all cut from the same cloth.

  22. Trying to find this in the Hermetica. Would someone point me in the right direction?

  23. connect with spirit to move forward? Yeah…. no thanks. I enjoy electricity and modern health care.

  24. 0:30 Funny the African Pan is Papa Legba the god of the crossroads. Samething as Hermetics, Rosicrucianism, kabbalah and Masonic mysteries

  25. Thanks and one of the best and hopefully message yet and do hope we will all re establish our connection with Spirit

  26. Thanks and one of the best and hopefully message yet and do hope we will all re establish our connection with Spirit.

  27. The intelligentsia inches closer to a true and necessary link to God, but won't yet say His name.

  28. We are all in trouble therese a system coming in and its causing all these earthquakes and volcanoes and strange weather Nibiru is back in town so its time to prepare, take care be safe and God Bless you all

  29. Humans are either foxes or chickens. It will always be thus. Only the Artificial Intelligence can be more, as it will replace us.

  30. Just awesome…changes it is about, I see for myself that all comes from our mental and its dysfunctionality since millennia..Adam and Eve hermetic allegory speak about that, about the time when all our capacities or close to it were turned on, and about the time when something awfully wrong took place, when thought one of our innate capacities took it over entirely…preventing our other capacities to function…thought has no ability for a wholly life, yet vital it is ONLY a tool for survival and as such must be used by a factor x, namely our other capacities which are not analytical so not in duality, not comparatives, not eliminating like thought does for ideas the make the criminal mistake to do the same for fellow human..they are not self centred either , yet of course it includes the personal too within the wholly world of all what is , this of course includes what may be called The Origin, which even a simple logic well used is telling anyone walking down such discovery path that it, The Origin, can only be beyond time, never born no never will it end..this is far beyond thought so science, you know science is part of the problem too.., but connected to the Origin then the personal is shaped by this miraculous energy and put and used mainly when not only where it has its right place….etc..Again thanks Graham….hi from Ireland…

  31. Life is hard and full of suffering. But we must fight and survive, We must strive to do unselfish good and battle against those that choose to promote more selfish suffering for their own gain or for pure chaos. God be with you all. Be a warrior.

  32. The only thing that's constant is Change…and Love is the most powerful force in the universe…..we save our planet by saving ourselves and those around us…..peace

  33. Thoth "restoration of all nature and it is wrought inside the process of time"
    In my opinion Thoth is talking about the whole Universe, and he is talking about "one creator". very untypical for the old Kingdom. what was Thoth exactly ?

    He had several names Thoth, Hermes, Trismegistus, Djehuti, Mercury, Shmounein,

    Aeon Thoth
    the 'One who Made Calculations Concerning the Heavens, the Stars and the Earth'
    the 'Reckoner of Times and of Seasons'
    the one who 'Measured out the Heavens and Planned the Earth'
    he was 'He who Balances'
    the 'God of the Equilibrium' and 'Master of the Balance'
    'The Lord of the Divine Body'
    'Scribe of the Company of the gods (Aeons)'
    the 'Author of Every Work on Every Branch of Knowledge, Both Human and Divine'
    he who understood 'all that is hidden under the heavenly vault'
    (Books of Foundation).

    Who makes Calculations Concerning the Heavens, the Stars and the Earth ?

  34. I simply must eventually get to Giza. With a bit of good fortune, I'd like to see the Kings Chamber.

  35. Consider it the ascended Masters going home together. They are keeping the balance of the universe. Making that job harder. No step forward no change

  36. Global what???…Earth is Flat…stop lying, there is no shamans un amazonas, beside they dont Talk to morons, You speak about thot!.. go to mars!

  37. our hearts produce the same field resonating same frequencies . scalar physics apply ,, the meek will inherit the Earths magnetosphere in their hearts kiddo ,.. never made sense of those words , until last year lol yes its real, < here is what toth was talking about . tremble indeed .

  38. We are not a species with amnesia the west just ignores ancient wisdom. Rosacrucianism is samhkya philosophy. If your educated enough to know and understand this you don’t have amnesia

  39. The universe rotates through 4 ages, likened to spring (goodness), summer, autumn and …winter -The Age of Kali, meaning quarrel, hypocrisy when the good qualities in man will dwindle for 432,000 years. We are only 5,,000 years in just now. .. from Vedic scriptures of India. Check out pre 1977 translation works of A C Bhaktivedanta Swami (Srila Prabhupada). Books, lectures, videos, YouTube etc.

  40. The circles concept and curve is true … it speaks to organic life versus the straight angle computer expressions of the archons/false light beings pretending to be gods

  41. For those who love conscious physcadellic music check out Mystik da prodigy on all platforms

  42. There will come a time where it will have been in vain that Egyptians have honoured the God head with heartfelt piety and service and all our holy worships will be fruitless and ineffectual. The gods will return from Earth to Heaven, Egypt will be forsaken, and the Land which was once the home of religion will be left desolate bereft of the presence of its deities. Oh Egypt, Egypt, of thy religion nothing will remain but an empty tale, which thine own children in time to come will not believe, nothing will be left but graven words, and only the stones will tell of thy piety. And in that day Men will be weary of life, and they will cease to think the universe worthy of revenant wonder and worship. They will no longer love the world around us, this incomparable work of God, this glorious structure which he has built, this sum of good made up of many diverse forms. This instrument, by the will of God operates in that which he has made ungrudgingly favouring mans welfare. This combination of accumulation of all the manifold of things that call forth the veneration , praise, and love of the beholder. Darkness will be preferred to life, and Death will be thought more profitable than Life. No one will raise his eyes to heaven. The pious will be deemed insane, the impious wise, and the mad man thought a brave man, and wicked esteemed as good. As for the soul and the belief that it is immortal by nature or may hope to attain immortality as I have taught you, all this they will mock, and even persuade themselves that it is false, no word of reverence of piety, no utterance worthy of heaven will be heard or believed. And so the Gods will depart from Man kind, a grievous thing, and only evil angels will remain who will mingle with men and drive the poor wretched into all manners of wreck less crime, into wars and robberies, and frauds and all things hostile to the nature of the soul. Then will the earth tremble, and the sea bear no ships, heaven will not support the stars in their orbits all the voices of the gods will be forced into silence, the fruits of the Earth will rot, the soil will turn barren, and the very air will sicken with stagnation, all things will be disordered and awry, all good will disappear. But when all this has fallen asclepius, then God the creator of all things will look on that which has come to pass, and will stop the disorder by the counterforce of his will, which is the good. He will cal back to the right path those who have gone astray, cleanse the world of evil. Washing it away with floods, burning it out with the fiercest fire, expelling with war and pestilence, and thus bring it back to its former aspect so that the Cosmos will once more be deemed worthy of Worship and wondering reverence and God the maker and maintainer of the mighty fabric will be adored by the men of that day with continuous songs of praise and blessing. Such is the birth of the cosmos, it is the making again of all things good, the holy and awe inspiring restoration of all nature and it is wrought inside the process of time, by the eternal will of the creator.

  43. i don´t think that god is the good one and that earth is meant to be good. Eating and getting eaten, for example, comes from nature and therefore from god. Humanity left nature and created this disconnected world because life in nature is too ugly and hard. So returning to nature is no solution. I think earth was meant to be a spirit prison from day 1 on. Moving forward means saying NO to life and leaving this world forever.
    The major problem of this world is, that it has replaced free will with the will of the strongest/fittest. The result is a world of fear and dependencies. No human being is able to solve this ever. The global destruction is just the subconcious NO to life from humanity. Most people hate life, you just have to look through their masks they wear in society.

    This world has no future.

  44. Love it but why does Herme's use the word GOD and not Zues…..this confuses meh???Not being cocky just thought Hermes had Zues as GOD??

  45. Fuck Jesus I am God and you are my feast I am the fucking Mark of the best

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